I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1741 "The Sloan Mansion’s Earth-Shattering Change"

Chapter 1741 "The Sloan Mansion’s Earth-Shattering Change"

"Really?? The family head is back? The little boss is back?!"

"Damn it. How come the little boss didn't contact any of us when she arrived at Godlif Country?"

"Yes. Yes. The little boss is now a global superstar. We should have welcomed her at the airport!"

"Where is the little boss? Is she still in front of the main gate or has she already entered the castle?"

"Our family has undergone such a huge change. The little boss must be unfamiliar with the surroundings here. We have to send someone to guide her!"

"No. No. If the little boss is still waiting in front of the main gate, we have to welcome her personally!"

Grandpa Yofan and the others were already impatient and they wished they could use their various abilities to go to the main gate within seconds.

However, recently, the Sloan Family created rules to forbid anyone including the higher-ups to use their special abilities for no urgent reason.

The family invited famous array masters to put a formation all over the Sloan Fortress to restrain people's special abilities unless the alarm was sounded and it was an emergency.

Not only this rule and arrangement were used to prevent spies and hidden enemies from entering the fortress and using their special abilities to harm the family members, but this rule also suppressed any forms of infighting.

It also prevented the family members from easily betraying the family like before because now, the members were like ordinary people except for when they entered the training ground for practice.

Only the core members have some authority to bypass the rules, but they would also be judged by other core members to see whether the person misused their authority or not.

Grandpa Yofan and the others couldn't use their special abilities to go directly to the front gate, so they had to use the internal small vehicles that the family bought and produced to make internal transportation pd the fortress easier than before.

After all, the fortress was so huge now, and without any small vehicles such as motorcycles, small capsule cars and other trendy items for youngsters, it would take a long time to move from one place to another place.

The other core members saw Grandpa Yofan's team had already started to board the nearby capsule cars that could fit four people per car.

Seeing this, the stunned core members and the other subordinates immediately came to their senses and rushed to the elevator to leave the main mansion and board some other small vehicles to reach the main gate.

Before the transformation, the distance between the main mansion, which was now called the castle and the main gate itself was not far.

One could walk for five minutes and they would already arrive at their destination.

But now, the front yard was huge with many carriages, cars and other vehicles parked neatly.

There were also too many entertainment facilities hiding defensive and offensive measures placed in the front yard, which made the garden-like front yard so vast.

Ainsley herself felt that she could get lost in the front yard because apparently, there was a small plant maze on the left and right side of the front yard, and there were too many paths leading to various places.

Ainsley didn't know which path led to the castle anymore even when she could see the 'castle' with the naked eye from the outside.

The huge group of core members and their subordinates came with small carriages, beasts and monsters mounts, capsule cars and many other magical vehicles.

Some even rode a flying broom, turning the Sloan Fortress into Hogwarts within seconds.

Ainsley didn't see the flying broom because she had just waited for five minutes at least when she heard countless vehicle noises coming from the depth of the front yard.

The front yard's outer circle was built to be like a vast parking lot for many carriages, vehicles and so on.

From outside, one could only see the huge fountain and a few statues along with some Memorandum erected to honor those who died for the Sloan Family.

But the center zone of the front yard was actually like a garden full of disguised entertainment facilities, which was the favorite relaxation area for many youngsters in the family.

The garden had many huge stone paths for small vehicles to pass through and there were also many small paths for pedestrians.

At this moment, the sound of many vehicles, either advanced ones or magical ones, both monster mount and a beast mount, the noises mixed together, startling many people who were taking a break in the garden.

When the youngsters saw a line of mighty advanced vehicles, carriages, and magical mounts, these young family members who had just joined the family for less than a year immediately whispered to each other.

"Damn it. What's going on? How come there is a mighty convoy out of the blue? Are there any other big bosses coming to the fortress?"

These people had seen a lot of big bosses all over the world, including representatives of non-human races who wanted to see Ainsley but were disappointed because she was not here.

To be honest, even when the Sloan Family welcomed those big bosses, there was no such exaggerated envoy....

The family members all had their Sloan Family App and usually, news spread fast in this app that held tons of information about the Sloan Family.

A pity. This app also had some tricks and ever since the Sloan Family suffered some small betrayals before the recent big betrayal, the Sloan Family had some internet experts joining their core members.

After that, this app was not just a simple communication and information-sharing app!

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