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Chapter 1152: "Spirit Tamer"

Chapter 1152: "Spirit Tamer"

Even if the baby couldn't contract another spirit just yet, just following her around would be good too, right? 

The bull spirit didn't know that the five 'stock spirits' that Ainsley put inside her bracelet also had the same thoughts as the bull spirit. 

They got to live in a warm space full of monsters and beasts with cold places for spirits like them. 

The spiritual energy inside the bracelet was also enough for them to live a leisure life....

And the little shaman who 'captured' them rarely asked them to work and just left them to rest inside the bracelet. 

If they wanted to go out to play, the baby also generously let them go and trusted them that they would definitely return. 

Is this the legendary sugar daddy– wait. Sugar momma?! They want! 

Thus, the bull spirit immediately asked Ainsley since knowing that the baby could definitely hear his voice. 

[Little girl, I'm interested in your potential. Do you want to make a contract with this old man? If not, it's okay if this old man can follow you around.] 

It's not that the spirits here didn't want to roam the world. Most of them had seen a lot of things and only wanted to rest well inside this secluded cave. 

But if they could follow a little baby's journey....that might be more interesting than just roaming alone! 

Ainsley didn't expect that the bull spirit suddenly changed his mind as fast as flipping his hand. 

Before she could even answer, the Godfather beat her and refused quickly. 

[No, no. The little lass can't contract more spirits for the time being. Don't dream!] 

The Godfather knew how good Ainsley was and instantly felt alarmed that someone wanted to kidnap his good disciple! 

It was even an old man who was already so old!

The old bull shrugged and ignored the Godfather's words. 

[I don't mind just following you around. It definitely won't take up space, right? And this old man can also teach you a lot of things.] 

He didn't know that Ainsley had a physique that could borrow a spirit's ability. 

To be honest, he didn't use all his ability just now, just like how the Godfather only used his blood manipulation ability. 

The ability he used before was a special weapon summoning ability and all the weapons he could summon were all of his bull tribe's weapons. 

That axe was one of his ace weapons, and it was definitely great. It could act as a shield, and other weapons as well. 

The bull spirit looked at Ainsley's body again, trying to see where the little baby's soul was hiding. 

[Hey, hey, little girl. Don't listen to your jealous spirit. There will be no disadvantages if I follow you around, okay?] 

At most, there would be more spirits around Ainsley. 

The bull spirit couldn't see Zev because Zev didn't allow others to see him other than the Godfather. 

Thus, he didn't know that there were already two spirits following Ainsley openly and several more spirits in the dark. 

The Godfather's face immediately darkened, but he also thought that with Ainsley's physique, having more spirits follow her around would be a good thing. 

Although so far, she rarely used her physique because her abilities were enough to solve her problems, the spirits could still help in case of an emergency. 

The five spirits that Ainsley kidnapped didn't have a high force value and leaned more to a support type. 

Having a battle-type spirit around wouldn't be too bad. 

So, this time, the Godfather didn't reject the bull spirit anymore, and Ainsley naturally accepted the bull spirit's offer. 

[Okay, grandpa. I would love to have you around! But for now, shouldn't you treat the wound first? I'm afraid it will spread or something...] 

Now that the spirit was her own people, she couldn't be as ruthless as before. 

Unexpectedly, the old bull casually waved his hand and laughed. 

[No worries. Just let me stay for a few hours in this cave, and I can absorb enough spiritual energy to regrow my arm.] 

The wound was healing fast because this spirit cave was a natural home ground for the spirits. 

The live audience couldn't hear the spirit's conversation with Ainsley because they used telepathy, but those who watched using Ainsley's point of view heard all the words. 

The audience almost dropped their jaws as they watched the previously hostile spirit easily join Ainsley's camp. 

[I-I have to suspect that Ainsley's charm also works for spirits! Will there be a new occupation around– a spirit tamer?!] 

[Upstairs, that's a good idea! If the charm ability users under Ainsley's guild can evolve their charm, they might even be able to tame spirits and become spirit tamers.] 

There wasn't a spirit tamer because of the shaman's ability itself. This term was something new and many people were also curious. 

The guild was named 'Irregular Tamer Guild' for a reason. Maybe in the future, some members could evolve and could tame spirits! 

If it's like this, they could easily cooperate with the shamans so that the shamans didn't have to work hard to pick spirits whenever they wanted to contract a spirit. 

Ainsley also had never heard of the spirit tamer terms, but looking at the bull spirit, who quickly eased his feelings about his enemy and suddenly changed sides...

She wondered if she honed her charm ability to another level, she could be a spirit tamer too. 

This is undoubtedly a good thing for her because she still had that ambassador physique! 

This idea was only a fleeting idea because she hadn't upgraded the dimensional bracelet to hold so many spirits and tamed beasts or monsters. 

But it's still worth pondering! 

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