I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 30 - "The Biggest Lie"

Chapter 30: "The Biggest Lie"

Finley was eager to see this baby who might be the variable of the change in the future. Nevertheless, he was bothered by his identity.

If the baby knew that he's the heir of another family, she might distance herself from him. ​​

'Hm, maybe I should hide my identity. I don't want to look formal in front of her. Should I lie? What identity I should use…'

Finley suddenly paused when he recalled his tiny fairy which he left at the mansion. The fairy looked like his ancestor since he also had blonde hair and green eyes.

Coincidentally, that fairy is the fairy of time who turned back time for him in exchange for a great price he had to pay.

Finley momentarily cast aside the thing with the price because now, he planned to use that fairy's identity. He could impose as a royal fairy due to his hair and eye colour.

'I'm quite handsome to be called a fairy, right?'

Finley touched his baby-looking face with a narcissistic smile.

Hmm, if it's like this...should I pretend to be a library fairy? I'm inside a library right now. It's the best option. I can also see the future...ah, I already know the future.

I also know a lot about this world. I can be the knock-off product of the real Library Fairy.

Finley immediately decided that he would pretend to be a Library Fairy. Fortunately, his outer appearance and his ability was a match with a fairy's characteristic.

The boy had a pure-looking, handsome face that transcended the limit of a human's beauty. He could see aura thanks to his contract with the fairy of time.

He also knew a lot about the future, and that's one of the Library Fairy's abilities. As for a vast knowledge, since he had lived his life for 25 years + 8 years to this day, it's sufficient.

Maybe it's trivial compared to the real Library Fairy, but no one had met the fairy before. How could they know the difference?

As for the wings…

Finley glanced at his back without wings. This was the only weakness to his facade, but that's not entirely burdensome either.

A royal fairy could hide their wings and if he just lied to Ainsley about why he couldn't show his wings…

Finley curled his lips, forming a wicked smile unfitting for his innocent appearance. If someone saw his face, they would see a mischievous fairy rather than a wise one.

'Alright, while waiting for that baby, I should pretend to be asleep. Also...I might have to adjust my character to a library fairy.'

After finishing his plan, Finley hurriedly hugged his knees and curled up on the wooden chair. The boy then closed his eyes and slowly practised to imitate the real library fairy.

That fairy is timid, so he also had to pretend to be timid, shy, bashful, and cowardice but wise.

While Finley was starting the biggest lie in his entire 33 years life, Ainsley already checked almost half of the second-floor area. The only part she hadn't visited was the one where Finley resided.

'Hmmm, I haven't found any traces of a fairy...but the book said that fairies like to be close to windows and sunlight, so I checked those places first, yet…'

Ainsley clicked her tongue as she walked to the area where the sunlight only seeped a bit. Since there were a few large bookshelves there, the sunlight was blocked.

Surely there should be no fairy here.

Ainsley's chest felt stuffy at the thoughts of not finding any fairy. She knew that it would be hard, but to think Sloan Family's library couldn't attract a Library Fairy…

The baby grumbled as she twirled her twin-tail to soothe her heart. She had been burning with passion for meeting a fairy, only for realising it's just a pipe dream.

Reality is cruel, indeed.

'Is this my fate as the one who transcends dimension and time? Is that why this world is rejecting me?'

Ainsley had a gloomy face as her chuunibyou disease was triggered again. Whenever she was faced with something difficult, her chuunibyou disease would appear.

Just like now.

"Hwaaa…." The baby took a deep breath and trotted to other places aside from the site where Finley hid. As a result, she didn't find anyone.

The last place she had to visit was the two large bookshelves that looked a bit eerie rather than magical.

The bookshelves looked like a door to somewhere secretive, but Ainsley was a bit reluctant to approach it.

What if there's an evil spirit sealed behind those bookshelves and I accidentally release the seal? I often saw this in manhwas and novels…

Ainsley had a sour look as she carefully approached the last area she hadn't ventured, the two bookshelves.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Her light footsteps sounded in the quiet, tranquil library. The sound of her breath occasionally mixed with the footsteps noises.

Realising that the library had oddly become quiet, Ainsley felt her breath stilled. Her heartbeat went faster than before as her sixth sense– her chuunibyou sense told her that something is different.

'The atmosphere is somehow strange…'

Ainsley gulped softly. She recognised this kind of atmosphere as a sign of a new event.

Usually, in manhwas and novels, whenever the protagonist would find a new item or anything that could change their life, the atmosphere would turn abnormal.

Just like now.

It's oddly quiet. Too quiet. She can't even hear the sound of Elliana's mumbling or the paper rustling even when she's not that far from the woman.

It's as if someone or a creature is blocking the surroundings.

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