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Chapter 1151: "Want To Abduct A Little Shaman"

Chapter 1151: "Want To Abduct A Little Shaman"

If this was just a normal physical attack, the bull spirit did the right thing to return to his spirit state. 

Unfortunately, the vampire claw was made of the blood clan's blood and it was the nemesis of spirits. 

Although the bull spirit already had a ghostly body and Ainsley's blood swords just passed through his body without damaging him at all....

The wound from the vampire claw started to cause trouble. 

The wound started to spread, and the bull spirit's colorful plus non-transparent body immediately dimmed. 

The wound sucked out a lot of spiritual energy, and the bull spirit could feel his body getting weaker and weaker, almost becoming a weak spirit that could disappear anytime. 

At this moment, the spirit immediately realized that the wound was unusual and it must come from the fcking annoying blood clan's blood. 

The spirit decisively cut his arm, and the severed arm immediately disappeared into nothingness, leaving only sparkling dots behind. 

He knew that if he didn't do this, the wound would spread, and he might even disappear because he had lost too much spiritual energy. 

For a spirit, the terrifying thing was losing their spiritual energy and disappearing into nothingness. 

They couldn't even reincarnate, or even if they did, their soul would be incomplete because spirits were like soul projections. 

Both spirit and soul relied on each other, and if one of them were disturbed, it wouldn't end well. 

This is also why a person whose soul was trapped couldn't leave this world and go to reincarnate. 

They would always become a dead spirit, and if they lost their spiritual energy their soul would be damaged even more and might even disappear. 

This means they couldn't reincarnate forever. Even if they could, their reincarnation would always be imperfect. 

For example, their new body would be weak and they would always die young or something like that.

Everything happened so fast that even the live broadcast audience was stunned by the series of changes. 

Of course, the bull spirit was the most shocked by the Godfather and Ainsley's unusual operation. 

He had never seen a shaman who cooperated with their spirit to use the same ability in one body. 

This is actually a lot harder than what people thought. 

However, the funny thing was, it became a kind of 'training' for Ainsley, who was not used to entirely using the Godfather's ability without possession. 

This kind of strategy and operation could really catch people off guard because two entities in one body could naturally fight better and control a large number of tricks and skills. 

Of course, that was on the basis that the two entities had a good tacit understanding and didn't reject each other. 

If they didn't have good cooperation, they might even stumble, especially when they could manipulate things. 

After all, if Ainsley picked the wrong blood to manipulate, she might destroy the Godfather's blood spears just to do her tricks. 

The way the Godfather and Ainsley cooperated was obviously smooth and seamless, enough for people to admire them. 

Even the bull spirit was not stingy with his praise. 

[I didn't expect your contracted shaman to control blood too. You guys cooperated too well.] 

The spirit slowly put down his axe and didn't bother to fight the Godfather anymore. 

Now that he was wounded quite heavily, it was not wise to continue the duel. 

The Godfather also didn't want to kill the spirit and only wanted to subdue him. 

He generously accepted the praise while subconsciously showing his pride over his contracted shaman. 

[This lord's little shaman is still in training. Don't praise her too much, or she might not want to train again.] 

The Godfather seemingly condemned Ainsley strictly but his tone of voice was obviously full of love and pride for his little disciple. 

The bull spirit could see this, and he was naturally a bit envious of the Godfather, who could have such a good shaman. 

Spirits were also like shamans. Not a lot of spirits wanted to be wild spirits forever. 

If they could find a good shaman who would respect them as their equals and not as weapons, who wouldn't want to find a shaman? 

After all, once they got contracted to a shaman, the shaman would provide them with all sorts of resources to keep them alive as spirits for decades and more. 

Some of them even helped the spirits to reincarnate and let go of their regrets in this world. 

Of course, that's usually when the shaman itself was about to die. 

Still, a lot of spirits also wanted to have a good shaman who could have a good cooperation with them and have talent. 

Ainsley is obviously a good shaman that a lot of spirits will like. 

Just looking at her young age, they could stay with her for a long time and didn't have to change partners in a short time. 

Because most spirits were either heroic young people or elders, many spirits liked children, especially the older ones. 

If they could have Ainsley as their contracted shaman, wouldn't that be like an extra cute granddaughter or even great-granddaughter? 

The bull spirit was also quite old according to the beastmen's age. He also had a wife and children, even grandchildren. 

Looking at Ainsley's tiny body and her young age, the bull spirit felt like looking at his cute granddaughter. 

Now that he didn't want to be hostile to Ainsley and the Godfather anymore, the bull spirit quietly looked at Ainsley in her shaman mode. 

He suddenly pondered whether he could ask the little girl to be his contracted shaman. 

This idea‚Ķ.sounds really good. 

The little shaman certainly won't reject him! 

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