I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World

Chapter 5 - What’s Wrong with my Feet?

Chapter 5: What’s Wrong with my Feet?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Having been lying in bed for two hours, Rong Yi finally accept the fact that he actually transmigrated. He sat up with eyes closed for meditating why his spiritual power was so weak. After all, he needed a strong spiritual power that could take him back to his own world like his ancestor who had transmigrated back after becoming an immortal.

After quite a while, Rong Yi opened his eyes and exhaled a long breath. Luckily deep in the pubic region was not damaged. The most positive thing was that this body had the exactly same Spiritual Cohesion Root, mutated Blade Spiritual Root and Thunder-fire Spiritual Root.

Normally the spiritual root in one cultivator with three properties was called Miscellaneous Spiritual Root which was not usually good for cultivation. It was more difficult to promote than Single Spiritual Root and Pure Spiritual Root. At a certain stage, those with Miscellaneous Spirit Roots couldn’t promote anymore.

Rong Yi’s situation was different because he had an awesome Spiritual Cohesion Root which enabled him to absorb the aura from the nature anytime anywhere under any circumstances and helped him promote his cultivation at a fast speed. For example, those with Heavenly Spiritual Root and mutated spiritual root could cultivate at the speed of breathing, then those with Spiritual Cohesion Root could do it in the blink of an eye. That was why cultivators wanted it so badly.

Most importantly, Spiritual Cohesion Root could transfer spiritual power freely. With it, once could switch to evil cultivation or ghost cultivation at any time. Only that it took some time during this process.

Rong Yi wouldn’t worry about his cultivation thanks to Spiritual Cohesion Root, not to mention he had two mutated spiritual roots. The mutated spirit roots could speed up the cultivation alone. With the help of Spiritual Cohesion Root, his cultivation would be rocketing fast. Before he transmigrated here, he could have promoted up to the stage of Immortal Refining but the seniors stopped him from promoting too fast.

There were nine stages of cultivation: Qi Training, Base Practicing, Golden Elixir, Nil Infant, Immortal Refining, Void Purifying, Power Generating, Grand Convey, and Doom Overpowering. There were nine levels at each stage. When cultivators exceeded the ninth level, they could promote to next stage. Promotion to next stage could be dangerous. There were odds to fail. With one failure, it got extremely hard to get promoted again.

Although Rong Yi was just at the Golden Elixir stage, he was top genius of the geniuses among his peers. There were no more than ten cultivators in the whole country who could reach at the Golden Elixir stage under 25 years old.

His spiritual root was special because it was undetectable, meaning that no one could detect his root no matter how hard they tried. In fact, those with undetectable roots were no inferior to those with Heavenly Spirit Root or mutated ones.

When he checked the body he was in now, the root was also obscure to detect. He could barely notice its presense unless he tried really hard. Perhaps it was why the original owner of this body gave up cultivating. The Spiritual Cohesion Root didn’t take full effect without cultivation, although it helped absorbing spirit which could only keep him healthy and help him recover from wounds faster than common persons.

When he was little, he was taken as someone who had no spiritual root either.

“Sucker! What a waste of such a great gift!” yelled Rong Yi.

Even if he had no Spiritual Cohesion Root, he could still stand out with the mutated Blade Spiritual Root and Thunder-fire Spiritual Root.

Cultivators with sword skills usually had Gold Spiritual Root. Those with sole Gold Spiritual Root, in particular, could intimidate their peers when they reached the Void Purifying Stage. Unfortunately, they were extremely weak before that. They got a lot of bullies before that. That was why few cultivators chose sword skills.

The scenario was different for those with Blade Spiritual Root. They had powerful sword Qi even before they cultivated. When they started, they achieved the most with less effort. They could easily be five times faster than those with Gold Spiritual Root and their sword Qi could be more powerful than those with Gold Spiritual Root.

When Rong Yi reached at the Golden Elixir stage, he almost practiced his sword skills all the time because he thought Blade Spiritual Root was more powerful than Thunder-fire Spiritual Root. Given time, his Thunder-fire Spiritual Root was used as assistance root which helped him refine weapons or elixirs. He hardly did those jobs at home because he was lazy and they had elixir makers and weapon forgers in the house. When he needed to augment the offense of his devices, he would use his Thunder-fire Spiritual Root to enchant them. People with Thunder-fire Spiritual Root were very rare in the world.

“Dinner is ready, young master.” Rong Su shouted outside the door.

“Got it.” Responded Rong Yi.

He stood up and fell down on the floor all of sudden. He had to grab the bed to protect him from falling.

“What the hell! What’s wrong with my feet? Why do I fall so often?” Rong Yi sat down on the bed and checked his feet, only finding his feet were only about 3 cun (a unit of length: one cun equals about 3.33 millimeters) long!

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