I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1742 "Miss Grandpa Yofan And The Others So Much"

Chapter 1742 "Miss Grandpa Yofan And The Others So Much"

In the era of not only magic but also advanced technologies whether using electricity, science, or magical elements, those internet and technology experts were needed, especially those with special abilities.

God knows what kind of trick the little expert used but anyway, this app was now not only a place to trade gossip, announcements, information, entertainment and other things but also a way to monitor family members.

The Sloan Family learned to be ruthless and after the recent huge betrayal, many traitors were wanted all over the world and the bounty hunters were more than happy to accomplish the mission.

The Sloan Family's intelligent department was also scary and could accurately dig out what those traitors did to the Sloan Family.

No one could deny that in terms of mafia circle and ability user circle, if the Sloan Family was number two, no one in the Godlif Country would dare to say that they were number one.

With Axelle was the magical alchemist from the elf race, even if his appearance was strange, he easily attracted a lot of loose alchemists who had just awakened their abilities to join the Sloan Family.

The family cultivated them into capable users and these people were usually loyal to the family.

Of course, even if the cultivated people didn't become ability users, they were still used in various other fields that would still benefit the Sloan Family without harming them.

At this moment, the newcomers who were resting in the front garden were all talking about the huge envoy that passed by the road just now in the group chat.

[Do you know that the family head is back?! That legendary worldwide superstar, the hero of the recent war who returned home victorious—]


The members who were online and using the app were now dumbfounded and almost dropped their various communication devices.

Now that the main mansion was turned into a private castle and only important members could be there, the chance to meet the boss was even smaller.

Yet now, someone said that Ainsley was back? And she's now in front of the main gate!

Even those who were not around the castle's territory also rushed from various places in the Fortress, trying to get to the main gate as fast as possible!

Nowadays, this backyard had completely become a must-see destination for new members so that they could visit the legendary battlefield in person.

So, people could see all the damages that the small war back then did to this vast backyard.

The envoy approached the main gate with vigorous energy and soon, Ainsley saw row after row of carriages and other vehicles, including strange beasts and monsters.

What was all the fuss, ah? She just came back as usual, and not only her home had changed into a huge fortress but everything also changed.

She missed Grandpa Yofan and the others so much!

Grandpa Yofan and the others arrived fast, and when they saw the obedient little girl in front of the gate who already grew a bit taller than the last time they saw her, everyone suddenly felt their hearts were sore!

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