I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1740 "The Family Head Is Back"

Chapter 1740 "The Family Head Is Back"

Of course, the risk of being supported by a mafia family was that these people would treat the mafia family as their landlord or something and when there was a territorial war, they might bear the burnt as well.

After Ainsley's first tragic experience related to the villagers, she strengthened the security system for those people who lived in her territory and because of the good treatment, many citizens outside even wanted to migrate and live in Sloan Peak.

The Godlif Country was a 'difficult' country to live in for ordinary people because not only there were mafias, but the number of wanderer ability users or ability users from big families was ranked among the top 3 in the whole human continent.

The Godlif Country was also plagued with the most beast and monster tide for some reasons, which made many people who lived here were ability users instead of ordinary people.

Ordinary people lived in fear of mafias suddenly taking their territories or the attack of wild beasts and monsters.

Compared to the Gasha Country, the Godlif Country felt more 'primitive' and 'backwards'.

Ainsley waited for the core members to arrive at the gate while walking around the gate, trying to see the change after a few months.

The surrounding forest and other sceneries had been fixed so that it would retain the most original habitat without worrying the townsmen and the villagers down there.

The transportation means were also super developed now, either through the air or through the land route.

The main Sloan Road allowed people to come and go from two directions, but that was only for people's vehicles or mounts and not for other big transportation that carried weapons, food, etc.

Ainsley didn't know where the road for that transportation was, but the change with the main road alone was already fascinating.

At the same time, in another place, while Ainsley was talking to the head gatekeeper a few minutes ago, the one little gatekeeper came to Sloan Castle, which was the main mansion and the main building of the Sloan Fortress.

When the little gatekeeper faced the main mansion's little gate, the gatekeeper sent the message about Ainsley's return to the senior gatekeepers here and soon, the whole castle knew that their family head was finally back!

At that time, the core members such as the 9 generals, the five buds, Grandpa Yofan, Elliana, the elders and other members were supervising Axelle's demonic transformation.

Maybe because of Blaze's blessing back then, Axelle successfully finished his demonic transformation while still retaining most of his sanity, making himself one of the most unique Abyss Demons.

As a half-demon and a half-elf, Axelle managed to balance the two powers and retain his IQ, EQ, feelings, memories and so on, making him not that different from his previous self.

It was just that now, a little bit of the demonic bloodline affected Axelle's personality, making him more confident, bold, and unlike the stutterer shy elf that he was used to be.

The core members were watching Axelle stabilizing his demonic power and learning to control new abilities that popped out one after another because of his awakened demonic bloodline.

The group watched Axelle through the window in the castle while Axelle practiced in the outdoor training field not far from the vast backyard.

When the messenger came to see the core members, they were all in one hall and were not scattered everywhere, which really made things easier for the messenger.

Before the core members noticed the messenger and could ask why the messenger looked so 'panicked' and in a rush, the messenger had already yelled out of extreme excitement with a red face.

"The family head is back!"

The messenger only blurted out one sentence, but the people gathering in the main hall were all stunned.

The people who gathered here were all core members except for Axelle and there were also a lot of loyal subordinates of these core members who had sworn a soul oath to their higher-ups and Ainsley at the same time.

It was just that, ever since Ainsley died and returned from the dead, these people had not renewed their soul oath yet and now, their soul oath was only dedicated to their respective higher-ups.

There were a lot of people who gathered in the hall. They weren't in a meeting or anything, and most of the core members were watching Axelle's practice downstairs.

Out of the blue, the messenger suddenly came to the hall and shouted so loudly that the entire hall echoed his own words.

The family head...is back.

The core members still paid attention to Ainsley but after Ainsley won the war, she didn't return yet and it was indeed difficult to contact the people far away when Ainsley's communication device had been destroyed in the war.

The blood clan's territory was also quite isolated and the signal was not good for the time being.

The entire country was not keen on developing technology and the internet, so it took time to popularize such a thing and set up communication lines through the internet and advanced technologies.

Because of this, although the core members of the Sloan Family knew that Ainsley would stay with the blood clan for a few days to a week, they still didn't know when the baby would return.

Now, the baby returned without informing anyone when she arrived at the Godlif Country and just suddenly came to the mansion!

The whole hall was silent for a few seconds before the core members went into an uproar.

They immediately surrounded the messenger and tried to see whether the messenger was lying or not.

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