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Chapter 1738 "Sloan Peak"

Chapter 1738 "Sloan Peak"

People needed to have appointments with the relevant personnel before they were given a special permission card to enter or leave the Sloan Castle.

The same goes for entering or leaving Sloan Peak but Ainsley could come here without any permission card because the barrier outside recognized her aura and immediately let her in.

Entering the barrier was easy for Ainsley, but when she faced the fence gate in front of the Sloan Castle, because she didn't tell her people that she returned today, she still had to ask the gatekeepers to open a small part of the gate for her.

Aside from the three cats, Ainsley also had Blaze, but because Blaze's size was too big and Blaze was trying to control the trick of reducing her body size just like other sacred beasts, the bird went to the forest around the Sloan Castle without Ainsley.

Anyway, Blaze could return to Sloan Castle anytime after contacting Axelle or other people.

The gatekeepers were extremely flattered that Ainsley, as the owner of the whole place, even politely asked them to open the gate for her instead of forcefully breaking in.

Even if the girl forcefully broke into the castle without the gatekeepers opening the gate for her, no one would be mad because the entire place was Ainsley's anyway.

This would disturb the security system of the castle, but they could turn a blind eye because the one that broke in was the owner.

Surprisingly, Ainsley didn't do this and just politely asked the gatekeepers to open the gate for her without appointments because she didn't tell her people that she had already arrived at the gate.

Among the twenty gatekeepers, one of them had already been sent to the castle's main mansion to find Grandpa Yofan and the other core members to welcome Ainsley.

The other gatekeepers didn't know whether to let Ainsley in now without waiting for the core members to come out to greet Ainsley or hold back the cute baby.

If they held back the little baby, would there be any strange rumors about the family head being rejected by her own family's gatekeepers or something?

After all, in many other families or forces, it was not strange for the leader or the family head to be provoked here and there by the people in their own force.

The bigger the force, the more internal disputes and power-grabbing would be.

The Sloan Family had expanded so quickly and many core members became important people leading various different forces inside the Sloan Family itself.

The people outside felt that there should really be an unknown internal conflict in the Sloan Family, because even the Walter Family and the Billios Family that was famous for their strong family bond also had a few disordered people with bad intentions.

The Sloan Family was also like this, but Ainsley's core members were people who had been with her from the past Aretha Family war to the latest trouble.

They either fought side by side with Ainsley or fought for the Sloan Family when Ainsley was declared dead.

The core members rarely added new members, but there were indeed a lot of loyal ones who had sworn a soul oath being the subordinate of the core members.

Because of this, the people outside and newbies who had just joined the Sloan Family didn't know that all the bad deeds had been filtered again and again using the past few troubles.

The rest of the people who remained here after several 'filtering' were naturally loyal and trustworthy.

Of course, that was unless they were tempted by other forces and decided to betray the Sloan Family.

But all the core members of the Sloan Family had sworn a soul oath, just like all other families.

And so, their loyalty was not questionable at all.

It was just that...when Ainsley died, the soul oath became invalid even when the soul was still there and didn't enter the reincarnation circle.

This is also why many people left the Sloan Family in the chaos because they truly felt that the power of the soul oath was gone.

Fortunately, no matter how important their positions as one of the second or third batch of members in the early development of the Sloan Family, they could never rival the core members in terms of holding important information and other secrets.

Because of this, even if these people left, they didn't bring anything valuable from the Sloan Family to other forces who wanted to swallow the Sloan Family's unique businesses.

The Aretha Family was one of the forces who took the chance to hit the Sloan Family once more, but they were still defeated even without Ainsley's help.

Now that Ainsley returned with a huge war victory and would soon get some compensation from the losing side, which was the celestial race, those people who attacked the Sloan Family had all been suppressed.

Many of those forces, big or small, were targeted by people who wanted to curry favor with Ainsley or were targeted by forces with the dark creatures as the main members.

In this world, there were more dark creatures than light creatures but people didn't know this because the dark creatures hid deeply, fooling people to think that this world was dominated by the light creatures.

In fact, many big forces hiding in the dark manipulated other forces that appeared under the light.

These forces were united despite being from a dark camp with their own selfish and evil intentions as the main trait of the dark camp.

Now that Ainsley was one of the stars who helped the Blood Clan to win the war…..

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