I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 318 - "A New Perspective"

When Blair stopped Ainsley and Jake from entering the second room, the baby couldn't help but knit her eyebrows. 

"You again, huh. Yeah, I'm indeed the Godtoddler. What? What's that gotta do with you?" Ainsley didn't hold back her tone and lashed out to Blair as if it's the end of the world. 

The crowds behind her subconsciously gasped. 

Wow. The Godtoddler is so brave to say that to the Aretha siblings! Does she have a feud with Blair Aretha or something? 

Everyone could tell that there's something wrong with the two of them. Thus, how could Jake and the other guild masters didn't feel it? 

They instantly thought to themselves. 

How come the Aretha siblings get to know the Godtoddler? Have they met before? And why are they fighting? The Godtoddler is obviously a kind child and won't create an unnecessary fight. 

Is it because of the Aretha siblings? 

It's not a secret anymore that the Aretha siblings are overbearing. Blair Aretha is a genius, and she's loved by a lot of people, but her family is too overprotective. 

Tons of people become victims to these siblings just because they offend the little princess, Blair Aretha. Blair herself tried to stop her family but to no avail. 

Thus, she would only try to restrain her family's overbearing actions but did nothing to help. 

She would sometimes save staff from their family that did something wrong to her, but to outsiders, most of them ended up getting destroyed. 

When the crowds saw how the Aretha Family acted hostile to the Godtoddler, almost all of them looked at Ainsley with a pitying gaze. 

Oh, my, the Godtoddler might end up in danger! 

Even Jake and the guild masters thought the same. However, since they didn't want to expose their true identity, they just watched the kids glaring at each other. 

Of course, Jake still helped Ainsley. He looked down at Blair and shook his head. 

"Miss, I don't know what's wrong between you and milady, but I advise you not to block the path. We are going to enter our room now. Can you please don't create trouble?" 

Jake's tone of voice was gentle, but it sounded as if he's scolding a spoiled junior from a renowned family. 

Well, the Aretha siblings are indeed spoiled to the bone even though each of them was outstanding and invited many envious eyes. 

It's a pity that they're arrogant and were too ruthless. They're also too overprotective over their little sister, even when she's the one at fault. 

It might look cute how the Aretha Family spoiled Blair, but if one looked at different perspectives, it became over the top instead. 

Even Ainsley also started to look at those doting daddy troupe novels in a different light. 

They might be cute to the readers, but to other characters around them that have to suffer because of their over-the-top behaviours? 

Hmm, that's quite a no-no. 

Ainsley secretly checked herself and swore not to let the people around her spoil her too much until she became an unreasonable misfortune for others. 

When Jake scolded Blair like that, the little girl's face instantly flushed red. She looked at Jake's weird face mask and suddenly raised her tone of voice. 

"Who are you? And how can you bring the Godtoddler to this room? Her room should be at the very back. Don't you know the auction hall's rules?" 

Blair took out a white handkerchief and covered her nose with it as if she didn't even want to breathe the same air as those two bumpkins. 

"I've never heard of a guest that can easily change their assigned private room," she added. 

When Jake heard this, his lips twitched hard, and the young man suddenly had the urge to bring Michael to the hall and kicked the old man. 

Look at your children! Why are they so unreasonable? Your oldest son might be decent, but these three are nothing but devils! 

What's got to do with her even if I offer to invite Ainsley to my room? That's up to me! 

The auction hall only prohibited the guests from threatening other guests to hand over their assigned room or sell it. 

Ainsley never threatened me?! And this place is MY place. It's up to me whether I want to choose this room or another room, okay? 

Jake was about to retort when Blair suddenly looked back at her two older brothers and clapped her hands. 

"Ah, right! Big bwothels, we haven't seen this guy before, right? How come his room is better than ours? Is there a mistake or something?" 

Blair glanced at the room belonging to the Walter and Aretha families and suddenly couldn't understand why nobody could occupy the second room, which was better than their room. 

We know almost all the face of big shots at the capital. But we have never seen this guy? 

Of course, Jake had never visited the auction hall except for now since he knew Ainsley would come. It was the same for the guild masters too. 

Coupled with how these people never showed themselves in public, how would the three kids know their true identity? 

Maybe only Michael, the head of the Aretha Family, would recognise these big shots. 

Thus, Blair looked at Jake with eyes full of disdain. 

"Uncle, I think that room isn't yours...can I see your key card?" Blair opened her hands and openly demanded Jake to hand over the key card of the second room. 

The card should be prepared according to the guest' information. It's impossible to fake it. 

Unfortunately, as the casino owner, Jake didn't bother to take the key since he could use a master key to open all the rooms here. 

He couldn't show Blair the key card! 

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