I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 51 - "Let's Start"

Chapter 51: "Let's Start"

Ainsley stayed with Elliana for a few minutes until the maids called her to have lunch. Of course, today's lunch wouldn't be a simple one. After lunch, she would finally fire some incompetent bastards.

'Hehehe, I should be thankful to Grandpa Yofan. Without him, those pigs won't listen to me even if I fire them.'

Ainsley hummed as she let Elliana carry her to the dining room. Getting a convenient vehicle wouldn't hurt, right? She didn't want to walk 15 minutes just to go to the dining hall!

Thanks to Elliana's speed ability, the group arrived at the dining room in just a few seconds.

As usual, Elliana opened the door and walked fast to the dining table. She then placed Ainsley on the seat reserved for the family head before sitting next to the baby.

But unlike the usual when there's no one else beside Elliana and Ainsley, this time, Grandpa Yofan already waited.

"Hey, Ain. How's your sleep last night?" Grandpa Yofan's blue eyes twinkled as he rubbed the baby's head affectionately.

If only he's Ainsley's biological father. How happy it must be.

"Ith ish gwod. Gwandpa Dale cwame agwain. (It is good. Grandpa Dave came again.)" Ainsley took the baby food utensil and started to scoop the baby porridge in front of her.

Her face distorted a bit at the sight of the same yellowish porridge.

'Ugh, as a baby, I can't eat meat yet, hm? But I'm already three. Can I eat soft meat or something...they keep giving me porridge! At least gimme rice, rice!'

Ainsley forgot that her affiliated country now was one of the western countries, not Asian countries.

While Ainsley was thinking of changing the food menu, grandpa Yofan watched the baby with a complicated expression.

'Dale– Dave, huh. The Godfather revisited Ain's dream last night. Surely he must be asking Ain to fire those accountants.'

Grandpa Yofan didn't know whether to feel elated or dejected. Firing so many accountants at once would be bad for the family's economic condition, but if it's an advice from the Godfather…

There must be something fishy happening among the accountants. Did they steal some money and forge the reports?

Grandpa Yofan took a deep breath and sighed. His long white beard looking like Merlin's beard couldn't help but flutter from his sigh.

'Anyway. I'll leave this to Ain. If The Godfather helps her, I can trust her, right? She's still three, but the Godfather spirit is already 100 years old or more. We can trust the Godfather.'

Grandpa Yofan silently swore to let Ainsley do anything she wanted as long as it's an advice from the Godfather spirit.

Just like that, the two ate lunch in harmony until 1 p.m. Right after they ate, the two went to the great hall where the family head usually announced important matters.

Of course, for this occasion, only the accountant team members were called along with the head accountant. All 15 men gathered at the great hall with dark faces.

"The absolute elder won't fire us for no reason, right?" One of the men mumbled. He bit his fingernail, fretting.

"Nah, he won't. This matter starts because of that brat's sudden request. It's too absurd!" Another member shook his head in confidence.

He was sure that Grandpa Yofan wouldn't be such an idiot.

"Hm, but you see, that elder seems to like the new family head. We can't be so sure." The youngest member bit his lower lips. Anxiety filled his black eyes.

He just had a bad hunch about this gathering.

"Nonsense. No matter what, Elder Yofan should side with us. What thing did we do wrong for him to agree with that brat to fire us?" Another member with spiky hair shamelessly acted innocent.

He spoke with such a righteous tone even when he knew that all the members of the accountant team committed embezzlement.

"Right, right, we did nothing wrong."

"At least no one knows we are wrong." A cheeky member harrumphed loudly, acting all high and mighty. He acted as if no one would know about their wrongdoings.

The other members instantly scolded that one cheeky member.

"Shhh, quiet! What if someone heard us? Don't forget. Any ability users can eavesdrop on us!" The concerned member slapped the cheeky member's mouth before looking around the hall.

There's no one here just yet, but some ability users might be hiding on the ceiling or behind the door. Those with keen hearings or x-ray eyes could watch the people inside the room.

"Okay, okay, my bad." The cheeky member clicked his tongue and immediately took out a cigarette. He lit up his cigarette with a fire coming out of his fingertip before inhaling the smoke.

"Huuuu, but when will that old man and the brat come– " The member hadn't finished his words when the door to the great hall suddenly opened with a loud creaking noise.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The sound of someone's footsteps rang throughout the hall, startling the accountants.

They're here!

The accountants subconsciously turned around to see the guest coming to the hall. Just like what they predicted, what they saw was Grandpa Yofan entering the hall with the nestled baby in his arms.

They're finally here.

The accountants gulped. Even though they were confident that they wouldn't get fired, but...they still had this small anxiety deep inside their heart.

It's because of an unknown variable called Ainsley.

'We don't know what kind of bizarre request that brat might ask later.'

Thinking like that, the accountants broke in a cold sweat. Some wiped their forehead with their handkerchief while others clenched their fists tightly.

They watched Grandpa Yofan put Ainsley on the golden throne with a pounding heart.

"Let's start."

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