I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 16 - "6 Branch Families"

Chapter 16: "6 Branch Families"

Ainsley found several people who shouted, protesting her choice. Those people blended very well, making it hard to see from which family branch they were. But the tattoo on their neck exposed them.

Hm, tiger? ​​

Ainsley saw those people had the same tattoo, a golden tiger crouching alone. The eyes of the tiger were blue, just like the colour of the pendant she was using.

Ainsley instantly furrowed in displeasure.

Which branch family has the symbol of a tiger? How come I get a dolphin while they use a tiger? Isn't that unfair?

Ainsley grumbled and started to look for the other people's tattoo on their neck. Some had a tattoo of a Doberman. Some had a tattoo of a lion while others had the tattoo of an eagle.

Only a few had the tattoo of Orca, a killer whale, and a chameleon.

Ainsley felt like looking at a zoo.

A tiger, a Doberman, a lion, an Eagle, an Orca and a chameleon.

6 families, then? Including the main family with the symbol of a dolphin...it means there are 7.

Ainsley couldn't help but frown for the second time. She was sure that there must be a deep meaning behind those animal tattoos.

But for now, she had to know which family used the tattoo of a tiger.

While the guests were still rioting the elder, Ainsley took this chance to ask Elliana.

"El! Tigel. Wat ish tigel? Wat famiwi?" Ainsley tugged Elliana's collar while clinging to her. Her pronunciation and her sentence structure might be a mess, but Elliana knew what the baby wanted to say.

Is the mistress trying to ask me about the branch families? Tiger, family.

Even if Elliana wasn't a brilliant woman, there's no way she wouldn't know about the family tree of the Sloan Family. She hurriedly answered Ainsley.

"Tiger. Riger Family. Second branch. Business. Weapon." Elliana tried to say that the one with a tiger symbol was the Riger family, a branch family of the Sloan. They dealt with selling weapons.

Ainsley knew that Elliana couldn't speak well. Thus, those clues were already enough for her.

"Hmm hmm, pew pew pew...gwun (gun)?" Ainsley nodded in satisfaction.

Riger family. They sell weapons, huh? Then the other branches….

"Em, em, Doggo! Eagwe! Owca! Chamesh! (Chameleon), Wion! Wat awe theysh?" Ainsley asked the rest of the family branches. Of course, she wanted to know which business they do.

Elliana seemed to read Ainsley's mind as she quickly explained in a hushed voice.

"Doberman. Dober family. Drugs."

"Eagle. Ale Family. Air force."

"Orca. Raos Family. Killer. Assassin."

"Chameleon. Chale Family. Spy."

"Lion. Lionel Family. Frontline agent. Bodyguard. Hitman."

Ainsley paused once Elliana explained blatantly. She even said that among those branches, there was a family specialised in drugs and killing.

Oh damn. This Sloan Family has a department special for drugs and assassination? They even have an air force, spy, and hitman.

Doesn't this mean the Sloan family is quite large?

Thinking like this, Ainsley subconsciously looked at the people with a tiger tattoo again. They were the one who was most eager to drag Elliana down.

What is their motive? Why did they mention buying a slave? Does that mean they also sell slaves?

Ainsley wanted to ask Elliana when suddenly, the guests became even more agitated. Since the elder was silent, they started to promote their own family branch to replace Elliana and somehow….

One of them started to use their ability to attack others.

"You! Don't disgrace our branch family!" A tall man with a Doberman tattoo suddenly whistled, and dozens of Doberman popped out of thin air.


The four dogs were as tall as an adult's knees, and they snarled at the other guests.

"Oy, oy, you want to fight, hah?!" The other one with a lion tattoo roared in anger. He snapped his finger and small electricity sparked at the tip of his finger.

The others, who were insulted by some other branch families, also started to use their abilities.

There were those with fire balls floating around their body—some used water to suffocate the enemies.

Some had a non-visible power, and the opponent suddenly fainted with white foam flooding out of their mouth.

The situation became dangerous in a blink.

"G-gwanpa. T-twat…" Ainsley and Elliana approached the blue-eyed elder and hid behind him. Ainsley even looked at the elder with shaky eyes.

This is a mess. Why are these people so hot-tempered? Do they know that this is a sacred hall? How can they do this on the day I'll be elected as the leader?!


"Don't worry. This is normal. They usually fight like this." The elder interrupted. He laughed softly, but he still hid Ainsley behind his back so that the girl wouldn't see what's going on in front of her.

"Young miss, you will be the head of this family one day. You should be accustomed to these people's temper." The elder advised Ainsley one more time.

Yes, those in a mafia world would choose fist over words or diplomatic means. That's why most ability users joined a mafia family rather than playing superheroes or other occupations.

The nature of an ability user itself is dangerous.

The elder didn't say this, but he believed that Ainsley would know sooner or later. A pity that he didn't notice Ainsley's reaction toward the ability users' performance was calm.

If it's her first time seeing someone used an ability, or it's the first time she knew about ability users, she would be shocked or show other reactions.

Yet Ainsley only calmly watched the mini battlefield shaking the whole hall.

Well, she's not calm. Her chuunibyou blood is boiling.

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