I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 20 - "Seducing A Lion?"

Chapter 20: "Seducing A Lion?"

Is this why this baby is the heiress and becomes the family head? She might be a good mascot of the family.

The others had a slight favourable impression of Ainsley, but the young men from the Lionel and Raos Family had a sour face. ​​

Loren, the young master of the Lionel family, furrowed his eyebrows. He realised that the baby just disturbed his speech, breaking the flow of the conversation.

Now, if he tried to lead these people again, they would realise that he's acting like the boss.

Who is that baby? Did she do this on purpose?

Loren gritted his teeth even though he maintained his warm smile outside. The young man turned his head around and tried to look at Ainsley face to face when suddenly….

He got a heart attack.


Loren almost got a nosebleed.

The reason? Because a certain baby was looking at him with a grin and silently winked at him.

Yes, she seduced the young man.

Loren's face flushed red as he blocked his nose. Fresh red blood slowly trickled down to his chin.

Damn it. What's that? The heiress– no. The puppet family head suddenly looked at me and winked?! Does she know that it's lethal??

Loren wanted to scold Ainsley for acting so shameless, but the truth was far from that. The baby was baffled looking at Loren, glaring at her as if she committed a grave sin.

What? Why is he angry? My eyes are just itchy, so I try to blink. Did that seem like a provocation? I just coincidentally looked at him!

Ainsley gritted her baby teeth and flung her head away, ignoring Loren. That's right. After 'seducing' the young man with her cute face, she dared to play hard to get.

That's what Loren thought.

This baby! Is she ignoring me now? Did she think I'm beneath her because she just seduced me?!

Loren wiped his nosebleed and once again, glared at Ainsley, trying to scare her away. Which children wouldn't cry after someone glared at them as if waiting to kill them?

But before Loren could emit a stronger pressure and added a hint of bloodlust, his eyes were distracted by the baby's bouncy cheeks.

When Ainsley turned her head around in such speed, her plump cheeks bounced lightly like a balloon.

It...it looked cute.


Loren clutched his chest and looked away from Ainsley. His breathing turned rough as if someone just poisoned him.

Yes, he's currently poisoned by a baby's charm.

Damn it. Damn it. The heiress– no. The family head is so dangerous. What's with her? Isn't it unfair to look that cute? Aren't children just a bunch of idiots with snotty noses??

Loren's prejudice toward children disappeared in an instant. Thanks to the mighty baby Ain.

Who could resist her charm when she looked at them with her large, watery eyes full of innocence? Her chubby cheeks resembling a squirrel, her small palms and feet, her silky purple hair–

And her voice. Her voice is so coy and tender that it tickled anyone's heart.

Such a devil.

Loren swore not to pay attention to Ainsley anymore, thinking that she's a new weapon developed by the Sloan Family.

Right, that baby must be a human weapon. She uses a weird ability to seduce people– like a succubus! Someone has to tear her face and expose her true nature.

There's no way a baby can be that calm and obedient. She should be wailing around or at least cry!

Alas, Ainsley didn't cry at all. She just kept giggling and smiling at the uncles, disturbing their mind. The people in the room couldn't even focus on the meeting.

Their voice was shaking as they peeked at Ainsley's adorable face once in a while.

"S-so, as you know, the drugs business isn't good right now. Those shitty police officers are lurking around. The special agents are also targeting us."

Uncle Dober from the Dober Family shuttered as he explained his family's circumstance. Of course, he's stuttering because he's looking at Ainsley sucking her thumb.

Ahhh, I wish I brought a camera with me! Oh, wait, where's my phone?

Uncle Dober, not Gober, was busy searching his pocket to find his phone while the others had a dark face.

"The drugs business is in danger. Then what about the air force? Should we maintain them? There's no air bombing lately, yes?" The black-haired man from the Riger family pursed his lips.

It's a chance to weaken the useless Ale Family.

"Shouldn't we relocate the funds to the Lionel family instead?" The man suggested.

"Wait– what do you mean by that? Don't you know that other families are targeting the weak Sloan Family? Our Ale family is at the border of the territory!"

The golden-eyes man from the Ale Family slammed the table as he stood up.

"We need to strengthen our air forces! We are the frontline of the Sloan Family. If we are weak, others will invade us!" He added. His chest went up and down, and his face turned bright red.

The man is obviously enraged that the Riger Family dared to say that to weaken his family's forces.

"But what to do? The Lionel branch is also at the frontline. They go to war every day. The income from their hitman organisation is the one supplying the main family."

Roger, the uncle from the Riger Family snorted. He might be an uncle, but he's still 30 and handsome. Still, the wrinkles under his eyes were tangible proof of his ripe age.

Ainsley felt pity that the uncle looked like he already had children and a wife.

What a waste of that handsome face, hm hm.

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