I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 25 - "Little Guest"

Chapter 25: "Little Guest"

"Bwook, El," Ainsley repeated her words as she pointed at a specific corner. That corner was labelled with 'general knowledge corner', Ainsley aimed for the books there.

Before taking over the problems in the family, I should know more about this world. ​​

"Yes, miss. Book." Elliana saw the direction Ainsley pointed at, and she immediately walked to the bookshelves.

Unlike the other dark brown shelves, this one looked relatively new. The colour of the sleeve was black, so it stood out the most.

Maybe because the family kept updating the book belonging to the 'general knowledge' category, that's why the books looked neat and were maintained well.

In just a few seconds, Elliana arrived at the section, and Ainsley hurriedly asked.

"Dwop, hele." Ainsley poked Elliana's shoulder, signalling the woman to let her down. Elliana did as she was told, and Ainsley immediately ran off to the shelves.

"Gwo. Lweaf mwe hele (leave me here)." Ainsley waved her hand and casually chased Elliana away from the book section.

The plan is simple. While Elliana checks the document, she will read books about this world.

"Yes. Me. Go." Elliana nodded solemnly and walked away from the bookshelves. These days, she didn't question Ainsley's command and just faithfully followed the young miss' order.

She looked like a well-trained dog, and that's why Ainsley favoured the woman.

Hm, good, good. Now, no one will see me reading books.

Ainsley was convinced that no one would see her but actually, at 7 this morning, an hour before she arrived at the library…

An hour ago.

"Oh, esteemed guest! Young master, I didn't know you will visit our family this fast." Uncle Roger stood in front of the mansion's gate with a polite smile on his face.

He usually woke up at 8, but because of this little guest, he had to run away to the gate at 7.

Yes, there's a tiny guest, a boy as tall as his thigh in front of him. This boy popped out of nowhere, but it didn't seem like his first time doing it.

"Mm. Sorry for the inconvenience." A gentle voice rang throughout the front yard, followed by the little guest's black suit glimmering under the sunlight.

"I heard that the Sloan Family just chose a new leader." The little guest spoke as he flapped his expensive-looking black suit, showing off his wealth.

"Y-yes? A new leader?" Uncle Roger held his breath. His silver hair looked like a birds nest at this moment, but he didn't care.

Why does this boy know that we just appoint a new leader? We did it in secret!

"Yes, a new leader. Since that's the case, I need to offer my congratulations to the new head, don't I?" The guest curled his lips, then bowed politely without taking off his long hat.

Uncle Roger, in his dishevelled white shirt, gritted his teeth at the little guest's attitude.

You don't even take your hat off when you greet someone way older than you? Oh, he looks polite, but he's keeping it at the bare minimum.

Ha, the so-called genius who had his power awakened at 6 is truly arrogant just like the rumour!

"Oh my, young master, you are too kind. But I'm afraid that the family head is still outside for a business, so…" Uncle Roger would rather die than telling this genius that the new leader is 5 years younger than the guest.

"I think...young master...you should visit us sometimes later–" Uncle Roger was about to kick the guest out when the guest casually entered the mansion date without looking back at the man.

"Ckckck. Uncle, is this how the Sloan Family treats the Walter Family? We are your family's strong ally, right?" The little guest kicked off the specks of dust lingering around his shiny black leather shoes.

He didn't look back at Uncle Roger and just kept walking to the main mansion dyed in white, acting as if he's the owner of the mansion.

"Hurry, uncle, guide me in. I'll see the new leader if they want to. Tell them I'm here to represent my father." The little guest waved his hand as a cold smile spread on his face.

Uncle Roger's jaw hit the ground as he watched the tiny guest stroll the front yard and even ordered him around.

The small guest's dazzling blonde hair which resembled the sun looked strangely threatening at this moment. At least for Uncle Roger.

"Y-yes, young master. The family head is outside at the moment. I'll call him back soon…"

Uncle Roger finally gave up. He decided to grant this boy's wish, simply because Walter's family was the top mafia family in the country.

"T-that is it alright if...young master waits in the library?" Uncle Roger's face already turned bright red from anger, but he immediately chased after the little guest while chirping around.

The faces of the guards behind Uncle Roger also darken when the little guest entered the mansion alone without anyone escorting him.

What a bold guest, entering another family's estate alone. Is he that confident with his ability?

"Mm. Library is good. Go, tell the new leader that I come to visit. Now..lead the way." The blonde devil whistled as he put his hands behind his head.

The way he entered the building without fear truly looked arrogant for the mafia hiding all around the mansion.

"Yes, yes, I'll call the head right away!" Uncle Roger lied through his teeth.

He swore he would never inform that toddler about the sudden visit and would bring someone else to pretend to be the family head–

But fate betrayed him.

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