I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1153: "Yin and Yang Wheel"

Chapter 1153: "Yin and Yang Wheel"

Once this idea took root, Ainsley would naturally think more about it while planning to upgrade her dimensional bracelet once she completed the capital-famous mission. 

What Ainsley didn't know was that this fleeting idea would one day upgrade her guild to a new level, and the term 'spirit tamer' would shake the whole world in the near future. 

After the bull spirit joined Ainsley's camp, Ainsley immediately canceled her shaman ability, and the Godfather slowly left Ainsley's body. 

The baby's appearance slowly returned to her disguised appearance that made her look extremely similar to the blood clan's cub. 

Of course, when the Godfather possessed Ainsley, her disguised appearance faded and revealed her real appearance before shortly changing into Godfather's iconic appearance– 

Dark green hair and golden eyes. 

Now that the Godfather spirit was out of Ainsley's body, the two spirits finally had time to talk to each other using their real bodies. 

The bull spirit was obviously very interested in such a strong young man and he would also occasionally include Ainsley in their conversation. 

[Ohhh, so you guys come here to 'hunt' spirits. Then, you make a good choice to choose the Monarch Area. There will be a lot of high-quality spirits.] 

It means Ainsley could abduct more spirits to follow her, just like the bull spirit! 

The bull spirit had just said this when the trio found more scattered spirits around. 

This time, there were as many as three spirits, and all of them immediately noticed Ainsley. 

After all, they had long heard the battle noises not far from their place and the cave had been shaking more often than before. 

When they saw the two spirits around Ainsley, they immediately knew the little girl's identity. 

A shaman! 

And a shaman who came to the Spirit Cave never had good intentions. 

The three spirits immediately reacted, and Ainsley's reaction was also fast. 

She entered the shaman mode within seconds, and the blood she carried with a huge crystal as the container immediately swam freely in the air. 

The three spirits, two women and one man, suddenly became more aggressive after seeing the lively blood. 

[A blood clan member! They still have a survivor outside!] 

[This is fate. All of us have grudges against the blood clan and this cub is definitely the blood clan's precious child.] 

[Kill her!] 

The three spirits were hostile to Ainsley and, unlike the bull spirit, the three spirits really wanted to kill Ainsley. 

The Godfather, who was in charge of Ainsley's body, immediately bit another three pieces of Matcha Pocky as he controlled the other blood types except for the blood clan's blood. 

This time, because there were a lot of enemies, he immediately formed a few arrows to attack all three spirits at once. 

As for the blood clan's blood....

[Little lass, you control the blood clan's blood. You can change it to anything!] 

The bull spirit was also not to be outdone. 

Although he is currently injured, he could still use his axe to disturb and distract the three hostile spirits. 

The three spirits looked even older than the bull spirit but they weren't weak. 

The two women were apparently twins, and they had a unique resonance ability. 

One of them controlled darkness, and the other controlled light. 

The strange thing was, because of their unique twin resonance, the light and darkness didn't repel each other and even combined into the famous yin and yang circle. 

The yin and yang circle looked pretty and with no fighting power, but Ainsley and the others immediately felt the strange effect. 

This yin and yang wheel actually affected the balance inside Ainsley's body, and the Godfather's possession of the body became jeopardy. 

Since it was like this, it was even harder to control the blood using his blood manipulation ability. 

Even Ainsley found it hard to control the blood clan's blood and would always fail at the critical time. 

If this was it, that's not too serious because the yin and yang wheel didn't attack them or give them dangerous wounds. 

But the man beside the two women was actually the main attacker in the group. 

No wonder he joined forces with the twins and always stayed together. 

The old man's special ability was similar to ancient China's cultivation. 

He could use various spells to attack Ainsley and even the Godfather inside Ainsley's body! 

[Eat this!] The old man used three elemental spells at once, and the cave's wall suddenly grew thorns. 

Then, all the thorns attacked Ainsley from the left, right, above and even below! 

Not to mention the other two spells were a fire spell and a soul spell. 

The soul spell directly attacked Ainsley's soul, making her dizzy and even affecting the Godfather. 

Then, the fire spell burned vigorously, intending to burn Ainsley to death even after the crystal thorns around might stab the baby to death. 

The three people were too vicious! 

Ainsley didn't care whether she would expose her shaman physique and immediately shouted to the bull spirit. 

[Uncle, lend me one of your abilities! If you have, I want a defensive or neutraliser ability!] 

The bull spirit was from the beastman race and should have another defensive ability that could save her tiny life amidst the life-threatening attacks. 

The bull spirit didn't know what Ainsley planned to do but he did have a certain defensive ability and immediately nodded. 

[Okay, I'll lend it to you! I don't know how, but– ] 

Before he could continue, Ainsley already used her physique to borrow this ability and immediately used the power without knowing the consequences. 

Okay. She didn't know that once she used the ability, her body transformed in the blink of an eye, and her figure disappeared in place. 


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