I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 4 - It must Be Beer Belly

Chapter 4: It must Be Beer Belly

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Ouch! Ouch!” Rong Yi sat down slowly as he supported his painful belly, “Damn it! Am I really pregnant? Are you fucking kidding me? How can a man get pregnant? No way. It must be beer belly.”

He couldn’t even believe what he comforted himself because he could feel clearly that something was kicking him from inside.

“I am back, young master.” A young man in white walked in and talked slowly without any haste as he saw Rong Yi sitting on the floor with painfully pale face, “are you having another belly pain?”

RongHuan felt Rong Yi’s pulse as he squatted on one knee. A long time later, he got nothing.

Rong Yi couldn’t help asking in a huge pain, “say something.”

“Young master, don’t worry. The little master is sound.” Rong Huan let go of his hand.

“I don’t fucking want to hear this!” yelled Rong Yi.

What he wanted to hear was that he got this big belly because he ate the wrong food.

It was the first time Rong Huan heard the young master spoke vulgar language, so he was a little startled, “Given your situation right now, you should wait at least two years to give birth.” “What the fuck! Did I hear it wrong or you said it wrong? It still takes another two years to give birth to a baby?” Rong Yi was shocked.

Is he pregnant with a Nezha?

“Young master, I am back.” Rong Su ran into the room with a midwife in his arms and then put her down, “please check our young master. I will go prepare some hot water.”

The midwife who was still suffering from the shick held the desk, heavily panted while patting her chest“I’m nearly scared to death! I’m nearly scared to death!”

Just a few moment ago when she was still helping a woman give birth, a man broke in and took her away without saying anything. Then he hopped swiftly through roofs by carrying her in his arms. Anyone could be scared by this.

“Rong Su, he is not due yet.” Rong Huan still talked as slowly as usual. When he finished his sentence, Rong Su was already in the kitchen. But Rong Huan was used to his brother’s fast speed. The rune on the table attracted his attention. It looked like a three-level Illusion-breaking Rune but it was different from those he had seen before. It was revised easier to draw. He wondered if the revised rune could work the same.

“Young master. Who draw the rune on the desk?” asked he, eyes narrowed.

“I did.” Answered Rong Yi impatiently.

Rong Huan frowned. Apparently he didn’t believe what he said. Having served the young master for four years, he had never seen him practice a bit, let alone drawing runes.

As the midwife caught her breath, she helped Rong Yi sit properly and checked his belly to see if he was really going to give birth.

“Go away!” Rong Yi slapped away the midwife’s hand, “both of you, go out! I need to some privacy.”

“Yes, my lord.” The midwife immediately left.

Rong Huan stepped out of the room after he cleared the rune.

Rong Yi looked around the room again and pinched himself in the arm, “hiss, it hurts.”

Apparently he was not in a dream as he could feel the pain. But he still couldn’t believe it, “have I really transmigrated? But all I did was to look at a picture of a handsome man.”

In fact, transmigration was not a problem, as long as he could find a way. But now he was a pregnant man. How could he walk in public now?

Did it mean he had to walk around with such a big pregnant belly? Or even worse, he had to give birth to a child?

Bullshit! He didn’t want to give birth to a baby! No! He had to find a way to solve the problem.

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