I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 21 - "Bad News"

Chapter 21: "Bad News"

Well, back to the discussion.

Since the guy from the Al Family was obviously younger, he couldn't raise his voice for the second time especially when Uncle Roger gave a solid argument. ​​

"But, Mr Roger, the air force is still needed…" Alex, the eagle-like young man, slowly sat down and lowered his head. His voice became quieter as he spoke.

He couldn't confidently say that the air force is needed at the moment.

How could he say that the air force is needed when the Lionel Family contributed more to the main family than the Ale Family?

Not to mention that the Riger Family supplied weapons to the Lionel family. These two families were in cahoots and were the strongest family branch.

Amid the heated atmosphere between the Ale, the Riger and the Lionel Family, the Chale Family's green-haired skeleton spoke up.

"Let's not blame the Ale Family that fast. Mr Roger, what about the weaponry business? Surely if it's going well, we don't need to relocate any funds to other branches."

His voice was as gentle as the breeze, but his skull-like face didn't look pleasant to look at—such a waste of a beautiful voice.

"I support shifting the existing funds to Lionel Family precisely because our family's weaponry business is not doing well either."

Uncle Roger from the Riger Family shook his head. His black eyes seemed darker than usual.

"The war is still going on, but other families boycotted our family ever since the rumour of our late boss eloped with his unknown lover spread to Mafia society."

Uncle Roger held his head and let out a deep sigh. His handsome face crumpled even more as he recalled the late boss, that irresponsible boss of the Sloan Family.

If only that guy is still here. He's such a good leader capable of bringing the Sloan Family to the top. Yet why? Why did he suddenly run away?!

The others might say that the boss is kidnapped. But some people already knew the truth.

Upon the boss's name was mentioned, the men in the room shut their mouths. All of them simultaneously looked at Ainsley, who was prickling her nose with her thumb.


Ainsley paused. She hurriedly retracted her thumb and flicked it.

"Hwat?" Ainsley cocked her head, and boldly asked the men staring at her with eyes full of pity.

She got goosebumps right away.

Why are they looking at me?! Am I a mannequin?

"N-no, nothing, young miss." The one answering was the Alex boy from the Ale Family. He hurriedly shifted his golden eyes away. He somehow lost his previous sharpness as an eagle.

Why? Well, because everyone here suddenly thought that the most pitiful person wasn't them, but the young miss.

The young miss's mother left after giving birth to her, as she's just paid to do so. Her father didn't look at her for 3 years, and just recently, he left with his lover.

Which mafia child would be more miserable than their young miss? Now, she also became a puppet leader.

Her future is bleak.

The atmosphere became even gloomier than before, and Loren, the lion boy, realised this. He coughed to ease the mood.

"W-well, don't we have any other business? The Raos Family should profit a lot from their assassin guild, right?" Loren looked at the empty seat of the Raos Family representative.

Those Orca people from the Raos Family….they are so mysterious. Even when the main family is in danger, they don't come here?

Loren clicked his tongue in disdain, not knowing that Orcas was silently looking at him with eyes full of contempt.

Hmph. They were always relying on our Raos Family. Aren't they weak?

The other families also looked at the 'empty' chair and sighed.

"I think there's a possibility that the Raos Family might rebel instead. It's hard to communicate with those gloomy Orca and...we don't know a lot about them."

Mellon, the guy from the Chale Family, stated his opinion as a spy. He knew that the Raos Family looked suspicious.

"Hm, let's put an eye on the Raos Family. As long as they contribute to the main family, we can still tolerate them. But the problem with our business…" Uncle Dober bit his nail and sighed.

His handsome face was also ruined because of his old age. He looked like he's around 40. Oh, no, he could still be a sugar daddy, but Ainsley's taste leaned to a young-looking guy.

Like Loren.

While the men reported each other's condition, Ainsley had silently asked Elliana about each person sitting around the table. Now, she knew quite a lot about them.

Still, the baby didn't say anything and just waited until these men spilt out all the awful, bad news lingering around the Sloan Family.

Those failing businesses should be all the bad news for the Sloan Family, right?

Ainsley hoped so, but apparently, God didn't wish her to walk on a flowery path.

"You see, even the spy guild is short on fund nowadays. We can't sell information lately because no one believed us. It's because of a rumour that someone embezzled our family's money."

Mellon sighed as he reported the bad news from his Chale family. The Chale Family specialised in spy and gathering information. They should have a lot of money from selling information alone, but lately…

They lost the customer's trust. It's all because of a rumour that a few people in the Sloan Family embezzled the family's economy.

Some even said that the Chale Family fabricated most information sold to their customers.

Hearing the reports, Ainsley wanted to clap for those lousy news she just knew.

Damn it. Isn't this terrible?!

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