I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1154: "Turning Into A What?!"

Chapter 1154: "Turning Into A What?!"

White smoke surrounded the disappearing little girl, leaving only the shadow of the thing Ainsley transformed into. 

At the same time, the Godfather was naturally repelled from Ainsley's body and could see the current situation. 

Somehow, the white smoke did protect Ainsley from the fire and thorn attack. 

All the attack missed the target and the white smoke even acted as a barrier. 

However, the white smoke dispersed bit by bit, and everyone immediately saw a cute bull's cub with purple bob hair and a pair of blue eyes looking at them with a lost expression. 

...okay. The defense ability thingy actually means turning into a complete bull. 

But because Ainsley is a child, she naturally becomes a bull's cub, and every bull's cub in the beastman has white smoke as their natural protection. 


The three spirits were all dumbfounded. Their eyes almost fell out of their sockets and they couldn't close their mouths at all. 

The bull spirit twitched the corner of his lips, not knowing whether to laugh or melt because of the cute bull's cub. 

The Godfather already pretended not to know Ainsley and went to cuddle with Zev. 

The live broadcast audience...everyone saw their idols turning into a cute bull's cub the size of a basketball....

They didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or shout, "TOO CUTEEE!"

How could it not be cute? The bull's cub sat on her buttock with her four small limbs flailing around in confusion. 

Her two big eyes blinked slowly, trying to digest what had just happened to her. 

The two small horns on her head were also still immature and didn't look like an adult bull's sturdy horn at all. 

The live broadcast's camera faithfully captured the picture of this cute little being and spread it to the live broadcast audience. 

Only those who chose to watch the challenge from Ainsley's point of view felt confused, just like the baby herself. 

[What's going on? How come everything looks so big and tall??] 

[Same here! I ask my friend who watches from a bystander's point of view, and it looks like Ain just transformed into a bull.] 

[...the heck? How come?! Ain doesn't have any transformation ability, right? Or is it her shaman physique?] 

[I don't know anything about Ain's shaman physique, but looking at this bull's cub...it should be the bull spirit's ability?] 

[Does that mean Ain can use other spirits' abilities even when they're not her contracted spirit??] 

This is such a surprise for the live broadcast audience, especially the shamans. 

They also knew that a lot of genius shamans owned unique shaman physiques, but they had never seen someone with a physique like Ainsley! 

Everyone is just guessing now, but more and more people believe in this hypothesis. 

Then, they started to look at the dumbfounded bull's cub with eyes full of complex feelings. 

[I think Ain wants to use the bull spirit's defensive ability or something, but because Ain is too young...the ability is different when she's the one using it??] 

[I have the same guess.] 

Indeed. Ainsley herself also thought like that. 

After all, although there was no mirror here, the smooth surface of the crystal cave's wall faithfully reflected her current appearance. 

She's a bull's cub only the size of a basketball. 

The baby tried to move her limbs and even tried to make a sound, but all she said was a series of weak 'moos'. 

"Moo...moo..? Moo...." Ainsley looked around and slowly crawled to the bull spirit and the Godfather. 

She didn't know what happened to the battle just now, but since she was safe and sound, she should really run away from the three spirits. 

The baby wasn't used to walking on four feet and when she tried to walk, her other legs would stumble each other, and the baby would fall to the ground with a soft thud sound. 

After falling for the n-th time, the baby finally got the handle of walking on four feet and slowly trotted toward the two spirits. 

Their distance was less than ten meters but Ainsley wasted several minutes just to cross this distance. 

The whole audience waited patiently, watching her learn to walk again and finally trot without stumbling. 

Even the three evil spirits were also like the audience. 

They didn't know why but they patiently watched the bull's cub go to the two spirits' side and then raise her head proudly. 

"Mooo! Mooo!" 

The baby asked the two spirits to praise her because she managed to walk on four feet within several minutes! 

The live broadcast audience immediately showered the live broadcast room with expensive gifts while madly sending various comments. 

[AHHH! PROUD MOMMA HERE! Ain can finally walk on four feet!] 

[Congrats to baby bull Ain. You can finally walk smoothly!] 

[Ah, ah. I suddenly feel bad if I kill a cow and eat beef...] 

[How come I also have the same idea as you, upstairs?] 

[Ain's bull version is too cute.] 

After all, the baby not only became a bull's cub but a bull's cub with a purple hair wig. 

People would immediately know that it was Ainsley because the bull looked as if she's wearing Ainsley's wig. 

When the bull walked, the hair would also bounce with her movement, looking super cute. 

The Godfather, Zev and the bull spirit also got a cute attack and all of them tried hard not to laugh at the little bull cub. 

[Oh, oh, congrats little girl. You can walk on four feet!] 

[...congrats, lil lass. This is also another new experience.] 

[Host, host, you're amazing! How about I give you some animal transformation potions for your mission reward next time?] 

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