I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 15 - "Slave"

Chapter 15: "Slave"

Bombarded with questions, Elliana's cold face stiffened. She frowned a bit, feeling burdened since she never got such a lot of questions. Yet in the end, the woman still answered in her unique hoarse voice. 

"Family. So-so."  ​​

"No bro. No sis." 

"Parents. Alive." 

"Ability. Fire. Speed." 

Elliana's answer was choppy, and people knew that her ability to speak...isn't very good. That's why her speech was choppy. 

For others, dealing with someone who couldn't speak fluently might be annoying. But for Ainsley, Elliana's value was even more worthy than others. 

Yes! She can't speak well! I don't need to worry about her building a relationship with others behind me. I can just pick someone else to fill the role of speaking. 

As for my guardian...they must be my tool.

Ainsley observed Elliana once more after confirming that she didn't have siblings and her parents were so-so. 

From the way Elliana stood, she looked like a warrior instead of someone who schemed behind others. The woman's gaze had been steady on Ainsley, but it didn't contain any malice. 

If anything, Elliana looked a bit interested in Ainsley. One could see her eyes brightened, and her lips twitched. It's clear that she's also excited. 

Seeing that the woman looked willing to serve her, Ainsley pursed her lips. 

"Okaaay, Ain wan sis El!" Ainsley suddenly decided. The baby beckoned Elliana to come over with a broad smile on her face. 

"Fwom now, El ish Ain gualdian!" 

Ainsley was so enthusiastic about picking Elliana, but the others had a dark face once the baby chose Elliana. All the members left in the hall looked at Elliana and Ainsley as if they were idiots. 

"Seriously? I wasted my time, and the heiress picks someone like that?" 

"Wow, this is unbelievable. The elders should be the one leading in the dark then. Elliana can't lead the family." 

"She's just a guardian. I'm sure that the elder will be the one doing things." 

"Yes, yes, but to think the heiress likes someone like that...is the heiress gullible or what?" 

"Hush, don't speak too loud. The heiress is just a toddler. She might find Elliana's skin and eye colour to be unique." 

Ainsley heard the whispers, but she turned a blind ear. The girl kept urging Elliana to come closer, and after Elliana was so close to the throne, Ainsley wiggled her finger. 

"Kneew! (Kneel)." The baby ordered arrogantly, but instead of looking like a brat, she looked comical instead. 

Elliana didn't feel offended at all, and she just silently went on her knees. The woman still had a poker face when Ainsley suddenly threw her body to the woman. 

"El! Lewsh geth awong weww!" Ainsley clung to Elliana's neck and rubbed her smooth milky cheek against the woman's coffee-like cheek. 

The huge contrast between the two looked strangely harmonious and breathtaking. 

"Em. Y-yes. Believe." Elliana was slightly flustered by Ainsley's action, but she didn't push the girl away. Her red eyes were shaky, full of confusion, and shock. Her hands also sweat a lot, but regardless, she carefully patted Ainsley's back. 

So small...this creature. I need to protect her. 

Elliana gritted her teeth and silently swore that she would protect this baby from the ugliness of the mafia world. The woman embraced Ainsley and savoured her warmth which seeped into her heart. 

She wasn't good with children, in fact, she's bad with them. The children always cried when she came to them. But now, not only the baby wasn't scared of her. 

She's even looking forward to working with her. 

Heiress– no. Milady. My princess. I'll be your shield and sword. 

Ansley didn't know anything about Elliana's oath because the woman's face was still stiff, not showing anything even when her inside was in turmoil. 

Because of this, Ainsley casually hugged Elliana tighter as she poked the woman's back, signalling her to stand up. 

"Gwandpa! Ain wan El!" Ainsley shouted as she poked Elliana's neck to bring her to the elder with blue eyes. No matter what, she needed the elder's permission to pick a guardian. 

"Oh, the savage beast." The elder made a mysterious smile as he nodded in satisfaction. One wouldn't know what he was thinking with just one sentence, but Ainsley couldn't care more. 

As long as the elder is kind to her, she won't probe him. 

"Em. Gualdian!" Ainsley repeated the word 'guardian' as she enjoyed a free ride from Elliana. 

Now that she had chosen a guardian, isn't it time for her coronation? 

Ainsley was about to ask when she would take the seat of the family head when someone in the crowd suddenly shouted. 

"Wait! I don't agree with this decision!" 

The loud voice attracted others' eyes. They simultaneously looked at the source of the vote, but they couldn't see who talked just now. 

Before the guests could see who dared to interrupt the elder, another voice of a man sounded. 

"Yes, yes! Elliana isn't fit to be the family head!" 

"Right! Bring her down!" 

"She can't be the heiress' guardian!" 

Voices of dissatisfaction and protest started to pop out everywhere. The guests didn't know who said that, but at least half of them, around 250 people spoke one by one. 

"Elder, please reconsider." 

"The young miss might be blinded by Elliana's exotic beauty." 

"Yes, yes! If the heiress wants, we can just buy an exotic slave."  

! Slave? 

Ainsley's breath stilled. The baby who planned to ignore these people's protest suddenly threw away her plan. 

I smell a corrupt person! 

The baby quickly looked at the crowd in a black and white suit. Her ears had keen senses, and she could immediately pinpoint those people who talk about slaves just now. 


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