I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 24 - "Easy Peasy"

Chapter 24: "Easy Peasy"

It's more reassuring to pick someone from a fantasy movie since they might fool the others. Guardian spirit is a spirit anyway. No one can be sure what kind of energy it is.

Then….should I pick the Godfather? It's like a title, and it's ambiguous. No one will nitpick them, and hopefully, the people in this world know about the Godfather. ​ ​

Wait, should I find it?

Ainsley tossed around as she decided to use the Godfather name to be her guardian spirit. Of course, she didn't really have the spirit. It's just a tactic to hide her true identity.

The baby didn't know that the name Godfather would one day change into the Godtoddler.

The next day.

"Mmm…" Ainsley sat on her cradle, sucking up milk from the bottle with a baby pacifier.

As usual, today, several maids surrounded her and dressed her up in her 'office uniform', the blue-pink uniform she wore a few days ago.

That's right. Today, Elliana would bring her to do an official business and toured the office. Of course, it would still be around the mansion, but nevertheless, it's Elliana's first time doing paperwork.

"Alright, done, young miss. Let's have breakfast." One of the maids immediately picked Ainsley and walked to the dining room, followed by the other maids.

Just like cliche medieval-era settings, the dining room had a table stretched from east to west. Ainsley wondered who the heck would use such a long table when she's alone with Elliana here.

'Is this world not a modern world? But they use neon lamps...maybe only this house adapts the medieval style.'

Ainsley observed the white marble covering the dining room as she scooped the baby porridge in front of her.

For a family that's going on bankruptcy, the dining room was still decorated with gold and diamonds. The tableware was made from silver, and the tablecloth was a red silk cloth.

The chairs around the dining table were all made out of gold with a red burgundy cushion as an accessory.

Such an extravagant interior didn't fit the current condition of the family.

Does this mean not a lot of people know that the Sloan Family is in danger?

Ainsley thought so as she gulped the rest of the porridge inside the silver bowl. Right after she swallowed the last drop, a maid stepped forward from behind and wiped the baby's cheek with a napkin.

The maid's movement was so neat and swift that she looked like an assassin instead.

Hm, even the maids are trained– ah, wait, my stomach doesn't feel good. Mm–

"Burp." Ainsley suddenly burped out loud, not caring if the other maids around her had a sour face.

Look, look, those maids in waiting look like they're eating a lemon.

But Ainsley didn't care. She just opened her mouth wide before shyly covered it with her small palm.

"Tehee~ " the baby laughed bashfully as if embarrassed of her sudden burping. Her innocent action of knocking her temple while tilting her head to the right looked so innocent that the maids couldn't find faults at all.

And as expected…


'Ah, ah, the family head is so cute!!'

Dozens of new victims had their hearts stabbed by an arrow. The maids squealed in silence, but their eyes were burning with love.

Hum hum, easy peasy.

Ainsley whistled as she carefully got down from the chair. The baby had her short hair tied into a twin-tail today, enhancing her innocent look.

Knowing fully well that she's cute, Ainsley purposely trotted and jumped here and there as she walked, bouncing her twin-tail, swaying it freely.

"Hmm, hmm, El! El!" Ainsley jumped lightly as she called out Elliana's name. A bright smile filled her face while the baby went out of the dining room, watched by a few maids lovestruck by her cuteness.

Ahhh, how can the family head look so cute? Her twin-tail is swaying and and–


The maids maintained a dignified face outside as they followed behind Ainsley, but inside, they were screaming and cheering for the toddler.

Ainsley didn't know that since today, the maids in the mansion formed Baby Ain's fan club in secret.

Two-story library.

"El! Mowning!" Ainsley dashed to Elliana who was sitting on a chair behind an office table. The table was right in front of the enormous window, hidden in the middle of various bookshelves.

The desk and the chair were black, but the golden line at the corner made the overall appearance magnificent.

"Morning. Miss." Elliana immediately stood up, and her towering body blocked the sunlight coming from the 3-meters window behind her.

The strong sunlight shone upon her blonde hair, dazzling anyone who would see it.

Today, the woman wore a black suit and a red shirt coupled with black pants. The pants were decorated with silver chains, looking like a rock star or something.

It's truly unfit for a mafia...well not like Ainsley cared.

"El! Bwook!" Ainsley waited until Elliana kneeled before jumping to the woman's arm. The baby then pointed at the wooden bookshelves filling the royal-like library.

Finally, I'm at the library!

Ainsley's eyes brightened.

Sloan Family's library. She heard from the maids that it was one of the biggest libraries in the country.

From east to west, south to north, all Ainsley could see was many old-looking bookshelves with colourful book covers stored inside.

Indeed, the library is huge!

Alas, even though the dark brown bookshelves looked ancient, the white marble floor and ceiling wasn't old at all.

The Sloan Family still boasted their wealth through the interior.

Even though it's all just a facade.

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