I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 19 - "Illegal"

Chapter 19: "Illegal"

"Order? Who said that?" The man with black hair, representative of the Riger Family, cocked his head. He silently smoothed his crumpled black and white suit.

"Secret. Order. Do it." Elliana shook her head, refusing to tell the man the one behind her order. Of course, Elliana wouldn't say that Ainsley wanted to be with her all the time. ​​

She might not be brilliant, but she knew these people were strict and cold-blooded enough to the young miss. If she said that the young miss couldn't be left alone…

They might look down on the baby and deemed her unsuitable to be the future leader.

Even a newborn baby in a mafia family was already left to their nanny and had to sleep alone. Who would be so spoiled to ask for someone to be with them all the time?

Seeing that Elliana stubbornly refused to speak, the men in the room subconsciously thought of the blue-eyed elder. The highest hierarchy in the family just below the family head.

That elder must be the one telling Elliana to bring the heiress– no. The puppet family head.

The six family branches simultaneously looked at the child sitting on Elliana's lap.

Somehow, the baby already changed clothes to pink pyjamas with rabbit patterns.

She even wore a furry rabbit hat on her head like an accessory.

Her attire contrasts with the solemn mood and the grim-looking people in the dim room decorated with vintage furniture.

"Che. What is that elder thinking? A toddler should sleep right now. It's already late at night." The silver-haired guy clicked his tongue as he crossed his long legs.

His face was hidden behind the curtain of the night. At least that's how Ainsley saw it.

"Yes, the elder must be insane. Or maybe he's thinking of doing something?" The silent representative of the Chale Family finally spoke.

His gentle voice was a huge contrast with his pale-looking face. The thin man with green hair looked like a real chameleon in Ainsley's eyes.

"Maybe that old man is finally crazy. Sending the puppet family head to this meeting? What does he want this baby to do?" Another person from the Ale Family scratched his spiky brown hair.

He then glanced at Ainsley with his sharp golden eyes resembling the sky's ruler, the eagle.

If only he's like the bald Eagle. Maybe he would be bald right now. That's what the baby thought in silence.

"Anyway, just treat that baby as a spare tire. We need someone to rule the family properly." The best fighter of the Lionel Family tapped his fingers to the wooden table.

The young man around 20 years old was the only one with such a youthful appearance among the other middle-aged men. His wavy hazelnut hair looked fluffy, and his black eyes surprisingly seemed tender.

He didn't give off the vibe of a lion, and that's why he wasn't as threatening as others.

But in Ainsley's eyes, the young man was the most dangerous.


Ainsley clenched the end of her rabbit hat. The baby already felt goosebumps ever since the handsome young man from the Lionel family spoke his thoughts.

What is this? Why does he feel so dangerous? His voice is calm and gentle, but, but...what is this pressure?

Ainsley bit her lips as she secretly observed the young man whose name she didn't know yet.

This wimpy-looking young man. His aura is like a sleeping lion. What kind of ability does he have? How did I find him the most troublesome here? Is this another ability I possess?

Ainsley subconsciously knew that even if she used her charm ability here, she wouldn't be able to charm that man. He might look like a child lover, but…

He might be ruthless.

Ainsley kept her eyes on the Lion guy and ignored the others.

It was her first mistake.

Out of her sight, a small guy with black and white hair was silently staring at her. His back was hunched, and he looked gloomy, yet he was still the best fighter in the Raos Family.

The best killer whale, Orcas.

Orcas observed Ainsley with his pair or navy blue eyes. He held his knees together as he sat in such a weird position that he looked like L from Death Note.

Still, no one paid attention to him–

Because they didn't even realise he's there.

Even when Orcas was sitting right next to everyone, not a single person sensed his presence.

Even the others thought that Orcas didn't attend.

"Ha, as usual, those from the Raos Family didn't attend, huh. Are they busy killing people? What assassin. We are mafia. They're oddballs." The one from the Dober Family snorted.

He liked to yap and barked like a dog.

"Ignore those crazy killers. Right now, we need to discuss things in the family." The young man from the Lionel Family had a warm smile on his face as he led the conversation.

The middle-aged men in the room hadn't realised that he already controlled the conversation flow, naturally brought him up as the leader.

If only a certain baby didn't start to yap.

"Wah! Wah! Mweeting! Secleth (secret.) Fwun! Fwun!" Ainsley slapped the wooden table a few times as she smiled toward the young man.

Her smile was so innocent and pure that some of the middle-age men stiffened. Their faces melted for a brief second, but they regained their rationality the next second.

Wow. This baby is surprisingly cute.

The middle-aged men coughed to hide their thoughts on Ainsley. They had children, boys and girls, but none looked as cute as the angel.

How could this baby be so cute? Isn't this illegal?

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