I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 319 - "Creating A Mess"

Jake was obviously in a pinch. He didn't want to show his master key card that would expose his identity but also didn't want to let this brat trample all over him. 

The young man looked at Blair and squinted. 

Should I text my men to kick her out? But without believable reasons, I don't think I can do that…

Jake was contemplating whether to abuse his power as the casino owner, while Blair saw this sign that the man felt guilty. 

The young girl crossed her arms and looked at Jake with taunting eyes. 

"I know uncle can't take out the card because that room doesn't belong to you! Hmp. This is a crime. I'll call the manager to see this matter." 

Blair then glanced at Lael, her second older brother, and the young boy received her signal. 

"Hum. We are very close to the manager of this casino. We shall not let someone commit a crime in front of our eyes!" 

Lael declared heroically as he sent his servant to call the manager in charge of the auction hall. 

The 13-year-old boy looked at Jake as if the guy was a lowly criminal that tried to claim a room that wasn't supposed to be his. 

This uncle must have stolen the key from the rightful owner, and that's why he doesn't dare to show the key card! 

The key card has the identity of the room owner, and so, even when it's possible for others to occupy the room by stealing the card, once the security checks it, they'll be doomed. 

When Ainsley and Jake saw the Aretha siblings are so pumped up to drive them away, both of them looked at each other and rolled their eyes. 

Why are these kids so fixated on private rooms? Is it because the room represented the guest' honour and face? Is that why they don't like seeing someone else getting a better room than them? 

Ainsley could already guess it right away, ever since the siblings tried to snatch her suite room at the Xavier hotel. 

These kids are too obsessed with status and honour! Is it because of their family's teachings? 

Alas, even when Ainsley and Jake scorned these kids inside, they also knew that things didn't look good. Especially Ainsley. The baby didn't know why Jake couldn't show the key card. 

Thus, she pulled Jake's hair and whispered to his ear. 

"Zack, Zack. Did you weally steal the key cald to this loom?" 

Jake almost choked on his saliva, thanks to the baby's casual question. 

Hello? Stealing? If it's me, I'll simply buy it or rob it! 

However, before Jake could reply, Ainsley already raised both her thumbs up for Jake. 

"Cool, Zack! How did you steal the cald? If I know, I'll also steal one or two…" Ainsley didn't think about the consequences of stealing cards. 

After all, she had her charm and luck ability and would probably get away even when she got inspected. 

"Zack, Zack, teach me how to steal key calds. I want to have a better loom!" Ainsley looked at Jake with sparkling eyes, regarding the young man as a hero. 

Now, she truly admired Jake's gut for stealing key cards that didn't belong to him. 

This is what we called a true-blue mafia! Since when mafias followed the rules and were obedient? Hohoho, shouldn't be like that! 

Jake's lips twitching at Ainsley's remarks. He suddenly didn't know whether he's the real evil mafia or the baby. 

This baby is so evil even when she's still 3! 

But...he likes it. 

Jake also grinned like a young devil. He rubbed Ainsley's head affectionately and nodded. "I'll teach you how to steal cards later. Now, we shall face the manager or the security." 

Jake glanced at the manager and two security staff climbing the stairs to the second floor. He suddenly found this whole event amusing. 

When will I get doubted by my own staff at my own casino? Things are so much interesting when I'm around this baby! Is it because of her luck manipulation ability? It can be…

Jake didn't know the relation between the luck manipulation ability and how they got into this whole event, but in his eyes, everything was just entertainment before the auction. 

As someone playful and a bit psycho, the young man whistled and looked at Blair with his pair of devilish ruby eyes. 

"I see that you're quite close to the manager...hahahaha, as expected of the Aretha family," Jake spoke in a voice full of sarcasm. 

When the old bigshots behind him heard of this, they immediately looked at the three kids from the Aretha family with a pitiful gaze. 

Oh, my, out of anyone you can offend, you choose to pick up a fight with this demon…

Let's see how the Billios Family will make things hard for your Aretha Family. 

The big shots, the guild master of several large guilds at the Godlif country already knew about Jake's bad habit.

The young man liked to mess with someone who messed with him in a way that...was simply too sneaky. 

Jake wouldn't fight the Aretha Family head-on, but he could silently disturb that family's business with other races, limiting their business in energy crystal mines or other things. 

Well...he could also make things difficult for the Aretha Family regular members who often played at his casino. 

Just by thinking about how he could mess up the Aretha Family from the inside, Jake felt a thrill. 

His ruby eyes flashed with an evil light, excluding a devilish and dangerous aura. 

"Ah, look, the manager is here." Jake softly blurted out as he licked the edge of his lips. 

Let's see how we can create a mess at my own casino? 

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