I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 40 - What A Sharp Question!

Chapter 40: What A Sharp Question!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Su was really fast. He already came back with all the ingredients only after Rong Yi finished his breakfast.

“Young master, I am back.” Rong Su put all ingredients on the table in front of Rong Yi, looking a little gloomy.

Seeing the lipstick marks on his face and robes, Rong Yi was a bit surprised and then teased him, “Where did you get those lip prints? You didn’t go to the brothel to buy those things, did you?”

“Your sisters are here, young master.” Answered Rong Su, gritting his teeth and wiping his face.

“Ah?” Rong Yi was surprised, “My sisters?”

Did the original owner have siblings?

“My Yi, sweetie, we are here. Why don’t you come out to welcome us?” At this time a skittish but masculine voice came from the hall.

Rong Yi got goose bumps by the ladyboy-like voice. Then four womanly overdressed tall people walked in.

When he saw their faces, he almost choked by his own saliva.

The four persons were overdressed in pinks and purples, with thick rouge and pearl powder on their faces, and pretty braided buns. Judging from their dresses and makeup, they should be girls. But what the hell was that patch of black stubbles and bulgy Adam’s apples?

“Yi, my sweetheart, it’s been quite a few days you haven’t dropped by. Do you still take us as your best friends? Say that you are going to spend the day with us.” Qi Yueshi in purple dress held Rong Yi’s hands, “Come on, let’s go to your room and have some girls’ talk.”

“You…” Rong Yi was greatly intimidated by them, “You…are you my sisters or brothers?”

Pfff~ Rong Su who had been wearing that long face couldn’t hold himself and laughed! What a sharp question!

“I hate you. How can you ask me such a question? This is kind of rude.” Qi Yueshi dragged him out of the hall and all the way to the room that Rong Yi used to live in, “Zhu Xinyu, Tang Shangru, Zhong Ziqiao, take out the things you have refined and show them to Yi.”

Rong Yi realized that they were not biological sisters when he heard their names. They were just his gay friends who shared the same ‘hobby’ as him. Just now he almost thought the entire family liked dressing up like women like the original owner.

Zhong Ziqiao, Zhu Xinyu and Tang Shangru then took out one thing out of their Storage Ring separately and put them on the table.

Zhu Xinyu said triumphantly, “I made this, Down Feather Skirt, level one pure thing.”

Robes, belts, headpieces, ornaments, shoes and other things worn by cultivators were all refined by Spiritual Costume Refiners. All the products had certain defensive power. They were classified into nine levels like magic weapons, and each level had nine grades: ordinary, refined, utensil, magical, pure, elite, holy, fairy, and divine.

Zhong Ziqiao took the rune embroidered with the yellow cloth and waved it in front of Rong Yi, “This is level one Rune Spirit.”

Like weapon and devices, runes and formations had nine levels. Every level of runes had five grades: Rune Soldier, Rune Spirit, Rune Treasure, Rune Supreme, and Rune Emperor. Formations had four grades: Small, Medium, Large, and Epic.

Tang Shangru also showed off the formation embroidered with blue cloth, “This is level one medium formation I made.”

Looking at those cocky faces, Rong Yi frowned, thinking, “What is there to be proud of? Just some level one things.” Did they mean to insult him because they knew the original owner was a loser? But they didn’t look like they did. They reminded him of his second elder brother and his friends. They also often came to his second elder brother with some low-level magic weapons and discussed with his elder brother privately in the room.

He also remembered that his brother also used to try to discuss with him about those low-level things but he refused, which made his brother feel frustrated for quite a long time.

Now seeing that Zhong Ziqiao and others all had the same look as his elder brother, he suppressed the impatience in his heart and said, “Why are you showing me these things?”

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