I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 26 - "A Slight Change"

Chapter 26: "A Slight Change"

Unfortunately, the oblivious Ainsley didn't know that someone was already there in the library. Even Elliana didn't sense the guest's presence there.

The maids serving Ainsley also didn't know that a guest came by since Uncle Roger hid the truth from everyone apart from his faction. ​​

And that's his biggest mistake.

Thinking that she's finally alone, Ainsley hummed softly as she started to pick the book at the lowest area of the bookshelves.

It couldn't be helped that she's so short that she couldn't reach any books there, right?

"Hmm…" Ainsley took a few thick books and scattered them on the floor. She then opened the book without holding it since it's too heavy for her small body.

The first book she read was the history of her country, Godlif. It turned out that the country name wasn't the same as the one on earth, but Godlif should be similar to Italy from the characteristics.

Ainsley skimmed over the history of Godlif, the land of the mafia. The name Godlif was derived from a legend called the Godfather, father of all mafia.

And this information was precisely what Ainsley was looking for.

The Godfather is a legend here rather than a fictional character? And he's such a famous legend? Wow, won't I be safe if I use his name?

Ainsley's eyes brightened as she found out more about the legend of the Godfather. She even dug out the Godfather's way of speaking, his habits, his dislike and like, his characteristics, etc.

Since she would pretend to be possessed by the Godfather's spirit, she should know a lot about the spirit itself.

Hehehe, later, if I don't know something about the Godfather spirit, I can just say that since the spirit is already old, it lost a lot of its memories.

This way, people won't be able to suspect me, right?

Ainsley grinned from ear to ear as she laughed without sound. Her bright smile actually looked like a devil as she continued to read the books, and someone, fortunately, saw it.

It was the little guest.

The second floor of the library wasn't blocked by a ceiling, and rather, one could just climb the stairs. Since the real roof of the library was beyond the second floor, it means the centre was empty.

The library actually surrounded the empty pillar and built a two-story building. Thus, if someone stayed on the second floor, they could see the whole first floor below them.

Coincidentally, our little guest picked a window and sat in front of it. The place he chose was right above Elliana's mini-office. From this place, he could see a specific corner as clear as day.

And that corner was the 'general knowledge' where Ainsley was lingering around.

Who are these people?

The little boy who was shorter than the boys his age curiously glanced down at Elliana. The woman was busy reading the documents even though she didn't understand anything.

Since Ainsley said that she would ask for the report later as her bedtime story, Elliana felt obliged to read all the documents.

Her focus was entirely on the stacks of white papers, forming a tower in front of her. Thus, her sense didn't catch a certain someone looking at her from between the black railing protecting the second floor.

Hmmm, I don't know that woman. I had never seen her before.

The boy closed the book in his hand and carefully leaned to the railing. From the gap between the dolphin-shaped bar, the little guest could see Elliana's head.

He couldn't see the woman's face, but from the aura he felt, he was sure that he had never seen the woman before.

So, why is she here? Sloan Family's library won't open its door for just anyone. Only the executives and the family head can enter.

Even the heir or the heiress can't enter as they wish…

Finley felt a bubbling curiosity at the bottom of his heart. He stealthily observed Elliana while making up a few deductions.

I know that the Sloan Family should be at the edge of bankruptcy around this year. But to think they will allow anyone to enter the library…

And there's something strange about the Sloan Family. After the family head escapes, they should appoint a new leader, and if my memory is right, the leader should be the heiress, a three-year-old baby.

Since she's just a toddler, she requires a guardian. The guardian is Uncle Roger, that guy I met before.

But he clearly said that the family head is away. That's impossible, right? There's no way they will let a baby out alone without the guardian.

Finley rubbed his fine chin as he organised his memory.

Did something change? Is there something different from what happened in my past life?

Finley, a boy with memory up to a 25 years old young man, started to feel unexplainable anxiety at the change in the future he experienced once.

Does the Sloan Family change the guardian? Is it not Uncle Roger? If so…

Finley glanced at Elliana, who was still flustered even when the maids helped her organise the documents.

Looking closer, those documents had the seal of the Sloan Family.

No one other than the family head and the guardian could touch it.

Finley's emerald eyes flickered at such thoughts.

Could it be...this woman is the guardian? It's not Uncle Roger? Wait– is this why that old man lied to me and said that the family head is away?

Is it because he doesn't know where the family head is...because he's not the family head's guardian?

Finley was enlightened.

The piece that changed the future he experienced…

It's here. The Sloan Family.

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