I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 22 - "Snore"

Chapter 22: "Snore"

Ainsley felt that she got tremendous bad luck, but the others didn't think so.

"Fck. Why is this news flocking around at the same time? It's as if someone is deliberately targeting our Sloan Family." Uncle Dober cursed out loud, forgetting Ainsley's presence. ​​

Yes, this series of troubles looked too neat to be called a coincidence. It's as if an unknown force was targeting each family branch!

The others thought the same, but the bad news wasn't over yet.

"You know what? That's not all. I heard from my father that the Sloan Family, the main family...is in debt because of the late boss." Loren finally dropped the last bomb as he looked at Ainsley.

Yes, they were now in debt because the baby's father owed money to several people to please his lover.

The people in the room looked at Ainsley as if the baby was born under a bad luck star.

How could her father add more trouble to the family, leaving behind a three-year-old baby as the family head?

Even Ainsley has a headache for her father, whom she never met.

That scum bastard! He even left with a mountain of debt to pay? What does he think his family is?? Is he adopted? Does he have a grudge against the Sloan Family?!

Ainsley lowered her head, not daring to meet these people's eyes. Even though she knew that some of them had the ambition to be the family head, at the very least, they still cared for the family.

Whereas her biological father just ran away with an unknown woman, being very irresponsible.

Ainsley turned gloomy, and her bright smile faded. Dark clouds seemed to hang above her head, erasing her angelic halo.

The men in the room noticed the change, and all of them couldn't help but gasp.

Does the baby understand what they just talk? Is that why she's sad? But, but, it's too cruel to make such a cute baby miserable!

The men in the room swallowed. They paused their discussion for a few minutes, trying to see whether Ainsley truly understood them or not.

If she did, then it's either good or bad. It's good that the baby is a genius, but it's terrible since she's exposed to her father's wrongdoings.

She must be ashamed and disappointed. At such a young age, who could bear the crime of their family?

Silence filled the room for a while. The men simultaneously looked at Ainsley with agitated expressions. Even Orcas, the silent one, felt the need to console Ainsley.

Just by looking at the baby's frown and grief in her eyes, the men in the room felt like something scratched their heart.

No, young miss, don't be sad! Don't listen to what we just said! We didn't know you understand us!

Loren, Roger, Dober, Mellon, Orcas, and Alex looked back and forth between Ainsley and Elliana. They looked at Elliana, hoping that the woman could console Ainsley.

Elliana also realised that Ainsley was feeling down. Thus, she patted the baby's head and whispered in a low voice.

"Good girl. Good girl. Ain no cry cry." Elliana held back the tears forming at the edge of her eyes.

She had noticed that Ainsley was smarter than she looked, but she didn't think the baby would understand the adults' conversation.

Being a genius…is it a blessing or a curse?

At Elliana's head pat, Ainsley calmed down. The baby nodded lightly and relaxed her expression. Only then she realised that she had been showing everything on her face.

Damn. Did these men know that I understand them?

Ainsley's back felt cold at the thought. As if to confirm her suspicion, the men were still staring at her with a worried expression.

They didn't say anything, but their gaze explained it all.

Ah, shit. They're sympathising with me! They think I know what they're talking about! That's bad. I have to appear like an ordinary baby.

Ainsley squeezed her brain cells to find a solution, and the best thing she came up with was–

"El. El. Hungwy…" Ainsley touched her flat belly, and coincidentally, her stomach growled.

The sound was so loud that the men in the room also heard it.

! The family head is– hungry?

The adults had a dumbfounded look.

"Ah, yes. Wait. Cookie." Elliana hurriedly stood up and took a jar of cookies on the table. She gave the cookies to Ainsley before sitting down with the baby on her lap.

"Eat. Eat." Elliana urged Ainsley as she sighed in relief.

So, the young miss is sad because she's hungry? It's not because she understands our conversation.

"Twank hywou!" Ainsley happily thanked Elliana before stuffing her mouth with the cookies until her cheeks bulged like a squirrel.

Her gloomy look disappeared as if it wasn't there in the first place. Her huge mood swing once again stunned the adults.

What? So she's gloomy because she's hungry? We misunderstood her! Thinking again, how can a toddler know what the adults are saying?!

The adults felt like they had been tricked by their own overthinking. Thus, they coughed to hide the embarrassment and continued the discussion.

They elaborated the family's crisis, but aside from the main points they mentioned earlier, nothing caught Ainsley's attention.

In the end, just as the meeting was going to end, a loud snoring noise broke the meeting's solemn mood.


…the heck?

Everyone instantly looked toward the source of the noises and found the little baby was sleeping with a single bubble on her nose.

The bubble enlarged and shrunk following the baby's breathing.

The baby is none other than Ainsley Sloan, the current family head.

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