I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 14 - "Elliana"

Chapter 14: "Elliana"

Of course, the elder believed that Ainsley had a sharp sense to detect people with impure intention toward her. She just sticks to her instinct. 

"Don't protest to me. I'll leave the matter of the guardian to the young miss' hand. She is eligible to have that privilege."  ​​

With the elder dismissing the guests' complaint, no one could refute anymore. Those who were rejected immediately left the hall, while those who hadn't met Ainsley started to act cautiously. 

They wondered if the elder asked the young miss to reject those with a hidden agenda? 

Thus, the guests hid their greed and started to show off their power to the young miss. They also ensured her a bright future if she chose them to be her guardian. 

Unfortunately, Ainsley didn't want to choose a smart person to be her guardian. She could pick an intelligent right-hand man to be an accountant or something, but not her guardian. 

My guardian should be the tool to lead the family indirectly. Why should I pick someone smart? At most, I need someone kind, pure, strong, but not too dumb. 

She/he should be loyal and harbour no ill feelings to me. I prefer a woman over a man, though. Who knows if the man I choose will be a paedophile. 

Ainsley's criteria were simple, but none of them met her standard so far. The women were too flirty, and she disliked that while the men looked too ambitious. 

Is there no one that can be my puppet? 

Yes, instead of becoming someone else's puppet, she wanted the guardian to be her puppet. It would be good if they like her without the charm ability activated. 

Time passed by, and finally, there were only 5 people left. These people, unlike the others, had a scary appearance and weren't good with children. 

Most guests in the hall predicted that they would fail too. That means none would be chosen as the guardian. 

"Greeting. Elliana." One of the five people bowed to Ainsley. The woman spoke shortly, and her tone of voice was crude. She looked like a wild beast with no manners. 

The others scoffed at such a woman, but Ainsley raised an eyebrow at the woman's unmotivated greetings. She looked uninterested in this and somehow, her face was also scary. 

This woman….

Ainsley scanned the woman with tanned skin from head to toe. Her blonde hair was tied into a ponytail, resembling the hair of the absolute elder. If the elder had warm-looking blue eyes, this woman had red eyes like blood. 

Her eyes were sharp like a tiger and it gave off strong oppression to everyone. The muscles hidden behind her tight suit showed that she's an absolute tomboy. 

Unlike other women who wore hourglass skirts, this woman wore pants. She also carried a long gun behind her back, looking imposing. 

Any children wouldn't want such a crude, all-muscle woman to be their guardian. 

But not Ainsley. 

The baby's lips curled up, and a dark smile hidden from everyone slowly merged. 

"Hewlo. Wu ale ywou?" Ainsley asked Elliana once more, even after knowing her name. Why did she do that? To test whether the woman was a cunning and smart one or not. 

One could see this from the way they walked. 

"Elliana." The woman answered shortly. If others would introduce themselves fluently and added many flattery praises toward themselves, this woman didn't do so. 

Ah, she's the straightforward type, huh. 

"Hmmm, hwat ish yow howbie (hobby)?" Ainsley cocked her head innocently. Her question might be simple, but this was the first time she asked another question to a candidate. 

No one got such a treatment before! 

The guests who hadn't gone home started to whisper among themselves. They looked at Elliana as if she's a monster. 

"Why does the young miss interested in that beast?" 

"Yes, yes. She's not smart at all, and her only good point is her strength." 

"How can someone like that be the family head?" 

"Hush. Only a guardian! I bet the elders will be the one leading the family." 

"Right? Else our family will just fall into ruin." 

The guests directly thought that whoever became the heiress's guardian; they would be the leader of the family at least until the heiress became an adult. 

That's why, even if the guardian might be a corrupt person, they should be smart and capable of leading the family. No matter what hidden agenda they have, at least the family won't collapse. 

But what about now? The heiress showed interest in a woman who only knew how to fight! Elliana, the savage beast might be highly disciplined and honest, but her intelligence…

She's called the savage beast because she often followed her instinct rather than her logic. How could someone like that become the head of the family? 

The guests didn't stop bad-mouthing Elliana even though the 25-year-old woman was one of the candidates to be the new elites of the family. 

Since the guests whispered in quite a loud voice, Ainsley naturally heard them loud and clear. Contrary to other people's disappointment toward Elliana, the baby's eyes lit up instead. 

This woman is strong, loyal, honest, but she's not good with her brain? Isn't this literally a pie falling from the sky? 

Ainsley felt her chest was burning hot with the desire to covet the woman. Still, she didn't immediately appoint the woman as her guardian. 

I have to know if her family is also pure and not toxic. 

Then Ainsley started to question a few more things. 

"Huw ish youw famiwi (family)?" 

"Huw mani bwo (brother) ands sis (sister) ywo haf?" 

"Wat bouth ywou pawenths (parents)?" 

"Wat ish ywou abiwithy?" 

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