I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 17 - "Probabilities"

Chapter 17: "Probabilities"

Fire and water clashed here and there, a few thunderbolts struck the floor, but the baby wasn't frightened.

Instead of curling up in fear, the baby looked at the people with shining eyes. Her blue eyes looked like a spiritual lantern at the moment. ​​

Ainsley cupped her cheeks in her palms as she blushed in excitement.

U-uwah! Ability users! It's real! This world is a superpower world! Uhhhh– awesome! It's not a fantasy world, but isn't this still good?

Ah, ah, I also want to shoot a darkness-attribute orb to my enemy! Kick them hard! Yes! Struck them with an ice spear! Oh, oh!!

Ainsley's mouth opened wide. She even almost drooled over a few ability users with a cool performance such as the ice user, the fire user, and other elemental attributes.

Ainsley was enjoying herself, but in Elliana's eyes, she looked like she's too shocked until she became dumb.

"Miss. Trust." Elliana hugged Ainsley tighter as she glared at those people who ignored the elder and kept fighting. There were a few wounded guests, but none died– yet.

"Don't fear. No fear." Elliana tried to console Ainsley, telling her not to be afraid even though her sentence structure was a mess.

She didn't allow Ainsley to witness the tragedy anymore and buried the baby's face to her chest.

Her busty booby instantly blocked Ainsley's eyesight.


"Mmhh?" Ainsley wailed and flailed her limbs. Her chest felt stuffy all of the sudden because her nose was pressed to this woman's big boobs.

Hey, big sis, let me go, ahhh! There's a live-action here, and you dare to block my eyes?!

Ainsley tried to shout, but she was muffled. Her voice didn't reach Elliana. Instead, the elder looked at her with eyes full of pity, thinking that she was so frightened that she struggled like that.

"Elliana, bring the heiress to her room. I think it's too early for her to witness violence." The elder shook his head in disappointment. It was a normal thing for a child of a mafia family to learn martial arts at the age of 3.

They would witness violence and learn to handle it as early as possible. But maybe, Miss Ainsley was just soft-hearted.

"We will postpone the coronation until tonight. Please escort and protect the heiress, " The elder decreed again and

Elliana nodded in silence. She didn't say anything and immediately ran outside of the room with Ainsley in her arms.

"Miss. Bedroom. Go. Protect." Elliana's stiff voice entered Ainsley's ear as the two vanished from the spot. Elliana activated her speed ability, and they disappeared in a blink.

Mm! What's this? So fast! Ah, my hair!

Ainsley was busy tidying her messy hair as the wind kept slapping her cheeks. Elliana's speed was so fast that Ainsley felt like they're teleporting instead.

The sound woooshh woooshh assaulted the baby's ears, and the surroundings were blurry. Elliana's speed made the surroundings look like a single white line.

Ah, ah, so fast! Is she a cheetah? She does look like one. Maybe she can transform into a cheetah? Her steps are silent too. I think she will be good as an assassin.

Ainsley couldn't help but admire Elliana. With the woman's speed, whenever she was in danger, she could run away with Elliana.

Oh, Elli, you are the best pawn I'll ever have!

Since Elliana was so fast, in just a few minutes, Elliana arrived in front of Ainsley's bedroom. The woman entered the baby's bedroom and carefully put the toddler to the cradle.

"Safe. Guard miss. Tonight." Elliana spoke in a choppy manner before turning around and guarded the door. Instead of acting as the baby's guardian, she's more as her bodyguard.

The term guardian here should be the person representing someone and took action on their behalf. But Elliana seemed to take the word 'guardian' as a guard.

Not that Ainsley hated it. To be honest, she was so pleased that she didn't stop grinning.

Heheh. Hehehehe. Elliana. I'm so lucky. Keep doing your job to protect me and do anything I ask you to do!

Ainsley didn't feel worried that Elliana would suspect her when she led the family later. She could just give a few hints and said she got them from her dream.

Oh, yes, prospective dream. That will be a good excuse for all my actions later!

Ainsley's smile already reached her eyes. She looked like she would melt anytime. Her face even looked foolish when she grinned like that.

Hm, hm, everything is going well. I have confirmed this world's base is a superpower world. Now I only need to check my memories and cross-check with reality. Let's see which novel this world is based on.

Just like that, while Elliana guarded the door, Ainsley took off her jacket and flung it to the floor. The baby then rolled up her dress before going deep in thought.

She activated her imaginary power, the database organiser.

Nighttime, 8 p.m.

...damn. The information isn't enough. I don't know any manhwa or novel with a mafia family as the base. Does that mean I'm not the protagonist and just a mob character?

Or maybe I'm not even mentioned in the novel?

Ainsley bit her nail at the thoughts. Sweat slowly trickled down her forehead, yet she ignored it.

The baby's eyes were shaking as fear struck her heart.

Am I really not a protagonist? Or I just lack information about this world? Or maybe I don't read enough novels and manhwas? Or– or...this world isn't based on a novel?

There were so many probabilities that Ainsley felt lost in it.

Which one is the truth?

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