I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 29 - "Special Existence"

Chapter 29: "Special Existence"

Of course, the Walter Family, one of the strongest mafia families, will have a fairy in possession. The book said that the Walter Family received one of the royal fairies.

The descendant of the Walter Family will have the fairy as their companion. ​​

Ainsley's face turned sour at the thoughts.

Che. The Walter Family, an ally of the Sloan Family, has a fairy, but the Sloan Family doesn't have any?

Ainsley knew a lot about the mafia families now thanks to the history book of Godlif country. Still, the Sloan Family used to enter the top 20 mafia family in the whole country.

Shouldn't they also receive a fairy? A normal fairy is also okay…

Ainsley didn't know that the fairies only bless the seven great families and the Walter Family is the only one who gets a royal fairy.

Fairies are creatures that love beauty and strength. As the Walter Family boasted a beautiful appearance even to their maids and servant, the fairies particularly liked this family.

Not to mention that each descendant of the Walter Family are at least triple ability users.

Ainsley kicked the floor with a wrinkled forehead. She looked around Sloan Family's library and felt that it should be enough to host a fairy.

Is it because the Sloan Family is declining and the fairies know about it beforehand? The Library Fairy can see the future. Is that why they don't choose the Sloan Family? They already see our family is going to vanish.

Ainsley's heart was throbbing.

She knew that the Sloan Family really needed to go back to their feet. If not…

"Hwaaa…" Ainsley let out a long sigh. There's one more motivation and reason to bring the Sloan Family to the top.

It's to obtain and meet a fairy!

Ainsley subconsciously grinned at the thought of meeting a fairy. But then she suddenly felt a bit irked at the Walter Family.

If they're an ally, can't they show me their fairy? I'm the family head now…

Ainsley knew that it's impossible since others only think of her as a puppet head. Then if she wanted to see the royal fairy in Walter's family possession…

I have to prove my worth?


Ainsley clicked her tongue in irritation. The girl walked around the library, still searching for the fairy while cursing the Walter Family.

They looked arrogant for the girl. But, well, the reason why Ainsley didn't feel any affection for the Walter Family…

It's simply because she's jealous.

How could I not be jealous thinking that the heir of that family is running around with a royal fairy by their side? That's a fairy, you know, a mythical creature!

Ainsley bit her nail and cursed once more, cursing the heir of the Walter Family, wishing that the heir or the heiress would die a terrible death–

Not knowing that the so-called heir is watching her.

'What is she doing now? After reading books not suitable for her age, she's now searching for something in the library?'

Finley propped his chin and crossed his legs as he sat on a wooden chair between two bookshelves. The chair position made it hard for people to find him, but he could find others as easy as turning his palm.

From this position, Finley had been watching Ainsley's every movement.

To be honest, the baby was quite unusual in the boy's eyes.

'At one point she's looking serious, and then she suddenly looks excited. But the next second she seems angry and after, she has a sad look. Is she a human kaleidoscope?'

Finley tapped his chin using the hand he used to prop his head.

He had been watching the baby for 15 minutes, and now, the baby roamed around the library, yet no one saw her or noticed her. In the first place, the maids were busy with the guardian.

'How can they be so lax when handling the family head? Even if that baby is just a symbol, a puppet, she's still the family head. If she dies, there will be a problem for the Sloan Family.'

Finley clicked his tongue in annoyance, not understanding why those maids didn't follow the baby.

Unlike him, who was strong enough to defend himself, the baby looked so vulnerable that she might die with just one bullet.

'Should I be worried that Ainsley Sloan will die faster than her designed fate? If my regression actually makes this baby die faster…'

Finley felt a sense of guilt just by imagining that such a lovely toddler would die in a few years.

Well...she should be able to live until 20, right? Even if I regress, I don't bother her family or anything…

Finley kept his eyes on Ainsley who had just discovered a stair toward the second floor. If the baby also explored the second floor, she would find him sooner or later.

At these thoughts, Finley's flat expression changed a bit. He looked at the baby who was crawling up the stairs with a slight interest.

Should I tell her that I'm the heir of the Walter family? I doubt she knows the Walter Family...but if she seriously read all those books, shouldn't be special, just like me?

Maybe...maybe she is also a regressor or a reincarnator?

Finley started to think nonsense. He knew that such a miracle would be impossible without the help of a mythical being, but…

He hoped the baby was a special existence just like himself. It's just too lonely to be different from others.

Finley's blank eyes slowly regained its lustre. The boy looked at Ainsley, who was climbing the stairs, with a slight smile on his face.

Ainsley Sloan. Let's meet soon.

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