I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 41 - I Am Blushing

Chapter 41: I Am Blushing

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Qi Yueshi and Zhong Ziqiao looked at each other, picked up the Down Feather Skirt and pointed to the patterns on it, “We have embroidered formations and runes into the dress to enhance its defense. Can you see the formations or runes?”

“I can’t.” Rong Yi stared at the embroidery on the skirt for a while.

“Don’t you think it’s more beautiful than embroidering runes or formations directly onto the robes?” asked Zhong Ziqiao with some joys on the face.

“It does look better.” Nodded Rong Yi.

In modern world, because it was not beautiful to embroider runes or formations onto one’s clothes, so they usually embroider them inside the clothes. A designer later designed them into beautiful patterns and embroidered them on the outside of the clothes, which were a big hit not only among cultivators but also commoners. Many designers tried to copy him but they were never as good as that designer.

Qi Yueshi said amusedly, “We are thinking to sell such kind of embroidered skirts. What do you say, my Yi?”

Rong Yi stared at him for a while and then asked, “So after all these bullshit, you actually want to open a shop, right?”

“Yes.” Zhu Xinyu said, “No one has ever done this before. So we want to be the first ones. We can also sell girl stuff too, such as specially made rouge, pearl powder and cosmetic elixirs for three reasons. First, we can make easy money out of girl stuff; second, since our products are affordable for those poor cultivators who have no spare money; third, there is no such a shop in Zhonghai Prefecture. We want to give it a go.”

Qi Yueshi took out an elixir he refined, “Look. This is a level one medium beauty elixir I made, which can make girls’ skin tenderer and much smoother.”

Elixirs had nine levels and each level had five grades: low grade, medium grade, high grade, immortal grade and divine grade. He was just an a-few-year entry-level Spiritual Elixir Maker. He was already good enough to make level one medium elixir.

Rong Yi raised his eyebrows. Those lay-boys did have business acumen. He had no ideaw whether his second elder brother would also talk about those things when staying with his rabbles. “What if people copy you?”

“Don’t worry. We will have new arrivals every month to attract those customers.”

“Since you have such a good plan, you should start as soon as possible.” urged Rong Yi.

Their design not only was exquisite and colorful, but also had superb craftsmanship, as natural as though they were living. If they could open a shop to sell those things, they would definitely be saleable among girls.

“But we don’t have startup fund.”Qi Yueshi and others looked at each other embarrassedly and said spontaneously.

“…” Rong Yi was speechless.

“You know we are all displaced people, and besides, we are Spiritual Costume Refiner, Spiritual Elixir Maker, Spiritual Formation Master, and Spiritual Rune Master, so we need to spend a large number of spiritual stones on ingredients to improve our proficiency in the early stage. Apart from our daily living expenses, we really don’t have extra spiritual stones to open a shop.” Explained Qi Yueshi.

“So…” Rong Yi’s mouth twitched.

“So we want to borrow some spiritual stones from you. Each of the five of us will have 20 percent of the profit. You don’t need to do anything but getting your share by the end of the month.”

“What if you lose?”

“If we lose, we will try every means to pay you back.” They said without hesitation.

Rong Yi could tell that they were accountable although they dressed like women. But he didn’t have any spiritual stones on him. He didn’t have the heart to tell them the truth as he saw their expectations and confidence on their faces. Besides, he also needed a place to sell his enchanting runes and other stuff.

“How many spiritual stones do you need?” asked Rong Yi with hesitation.

“Fifty  upper grade spiritual stones.”

Rong Yi, “…”

In modern world, fifty upper grade spiritual stones were nothing to him. But now it was really a problem to him.

“You should know that I don’t have any spiritual stones right now. I need time.”

Qi Yueshi and others all nodded, “We totally understand your situation. If it’s really hard for you, we can try another way.”

“You go back first and I’m gonna give you a reply by tomorrow or the day after.”

Qi Yueshi then said, “All right.”

“Gee~” Tang Shangru suddenly screamed, “I just had a feeling that our Yi is different today. Now I see that he is not wearing makeup.”

The rest also had the same feeling. This man also didn’t speak like a girl as he used to be. He became very decisive.

“I will never wear any makeup from now on.” Rong Yi rolled his eyes.

“It’s all right. You look so much better now, I think.” Tang Shangru then put the things they refined back into his Storage Ring and resumed the way before they discussed the business, waving their handkerchief, “Yi, we should go now. By the way, is there any chance you let Rong Su see us out? He is a handsome and has a nice body. He is my type. Hee hee, when I came, I couldn’t resist it and kissed him all over.. Oh my god. I am blushing. ” said Tang Shangru.

Rong Yi couldn’t stand their sissy behaviors which gave him a lot of goose bumps, “Rong Su is in charge of the spiritual stones. If you still want them, you’d better leave him alone.”

Knowing the information, they dare not insist letting Rong Su walk them out.

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