I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 27 - "Ainsley Sloan"

Chapter 27: "Ainsley Sloan"

Finley felt his body tensed a bit.

How could he not feel tense when the future he knew changed slightly? ​​

A slight change might bring a butterfly effect, and his perfect plan to redeem this life would be ruined.

What's the cause of the change?

Finley glanced around the library, thinking that he might find the answer.

Is it because I awakened my power several years earlier than the fixed age? It's necessary to awaken my power to change my fate completely, but does that create this change?

No, no, it shouldn't be anything significant. Besides, what's the relation between my early awakened power and the guardian of the Sloan Family?

Even though our family is in the same alliance, there's no way my family can control internal matters inside the Sloan Family.

Hence, the change should generate from the Sloan Family itself. Then...is there a different variable from the past life?

Finley didn't stop scanning the library with his eyes even when he was thinking, and at one point, his gaze landed on a certain figure at the corner of the first floor.

Hm? What is that?

Finley slowly rose from the wooden floor and crawled closer to the place above the first floor's corner. From this place, he could then see the figure sitting near the bookshelves of the general knowledge books.


Finley's almond-like eyes widened as the sunlight shone upon a certain someone's purple hair. Such an eye-catching hair colour, only a blind man couldn't see it.

Having purple hair wasn't common, and that's because it's an inherent gene of the Sloan Family's direct descendant.

So, the only person in the whole world who had genuine purple hair without a hair dye should be…

The heiress? The new family head?

Finley guessed Ainsley's identity in one glance. From his position, he could see the girl's face clearly, but the sunlight shining upon her body slightly disturbed his sight.

He couldn't see the girl's expression and could only see what she was doing.

The heiress, the new family head of the Sloan Family...is reading books?

Finley subconsciously parted red lips. The boy's fairy-like face distorted at the thought of a three years old baby read a book as thick as his father's thigh.

What...the? Is that really the new family head, the puppet head of the Sloan Family?

Finley's emerald eyes sharpened. Cold air slowly gusted out of his body.

Who is that baby? Is she really Ainsley Sloan, the useless puppet from the Sloan Family?

Finley unknowingly raised his guard against the baby. How could he not do that when he knew exactly what the baby would be in the future?

Ainsley Sloan. This baby is famous in his previous life. Well, not famous in a good way. She's infamous because she's the youngest family head in the mafia history and the most powerless one on top of that.

She couldn't awaken her ability until she's 15, and her ability is only keen hearing. She didn't receive a formal lesson as an heiress. Thus, the one leading the family is her guardian, Uncle Roger.

Unfortunately, Uncle Roger isn't someone capable. In just a year after the heiress is crowned as the family head, the Sloan Family's rank among the other families fell to the bottom.

They were once a high-ranked family and then became a middle-ranked one in a year.

A few years later, once Ainsley Sloan awakened her ability, the Sloan Family had lost half of their territory. There were a lot of internal disputes too, and…

In the end, the Sloan Family vanished from history when Ainsley Sloan reached 18 years old. Losing her parents and her family, Ainsley was sold as a slave.

After that, no one knew how she lived, but rumours said she committed suicide and died at 20 years old.

She's infamous for this story since she died at the same time as me.

Finley remembered his last moment when he was 25 years old. He is five years older than that pitiful heroine, and strangely, he died on the same day as the girl.

Even though I am obviously more fortunate than her, but…

Finley sighed at the thought of the baby below his feet would die in 17 years. She would live a harsh life as a useless puppet.

What a cruel life, isn't it?

Finley brushed back his golden hair and sighed for the second time. Knowing the future didn't seem as good as it appeared.

But then...the future changed. The guardian of this baby isn't that incapable Uncle Roger but rather, a woman, right?

Finley was nervous at such difference, but actually, it gave him a slight hope that he too could change his fate.

Still, I should know why the guardian isn't Uncle Roger when he's the strongest candidate among the other executives.

Finley's eyes gazed back at the lovely little girl who was still immersed in reading a few thick books. She didn't seem to notice his presence.

"Hmm, hmm, swo ith ish wike twis…" Ainsley mumbled quietly as she closed the second book she just read.

Due to her habit of distorting her pronunciation, even when she's muttering to herself, she subconsciously spoke in a baby language.

And that was fortunate for her since an unknown boy owning a keen hearing artefact was currently observing her from afar.

"Wet's sweee. Nexth bwook." Ainsley pushed aside the two books about Godlif Country and the legend of the Godfather. The next book she read was books about special ability and their origins.

'I have to know about special abilities. I need it to survive!'

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