I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1739 "Sloan Fortress"

Chapter 1739 "Sloan Fortress"

Many of these forces helped the baby in the dark and quietly took revenge on those families who attacked the Sloan Family's various businesses.

With the fall of the Aretha Family by several ranks, the new number one family among the 7 sacred families didn't even dare to provoke the Sloan Family.

It was ironic that Ainsley should belong to the 7 sacred families' camp but because of their past conduct that severely offended Ainsley, they were now enemies.

After stalling for a few seconds, under Ainsley's cute gaze that looked as if she was begging them, the leader of the gatekeeper group immediately gave up.

After all, if Ainsley went in now and the core members came out later, with how big the Sloan Castle was now, it was possible for them not to cross paths.

Anyway, it was like Disney World with a complete facility enough for the members to never come out of the territory for months or even years!

In just a few months, the Sloan Fortress had expanded so much that Ainsley almost couldn't believe what she saw on the way to this Fortress.

After heading to the head gatekeeper's excuse, Ainsley didn't make things difficult for the poor guy and just nodded obediently.

Ainsley was not annoyed that she was stopped outside of the gate because just the scenery outside of the gate was already different from what she knew a few months ago.

Ainsley had to praise whoever led the people to expand the territory again and again when she was not here.

They were just waiting to recruit a batch of new guild members and waited for Ainsley to attend the welcoming ceremony to enlighten the new members so that they could officially become an irregular tamer.

Maybe they didn't realize it but the war might have been going on inside the domain for months, yet because of the time difference between inside the domain and outside, it was only less than two days outside of the domain.

The road to the Sloan Fortress was not a simple dirt street but had already been layered with good stones and other materials, suitable for many carriages, modern vehicles or contracted beasts and monsters to pass through.

To be honest, with this road, the villagers and townsmen got tons of new jobs, mainly to sell things such as local specialities or something to the visitors.

The ordinary people could enter the barrier at the entrance of the Sloan Peak after paying an entrance fee and they could only roam around the small villages and towns down there.

Ainsley didn't mind becoming the 'mascot' and helped those people to make a living because those people were all protected under the Sloan Family's banner and most of the newbies who joined the family also came from those people.

Of course, this was true in other countries that still had nobles and such, but in the Godlif Country, only the mafias were like this.

Just like a pirate, the mafias held these citizens as hostages and a lot of them didn't live a good life under a mafia family's ruling system.

This trend became even more noticeable after Ainsley appeared in the eyes of the public.

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