I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 18 - "An Order"

Chapter 18: "An Order"

Ainsley was deep in thought. She was so focused that she didn't realise she was already in the great hall. The coronation ceremony had started a long time ago, yet she was still in a daze.

Ah...what about my two powers, keen hearing and charm ability? I also need to practice them and find the key behind controlling it. I also need to know the weakness of each power and the limitation. ​​

Also...can the ability grow stronger? What if each ability will be stagnant just like each person's innate talent. If that's the case, I have to find out just how strong my ability is.

I also see a lot of people owning the same ability. Does that mean their power is the same, or there can be someone stronger even when they own the same ability?

Is there any unique ability that others don't have? If yes, what kind of ability? To survive here, I'll have to know all of it.

There are too many questions that Ainsley had to answer. But she didn't have any authority to access information regarding this world.

Usually, babies like her would have a tutor that would teach them anything about this world. But what about Ainsley? She had none.

Maybe after the coronation, she would have one…

Ainsley could only wish that the Sloan Family treated her careful and provided her with the right treatment for the family head.

That's right. I'm not an heiress anymore. Now, I'm the legitimate family head! Even if others see me as not more than a symbol, I don't think so. They feel like that because I'm just a baby.

But am I an ordinary baby? No!

Ainsley giggled to herself as the elder placed a pretty princess-like white crown on her head. The crown, no, the tiara was decorated with 7 colourful jewels representing the Sloan Family branches.

But it's not like Ainsley cared about it. The baby was obedient throughout the coronation, but her focus laid elsewhere.

Hmmm, after this...there should be a secret meeting between the higher-ups and Elliana.

Ainsley glanced up at Elliana, who was also crowned with a red tiara. The tiara was a symbol of the family head's guardian and would be taken from her once Ainsley became an adult.

It's still 15 years in the future.

Nevertheless, Elliana would act on behalf of Ainsley as the family head. This means the higher-ups would tell her any problems regarding the Sloan Family.

And that's good! That's my chance! If I'm ignorant, those people will lead Elliana around by the nose. She will then become another puppet of other forces.

Elliana isn't that brilliant. She will not be able to handle the work of the family. That's why…

Ainsley kept her innocent smile as she tugged Elliana's sleeve. While the others were gathering around the blue-eyed elder whose name was unknown, Ainsley signalled Elliana to come closer.

"Yes." Elliana lowered her back and put her ear next to Ainsley's mouth. The bear-like woman was still as stiff as usual even when she became the guardian.

"El. Bwing me efli wel (everywhere). Kay? Dun gwo alon (alone)!" Ainsley hugged Elliana's neck and slowly used her charm ability.

She could feel a warm energy flooding out of her mouth and struck Elliana's neck slowly but surely.

Elliana's heart skipped a beat. She felt a strange sensation entering her body, but she paid no heed.

"Yes. Bring. Everywhere." Elliana nodded. She looked at Ainsley's smooth cheek and slowly rubbed it with the tip of her finger.

This child. Is she lonely? She doesn't want to be apart from me. I have to bring her everywhere. I can't leave her alone. What if she cries?

Elliana felt a strong empathy toward Ainsley, who was alone since birth. The woman swore once more to dedicate her life for the child, not knowing that she had fallen to the baby's sweet trap.

"Mmm. Wuf ywou, El! (Love you)." Ainsley rubbed her head against the woman's neck as she stayed in her embrace. She didn't have any intention to let go.

Yes, just like that. Slowly become my shield and sword. I'll make sure the family will prosper.

Ainsley's smile behind Elliana's head looked as sly as a red fox.

That night, just like what Ainsley predicted, Elliana was called to a meeting right away. The higher-ups thought that Elliana would come alone, but when the woman showed up holding a baby in her arms…

"What is this?! Why did you bring the young miss?" The vice-head of the Riger Family Branch shouted on top of his lungs. His short black hair seemed to burn under the dark night.

"Yes, Miss Elliana, what are you thinking? This is not a place for a child!" The head of the Dober Family snorted. He pushed back his dazzling silver hair as his red eyes gleamed viciously.

Even the secretary of the Ale Family, the right-hand man of the Chale family and the best fighters of the Raos and Lionel family protested in silence.

Who would be crazy enough to bring a child to a meeting that might change their family's fate?

Despite all the unwelcoming gazes of the men, Elliana entered the dim room with her head lifted high.

"Follow. Order. Miss. Head." Elliana sat down roughly and put the baby on her lap. She shot daggers at the men surrounding the round table.

"It's. order." Elliana emphasised one more time.

Even though the men couldn't fully capture what Elliana wanted to say, they were smart enough to know the word 'order'.

Someone asked this stupid woman to bring the harmless family head to such a meeting?


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