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Chapter 28 - "Fairy"

Chapter 28: "Fairy"

After reading a few information related to the Godfather, Ainsley knew that this world was so similar to earth from all aspects. It's just the legend, and the historical element might be slightly distorted.

Still, since this world was a mirror of earth, Ainsley felt a pang to her heart. ​​

Damn. What's the use of my modern knowledge then? Instead of contributing new knowledge, I lack knowledge!

Ainsley pouted while opening the red book containing special abilities information and its origin. It even had a few information of mystic creatures such as fairy and elf.

That's right. This world seemed to have mythical creatures that the earth didn't have. In some ways, this world absorbed the myth and legend from Earth and materialised it.

In other words, this world is more complicated and dangerous than earth. If the earth is season 1 of a movie, then this unknown world is season 2.

'Are you sure that this world isn't inside a novel, ah?'

Ainsley lamented at the fact that she hadn't found any novels talking about this world she resided in. The worst-case scenario would be…

This world isn't inside a novel at all. It's a separate, independent world that's more dangerous than Earth.

This world is a mix of a modern world and a fantasy world!

'If someone said that we have to fight monsters here too, I'd gladly believe it.'

Ainsley sighed and started to read the book about special abilities and mythical creatures. The one she particularly liked was the topic of fairies.

Yes, a fairy. As a chuunibyou, Ainsley liked fairies to the point of becoming a devoted fan. Who wouldn't like fairies and elves, two beautiful creatures with magical abilities?

Ainsley particularly liked fairy since the book said that one could find fairies rather easier than elves. Elves had their own territory while fairies blended with the humans and other mythical races.

'We can find a fairy in some ancient places or places with a trace of ancient items. There are some cases where fairies got into a contract with humans.'

There were quite a lot of fairies in Godfil country, and that means, top-ranked mafia families should contract a few fairies as well.

Not only the fairies have unique abilities to help, but they can also buff other ability users. What is buff? It's like a blessing that can increase defence, offence, etc.

Anyway, it's useful.

Unlike spirits who possess ability users to grant them power, fairy only lends their blessings for a short time each day. Still, isn't that a good thing?

Ainsley clicked her tongue as she stroked the illustration of a rare fairy on the book. Most fairies had bright-coloured hair, and royal fairies usually have blonde hair and green eyes.

They don't always show their wings to humans, but they have overwhelming abilities and boast a handsome or pretty face.

Each of the royal family members has a territory that they like. One fairy likes to reside in a mystic lake; another fairy likes to stay inside a luxurious fireplace; some prefer to hide behind the forests, and…

It's said that there is a fairy who likes to stay in a library with ancient items.

Upon seeing the word 'Library Fairy', Ainsley's eyes brightened. She instantly looked around the bookshelves around her.

These bookshelves should be categorised as an ancient item, right? Then, is there a fairy? A royal family fairy on top of that!

The book said that the fairies don't need to seal a contract with humans to reside somewhere. It's because they can hide just like a professional assassin!

Then, could it be there's a fairy somewhere around here?

Ainsley tossed the unfinished book of special ability she just read and started to stand up.

I can read the book later. First, I need to make sure we have a fairy in this library!

Ainsley was confident that this library was quite old and ancient enough to attract a Library Fairy. If she could find one, she could get enormous knowledge from the fairy!

It's said that the Library Fairy held all the knowledge of this world. The fairy can even see the future! It's a superpower fairy among other fairies!

Ainsley's cheek flushed red as she roamed around the library with her short legs. Even though her legs started to feel sore, she didn't care.

I'll have to see a fairy! The fairy might be hiding somewhere…

Ainsley snuck between the bookshelves and started to check each shelf. She even checked the books, thinking that the fairy might shrink its body to become smaller.

That's right. Unlike normal fairies, the royal family members of the fairy race have the body of a child around 10. They might look just like a normal human if they hide their wings. But they can still shrink their body to hide.

The only thing that separated a royal family fairy and a human is their appearance. A fairy has such a handsome or pretty face that he/she looks mythical.

Also, they have blonde hair and emerald eyes. Some humans might have a similar trait, but not a lot of them are as beautiful as royal fairies.

Not to mention that fairies can see auras. Well, a person who had a contract with a fairy could also have the same ability, but that still means they keep in touch with fairies.

Ainsley kept trotting around the first floor as she thought of several families with a fairy as their guardian.

Hmmm, there are the Walter Family, Geraldine Family, Sharne Family, Giffard Family, Meidian Family, Lastasia and lastly Loiza.

There are seven families associated with fairies!

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