I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 3 - Thank goodness. It’s flat!

Chapter 3: Thank goodness. It’s flat!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“What the fuck?! Am I giving birth to a baby? Fuck! Rong Yi, when I get out of the illusion, I will skin your fucking friends.” Rong Yi looked at his big belly bump, which was the size of nearly 8-month pregnancy.

He struggled to sit up and looked around the antique room. Usually if a man realized he was struck in an illusion, the illusion would go away by itself. But why did the illusion still exist? Maybe he needed to finish the tasks in the illusion first?

Rong Yi walked to the table and bit his finger, drew a level 3 Illusion-breaking Rune with his blood on the table. As he tried to insert his spiritual power into the rune, he could barely feel his spiritual power which was as low as he was at the Qi Practicing stage, the entry level of cultivation.

“How is it possible?”

Rong Yi looked at his hands and couldn’t believe what was happening. He was a cultivator at the Golden Elixir stage. His spiritual power should be far more powerful than this. Did anyone cast Anti-spiritual-power Formation on his family?

No! It was impossible.

They had access control to his house. Anyone who entered his house had to be someone the family knew, who had to go through identity checks and security checks. When the guards confirmed that he was safe with his belongings, he could enter the house.

Besides, all levels of patrol guards were patrolling around the house. In addition to the protection of senior formations and high-level seniors, there was no way to cast Anti-spiritual-power Formation without alerting anyone in the family.

Rong Yi rubbed his forehead miserably. What else could it be if there was no illusion or Anti-spiritual-power Formation? Is it possible he has transmigrated in here?

On thinking of transmigration, his whole body went stiff. No way! How could it be?

One of Rong’s ancestors time travelled once. That ancestor had transmigrated to a different world while he was reading an ancient book. He spent over a thousand years in that world and finally figured a way to come back. When he came back, it was only a few minutes past in this world. No one believed him. Then he took out the treasures from his Storage Ring and taught the family how to practice new skills he learnt from that world. It was then that people believed him. From then on, the Rong family got stronger day by day.

“They are not my hands.” Said Rong Yi when he looked at his hands.

His hands were not as delicate as these ones which should belong to a baby.

Then he saw a bronze mirror by the bed. As he walked toward it with haste, he almost fell down again. He always had a feeling that something ain’t no right of the feet. But right at the moment he didn’t give it much thought. He quickly picked the mirror. It was a beautiful face in the mirror, long bushy eyebrows, big and clear eyes, imposing nose and rosy and thin lips. That face was more beautiful than any movie star he had ever seen. He was surreally succulent like the face had been photoshopped.

No way! Is it possible he has transmigrated into a woman’s body?

He immediately felt his chest but paused as he was afraid this body really belonged to a woman. After a moment’s hesitation, he still reached his hand for the breast part slowly.

When he felt nothing, he was much relieved, “thank goodness. It’s flat.”

Not yet! A lot of girls were flat-chested nowadays. Besides, the body seemed to belong toa 16 or 17 years old person maybe, not fully developed yet.

He got intense again. He tried to look at his crotch but got obscured by his big belly. Gritting his teeth, he reached for his crotch and touched the thing that was unique to a man.

“Woohoo…” He exhaled a long breath, “thank goodness. Thank goodness.”

All of sudden, he felt pains in the belly as if someone was kicking him from inside.

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