I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 23 - "Guardian Spirit"

Chapter 23: "Guardian Spirit"

"Zzzz….zzz...gee...hwaaa…" Ainsley's mouth was opened wide and drool after drool started to wet Elliana's sleeve.

The baby boldly slept in front of the executives of the Sloan Family. ​​


The adults all had dots as their eyes just by looking at their boss' relaxed face. In such an important meeting, their puppet leader dared to sleep and even disturbed the meeting with her loud snore.

Which kid raised in a mafia family dared to act like this? None. If there was, they might be sent to the kids-only prison to reflect on their misbehaviour.

But who could object to their own leader? Even if the leader was just a puppet leader, she still held the title and the position of the Sloan Family's head!


Roger coughed to distract the others' attention on him rather than the baby.

"Let's wrap up the meeting. It seems that the boss is already tired. Shall we close the meeting?" Roger acted as the true leader of the meeting when it's supposed to be Elliana.

The others had a frown on their face when they realised Roger's bold action, but none had enough energy to debate with him.

"Alright, let's close the meeting."

"Yes, I agree."

"We shall go home now. It's already midnight."

The executives easily agreed as they stood up, not wanting to waste time to go home. Of course, they should greet Elliana first since she's the one with the highest authority here, but would they do that?


The executives only nodded at Elliana without saying anything before leaving the dim room. They didn't put the woman in their eyes as they naturally thought that the real power owner wasn't Elliana.

It should be the seven elders, or maybe one of them can slowly get the power to control the Family soon.

"Good. Work." Elliana stood up after half of the men left the room and bowed toward the executives. It's just a polite bow, and the way she thanked the executives was appropriate, but in Ainsley's eyes, it was irritating.

That's right. Ainsley wasn't sleeping in the first place. She just pretended to sleep to close the meeting as soon as possible. Well, she almost fell asleep for real, damn this body, but…

Elliana's manner is more frustrating.

Ainsley watched the executives left the room one by one while Elliana followed behind. It was an unfitting manner of the one with the highest authority.

Shouldn't we go out first? These men can't stand up or leave before the boss leaves! How could they do this? Don't they know the mafia etiquette?

No, they know. They just purposely do this to mock Elliana's limited knowledge about these things.

Elliana is a warrior, a frontline fighter. Added to the fact that her intelligence is lacking, it's as expected that she doesn't know anything about mafia etiquette or how to lead others in a meeting.

She can lead others in a battle, but maybe not in a political or a business meeting like today.

Damn. Damn those foxes!

Ainsley bit her lips as Elliana escorted her to her bedroom. The baby had an unwilling look along the way.

Yes, I'm unwilling to yield my position to someone else. But what should I do to control them? Can I act like my normal self? Won't they say that I'm possessed?

That will be a bad move. But if I stay like this, there's no way these people will listen. Should I train Elliana? No. She's not capable.

Then what? Talk to the elder? They don't seem to care who will lead the family as long as the family suffers nothing.

Then...should I make a lie? Let's say that I show those foxes my true self and later said that I'm a spirit guardian of this body. It can count as an ability, right?

Ainsley's brain worked harder than before as she laid on the cradle alone under the faint moonlight shining upon the silent room.

Also, if I give some kind of solution unfitting for a toddler, I can say that I saw it in a dream and that my guardian spirit is the one telling me to deliver it to the others.

If I train my acting skill and take advantage of the ability setting, I might fool everyone.

Ainsley's eyes turned stern as she silently swore to give hints about her newly acquired ability, 'Guardian spirit possession.'

There should be some ability users who have a guardian spirit used in a battle, but mine can only possess my body for a while and give a prophetic dream.

The guardian spirit type I possess will be the intelligent and charismatic type. Then let's see what guardian spirit I should introduce?

Guardian spirit is usually derived from the spirit of the famous people in history. Well, I might be wrong, but let's believe in this world's potential, filled with unknown ability users.

Then let's find a suitable historical figure that is intelligent and charismatic.

Should I pick from famous mafias or what? Surely choosing a notorious mafia figure will give a stronger impact as my family is currently a mafia family.

Then, a famous mafia...Al Capone? The Godfather– Don Vito? Michael?

Ugh or maybe I should go for a fantasy figure like King Arthur, Merlin, or what?

In the first place, I don't know if this world is exactly the same as earth. What if they don't have any historical figures such as Al Capone or movie characters like the Godfather, tales like the King Arthur and Merlin?

Ainsley was once again in a dilemma.

Which character should she adopt to be her artificial guardian spirit?

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