I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 320 - "The Spirit Of A Mafia"

Jake held Ainsley in his arms as he leisurely cast a gaze at the incoming fat manager dressed in a formal suit with the Billios Casino's emblem attached to his chest. 

The two security guards behind the fat and short manager was the complete opposite of the manager himself. They're both bulky and tall, looking imposing. 

Their safety uniform gave the guests a sense of intimidation. It must be because the uniform's material was made with monster skin that had a slight dominance effect. 

Not to mention that the guards were both multi-ability users from the 3-stars badge on their chest. They have three abilities in their hands! 

Such a precious ability user could only become a mere guard at the Billios Casino. 

No wonder the Billios Family was one of the giant forces in this world. Their martial forces were indeed great! 

When Jake saw the 3-stars guards assigned at the auction hall standing behind the manager, he curled the corner of his lips. 

Not bad, not bad. They do look imposing and majestic. They represent my Billios Casino very well. 

Though the manager…

Jake cast a casual glance at the fat manager, who was now approaching Blair and her brothers. 

The manager didn't look robust, but from the 3-stars badge on his chest, he should be a triple ability user with non-combat abilities. 

Those working at the Billios Casino had to wear the star badge to show their strength and level, indirectly serving as a way to awe the guests and customers. 

Jake had never employed those with 2-stars badge to serve as a staff on the 50th floor and above. 

Those employed on other floors below the 50th floor could have a 2-stars badge, but a solo ability user couldn't even become a cleaning service at his casino. 

Jake observed the fat manager for a few seconds and nodded in satisfaction. 

Even though the manager was a non-combat ability user, he seemed suitable to govern the casino and manage it well. 

Of course, whether his career could stay as it is or went downhill would depend on his performance tonight. 

When Blair and her brothers saw the manager, they instantly smiled and acted as if they're close buddies with the manager. 

"Mr Smith! Sorry to bother you. We just found a guest who wants to enter a room that doesn't belong to him." 

Blair immediately explained the situation even before Mr Smith could know anything. 

"Tell me Mr Smith, how should we handle this? Those two over there, yeah. They're the one committing crimes!" Blair pointed at Jake and Ainsley with her chin lifted high. 

The girl secretly hoped that those two looked terrified upon seeing the manager and the guards. 

However, when she looked at the two, Ainsley and Jake didnt look terified at all. 

They only looked at the fat manager with eyes full of curiosity and a bit of mischief. 

"Zack, that's the managel of this casino? Is he the one with the highest authowity here aftel the casino ownel?" The baby's eyes were twinkling she looked at Smith. 

Here comes a target to be charmed! One more chess piece at hand, yeah! 

"Hum, well, he's not the second in authority here, but I think he's the third or fourth? The second in command here should be the director...and the third should be this manager or the supervisor." 

Jake purposely sounded unsure since he didn't want to arouse Ainsley's suspicion over his detailed knowledge about the casino. 

"But even if this guy is just the third or fourth in command, I think he's pretty much influential over the auction hall, " 

Jake casually added as he looked at the fat manager with a smile that didn't seem like a smile. 

"I still think he can kick us out if we can't show him the key card, though..." 

"Uh...well, don't wowwy, Zack. I can handle this." 

Ainsley had long took Jake as her partner in crime, especially when the guy was suspected to steal a key card that didn't belong to him. 

The guy was pretty interesting in Ainsley's eyes, and was also mysterious. He's clearly a big shot that had tons of other big shots as friends, but he still stole a key card…

Isn't he interesting? 

Ainsley hugged Jake's neck tighter as she patted the back of the young man's neck. "Let's see if that guy can kick us out!" The baby declared in a small voice. 

Jake saw how determined Ainsley was to go against the manager even when she knew that she's in the wrong and couldn't help but look proud of the baby girl. 

Yes, that's the spirit of a mafia. If you commit a crime, then kill the eyewitness and bribe the polices to get away at ease! 

If Grandpa Yofan and the Godfather who tried to educate Ainsley to be a good girl heard what Jake thought of, they would pummel the guy to death. 

This man is a bad influence on our innocent baby! 

Alas, Ainsley already agreed with Jake's mindset. 

After all, she's not completely in wrong either. If the Aretha siblings didn't come, there wouldn't be any problem either. 

As for Jake stealing this prestigious room? Well, the real owner isn't here and they're not harmed either, maybe. Anyway, it's totally justifiable! 

Seeing Ainsley didn't have any intention to back down, Jake wanted to follow her little game. Thus, he also put on an arrogant posture as he snorted at the fat manager. 

"Mr Smith? I believe me and my little baby have the right to occupy this room." Jake shamelessly declared that the room was his. 

And it's indeed his room since he's the fcking owner! 

What do you want to do? Kick me out? Bring it on! 

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