I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 42 - You Investigated Them, Didn’t You?

Chapter 42: You Investigated Them, Didn’t You?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After they left, Rong Yi went to Rong Su. To convince Rong Su that he was not going to have the abortion with the spiritual stones, he told Rong Su the business plan Qi Yueshi had before he asked if he could have fifty upper grade spiritual stones.

The first question that popped out of Rong Su’s head was, “Does it mean that they won’t come here that often after they open a shop?”

“If they open a shop, they should be busy with refining elixirs and embroidering clothes. How can they have time to come here?”

Rong Su took out a bag of spiritual stones to a servant nearby quickly, “Catch up with them as quickly as you can and give these five hundred upper grade spiritual stones to Childe Qi and tell them to buy as many as cloth and ingredients. And, tell them that they don’t need to worry about shop lease. Tell them our master has a big shop in the downtown area which they can use. The only thing they have to take care of are their products.”

“Yes.” The servant took the bag of spiritual stones and ran away.

Rong Su exhaled. With that bag of spiritual stones, Qi Yueshi and his friends could keep busy for months for their refining and embroidering work, meaning that they wouldn’t have time to come to Yin Mansion and him in particular.

Rong Yi teased him, “Are you scared of them?”

“Young master, you know what, every time they see me, they jump at me like they’ve never seen a man before. They fumble on me and even kiss me.” On mentioning Qi Yueshi and his friends, Rong Su immediately pulled his face. If it hadn’t been for Rong Yi, he would have already beat all of them up.

Rong Yi then asked, “I just asked for fifty upper grade spiritual stones but you gave them five hundred. Aren’t you afraid they are here to swindle money??”

Rong Su forced a smile, looking away guiltily.

“You investigated them, didn’t you?” asked Rong Yi.

Rong Yi didn’t reply, basically admitting it.

Rong Yi snorted.

Afraid that Rong Yi might get mad at him, he hurriedly explained, “I investigated them because I am worried about you making bad friends.”

“Then what did you find out about them?”

Rong Su said, “They didn’t lie to you. They are indeed from big families. They ran away from home because their strange hobbies were not accepted by their families. They met on their ways to Haishan City. Actually they are all quite talented. But without family support, they don’t have supplies such as spiritual stones and all kinds of ingredients. That is why their cultivation is at such a slow pace.”

Rong Yi was surprised by their family background.

Rong Su then asked shamelessly, “Young master, it’s getting late. Isn’t it time to arrange the formation?”

Rong Yi felt both funny and annoyed by his question, “Where are the ingredients?”

“I have them.” Rong Su took out the ingredients from his Storage Ring, “I am not sure what kind ingredients you are gonna need. Except for those for refining magic weapon, I also bought everything you asked me to buy yesterday.”

“The house is too big. I need a few hands.” Nodded Rong Yi.

“OK, all on me.”

Rong Su gathered Rong Huan, Lei Sai and Xinghe.

They went outside the mansion and Rong Yi taught them how to lay out the formation.

Looking at Rong Yi who was explaining to Lei Sai and Xinghe, Rong Su whispered to Rong Huan, “Hey, Huan, have you noticed that our young master has changed these days? He no longer wears makeup or bound his feet, so girly anymore. Although he sometimes yells at the little master from time to time, he is never really mad. If he has changed just because he got greatly stimulated by his senior brother apprentice’s marrying someone else, how to explain that he suddenly knows a lot of things that we don’t know? Is it because he used to hide those skills from others? Or…he got possessed?”

After thinking for a bit, Rong Huan asked, eyes narrowed, “Which do you think is better, the present young master or the one before?”

“The one now, of course.” Rong Su said without hesitation.

“Then there is nothing to bother. Just leave him as he is now. Our master will will have his own judge.”

Rong Su nodded.

At that moment, the footman guarding at the gate walked in.

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