I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1743 "Aging Backward"

Chapter 1743 "Aging Backward"

Some more emotional people couldn't help but secretly held back their tears while they sniffed lightly and their eyes reddened.

Others were also excited to see Ainsley and they had this kind of strange pride of seeing the family head after not seeing her for a few months.

No matter where the family head was, she always became the most dazzling existence and now, her popularity was pushed to the world level.


Obviously, everyone in the Godlif Country and even half of the whole world at least had heard of Ainsley's name and knew her appearance.

This popularity was both good and bad, but since it was good for Ainsley's career, instead of worrying for their little boss, the core members felt proud on Ainsley's behalf.

Many of these core members' families had served the Sloan Family from generation to generation, yet they all only heard of the family's bad news one by one.

The family kept declining, and unlike in the past when the members of the Sloan Family would stick out their chests proudly, the later generation was used to lowering their heads and bending their backs.

The later generation of the Sloan Family was ashamed of the family they served and not many people stayed.

The 7 great elders and the 9 generals were probably the most loyal ones and yet they were also not optimistic about the Sloan Family's development.

They had all been waiting for the family to collapse and cease to exist and maybe, they would all be separated everywhere, not gathering as one organization anymore.

The mafia family was usually started as an organization but later on, it always became like a famous family force similar to the noble families and other old families in this world.

The Sloan Family's core members had long thought that the Sloan Family would end in Ainsley's father generation or in Ainsley's generation, but they would have never expected a sudden counterattack.

Ainsley not only revived the dying family but even brought it to the height that the previous generation could never reach.

Even in its heyday, the Sloan Family didn't become as big and as famous as now.

With so many unique businesses that they monopolized, coupled with countless cooperation with strong forces, the Sloan Family had already become a huge family.

Even if the entire family's source of strength came from Ainsley and once Ainsley was gone, it would bring a huge impact, but anyway, even after the recent betrayal scenario, the Sloan Family could solve the enemies without relying on Ainsley.

Now, the Sloan Family and the Irregular Tamer Guild had learned not to be too dependent on Ainsley even if the guild still needed Ainsley as the core of the guild itself.

The core members of the Sloan Family arrived one after another with nostalgic expressions on their faces and various complicated yet positive emotions.

While the core members were staring at Ainsley with red eyes, the gatekeepers tacitly opened a small gap in the fence gate for Ainsley to enter the fortress.

It was strange that a fortress' main gate should look tough or something, but the Sloan Family relied more on the invisible barrier and various formations plus hidden defenses in the front yard instead of thick gate and wall.

Of course, this was only for the front gate because other gates did have tough and strong doors coupled with tall and sturdy walls.

Ainsley saw that the gate was opened without a single creaking noise, and the baby was a little amazed.

She recalled that back then, the main gate would still give a slight creaking noise when people opened or closed it.

Now, the gate didn't look like it had changed much, but it was indeed much sturdier and better in any sense.

Once the gate was opened, Ainsley immediately led the two cats around her legs to enter the gate first while she hugged Code-L who had shrunk to the size of a kitten and also behaved like an innocent kitten with no memories.

The group saw the little girl with a familiar bob-cut purple hair that God knew when she styled it plus those sapphire blue eyes and they couldn't help but feel their noses were sore once more.

They really had not seen Ainsley for so long and when the news of Ainsley's death came out, God knew how they felt back then.

It was as if the sky had fallen and the future was bleak.

Now, seeing the healthy and familiar little girl surrounded by her sacred beasts of various sizes, the group couldn't help but sigh in relief.

The five buds were also there, and the boys, who were Ainsley's avid fanboys, almost burst into tears on the spot.

If not for their subordinates who had never seen Ainsley face-to-face before and were looking at the scene with curiosity, the boys would have really cried so miserably!

The moment Ainsley completely entered the vast front yard with a flat ground that had been covered with a layer of asphalt so that no grass could grow on it, the core members of the Sloan Family immediately rushed to surround the baby.

"Ain! Are you okay? You look like you have lost weight! Is there no serious injury left from the war? What about the sequelae of you coming back from death?"

Grandpa Yofan was the first to rush to Ainsley and immediately scooped her up while hugging her, trying to check her condition.

The grandpa looked much more energetic and younger than before, all thanks to Blaze's blessing when she became a sacred beast.

Now, this grandpa looked more like a young and handsome middle-aged man than a grandpa in his old age!

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