I Am Such An Expert; Why Do I Have To Take In Disciples

Chapter 435 - So What If You’re Primordial Heaven Supreme? I’ll Kill You All the Same!

Chapter 435 So What If You’re Primordial Heaven Supreme? I’ll Kill You All the Same!

After receiving Lu Xiaoran’s order, the four Zenith Heaven Realm experts of Jie School moved out together.

However, before leaving, Houtu continued, “Wait.”

Everyone was about to advance when Lu Xiaoran suddenly stopped them. Everyone turned around and looked at Lu Xiaoran in confusion.

“Sect Master?”

Lu Xiaoran took out four Connate spirit treasures and threw them to the four of them.

“That guy has an apricot yellow flag in his hand. Although it’s only a clone, it still has a tenth of the might of a Connate cardinal treasure. Even if it’s four against one, it’s still dangerous for you guys to fight bare-handed.”

The four of their hearts trembled, and their eyes could not help but turn slightly sour.

“Thank you for your concern, Sect Master. We definitely won’t disappoint you!”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Go on.”


The four of them moved and instantly arrived beside the Zenith Heaven Immortal.

With Lu Xiaoran holding the fort behind them, this diversionary formation naturally did not affect the four of them.

The four of them were able to come and go freely in this array formation!

Just as the four of them arrived beside the other party, the other party also sensed something in an instant.

His expression immediately changed drastically. As he circulated the immortal power in his body, he used the apricot yellow flag to envelop himself.

“Fellow Daoists, I barged into this place by accident and definitely don’t have any hostility. I’m just trapped inside and can’t leave. Fellow Daoists, please understand and let me live. I’m extremely grateful!”

Unfortunately, only four lights flashed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, the lights bombarded the other party’s body. Even through the apricot yellow flag, he could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood, and the blood in his body was extremely chaotic.

“How can they be so powerful?”

His heart raced to the limit.

It had to be known that the thing wrapped around him was the apricot yellow flag!

This was one of the intrinsic Dharma treasures of Primordial Heaven Supreme. Even though it was only a clone, it still had a tenth of the original weapon’s strength!

It could not be underestimated!

Moreover, there was no Saint-level existence on Golden Ao Island. How could the other party easily injure him?

Something was wrong!

The aura behind the four attacks did not reach a heaven-defying level. It seemed to be similar to his own!

However, their attacks had already reached the point where they could break through the apricot yellow flag clone!

It was because of their Dharma treasures!

Their Dharma treasures had increased their cultivation!

Their Dharma treasures were at least Connate spirit treasures!

Damn it, he had been too careless!

His apricot yellow flag only had a tenth of the original weapon’s strength. Facing four Connate spirit treasures that were also controlled by Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, coupled with the fact that his vision was blocked, he was simply helpless against the other party’s attack. He could only defend passively. Wasn’t he doomed?


Almost without any additional thoughts, he immediately returned the way he came.

His speed was very fast, shockingly fast. Almost in an instant, he arrived at the barrier.

“Don’t let him escape!”

The four Zenith Heaven Realm experts caught up to the other party in an instant. Before the other party could activate the apricot yellow flag and break a huge hole in the Golden Ao Island’s barrier, they released four more sharp attacks and directly bombarded the other party.


The huge impact directly blasted the other party onto the towering golden light barrier. To him, he was no different from an egg hitting a rock. Coupled with the attack from behind, he felt that his entire immortal body was about to be squeezed into a meat patty.

Sensing the aura of death approaching, he hurriedly said in fear, “Stop! Stop! I’m a disciple of Chan School! I’m a disciple of the Heaven Supreme! If you dare to injure me, Heaven Supreme won’t let you off!”

These words stunned everyone, and they also paused for a moment.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the other party’s eyes suddenly turned and he immediately sneered.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve come this time under the orders of Primordial Heaven Supreme! You remnants of Jie School, kneel quickly! If you dare to resist and attract the anger of Heaven Supreme, none of you will be able to live.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a golden light suddenly shot over. Before he could react, it directly pierced through his forehead.


With a world-shaking scream, he was nailed to the screen set up by Saint Tongtian.

At this moment, the entire scene was silent!

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief.

A Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal had been nailed to death in a single move!

However, the sword used was a Connate cardinal treasure!

In the entire Golden Ao Island, there was only one person who had a Connate cardinal treasure.

Everyone immediately looked at Lu Xiaoran in unison.

Indeed, Lu Xiaoran had just put down the Sun Shooting Divine Bow in his hand!

At this moment, everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

This was because Lu Xiaoran had only displayed a Heaven Immortal Realm cultivation to the public. At this moment, he had killed a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. How heaven-defying was this?

However, everyone quickly discovered that the Sun Shooting Divine Bow in Lu Xiaoran’s hand was not an ordinary item. Instead, it was a Connate cardinal treasure!

The sword he shot out was also not an ordinary sword. It was also a Connate cardinal treasure!

The Sun Shooting Divine Bow could increase one’s combat strength.

He had used two Connate cardinal treasures together. Coupled with the other party’s carelessness and lack of defense, he had successfully killed the other party.

Thinking of this, it was somewhat reasonable. However, it still shocked everyone.

Even though he had used some methods to kill the Zenith Heaven Immortal, it still didn’t change the fact that he was only a Heaven Immortal! He had killed an enemy who was at a higher level!

After all, his possession of those weapons could also be considered as a part of his strength.

In fact, with Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation, fighting those at a higher level was not a big problem.

Even without the Sun Shooting Divine Bow, he was confident in killing the other party.

However, in that case, his cultivation would also be exposed.

Instead of that, it was better for him to take out more Dharma treasures and use them to hide his increase in cultivation.

In another year or so, he would definitely be confident in reaching the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

At that time, no one on the entire Golden Ao Island would be his match.

Lu Xiaoran slowly retracted his bow and said coldly, “From today onwards, no matter who sent the other party or what the other party is doing, as long as they dare to step into our Golden Ao Island’s territory, they will be killed without mercy!

“Every disciple of Golden Ao Island is qualified to carry out this order!”

Everyone’s hearts trembled as a heroic feeling quickly rose.

How many years had it been?

Ever since the God Sealing Tribulation, their Golden Ao Island had always been at the mercy of others. They had been humiliated like a group of dog slaves!

However, today, they finally dared to say that Golden Ao Island was about to rise again!

Hot blood burned in their bodies.

A battle intent soared in their hearts!

“As you wish, Sect Master! We’ll kill those who are good at Golden Ao Island!”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Go and cultivate. Increase your cultivation speed. From today onwards, I’ll give you a new cultivation method! It’ll increase your cultivation speed by dozens of times.”

Everyone’s hearts trembled again. They widened their eyes and stared fixedly at Lu Xiaoran, as if they had seen something unimaginable.

“Sect… Sect Master, what did you just say? You can increase our cultivation speed by dozens of times?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

Previously, he had not activated the Great Dao Reincarnation for the disciples of Golden Ao Island because he was afraid that the other party would advance too quickly and become incomparably powerful before he could react.

Then they would not be easy to control.

However, now, he no longer needed to worry about this problem!

This was because he had already cultivated to the Taiyi Golden Immortal Realm. It was not a problem for him to fight those at a higher level!

However, there was another more important factor. Now, Primordial Heaven Supreme had even started to send people over. This undoubtedly sounded a warning bell for Lu Xiaoran.

Previously, he felt that with the protection of School Master Tongtian, he could cultivate steadily for ten years.

Therefore, his original plan was actually to wait until he reached the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm before opening the Great Dao Reincarnation for the disciples of Jie School

However, now, he vaguely felt that he might not be able to cultivate peacefully for ten years.

In order to avoid Primordial Heaven Supreme suddenly coming out to play tricks, Lu Xiaoran had no choice but to speed up everyone’s cultivation.

In the Purple Cloud Palace, School Master Tongtian, who heard the domineering declaration, was also shocked before laughing

“Hahaha… Interesting! Too interesting! This brat is indeed worthy of being the chosen one I nurtured. He’s also worthy of being a living being forged from the blood and bones of God Father!

“Just this courage was enough to prop up the sky!

“Since you have such ambition, I have to help!

“Looks like I should talk to that old bastard Primordial.”

On Golden Ao Island, after Lu Xiaoran arranged for the disciples to cultivate, he immediately took out the apricot yellow flag.

He could not help but frown.

This apricot yellow flag belonged to Primordial Heaven Supreme. It was definitely impossible for him to refine it. His current cultivation had not reached that level!

Even if his attainments in weapon refinement were very powerful and he had the ability to forge an identical apricot yellow flag, he would not be able to find the materials to forge it in a short period of time.

However, Primordial Heaven Supreme would definitely not be willing to let him keep it for himself. At that time, if he came personally, it would be troublesome.

Tongtian’s barrier could defend against a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, but it was useless against a Saint of the same level.

“Wang Cai!”

He summoned Wang Cai.

“Coming, coming, Master, I’m here!” “Look at this apricot yellow flag. Can you make an identical one?”

“Let me take a look.”

Wang Cai took a look.

“Sure, no problem!”

“I want you to create an identical one. Of course, it’s best if you can add some condiments. You understand, right?”

“Don’t worry, Master. I understand.”

Wang Cai quickly created an identical apricot yellow flag for Lu Xiaoran. Then, he gave it to Lu Xiaoran in the form of a gift bag.

After obtaining the new apricot yellow flag, the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

This apricot yellow flag was identical to Primordial Heaven Supreme’s flag. However, there was a difference, this flag would only listen to him!

After Primordial Heaven Supreme took it back and fused it, as long as the other party fought him in the future, he could scam the other party at any time. Lu Xiaoran was not afraid that Primordial Heaven Supreme would discover him.

Although Wang Cai’s combat strength was not good, Wang Cai’s ability to create things was top-notch!

Even Patriarch Hongjun was not Wang Cai’s match. It would be strange if Primordial Heaven Supreme discovered that something was wrong.

With a smile, Lu Xiaoran threw out the apricot yellow flag in his hand.

The apricot yellow flag automatically transformed into a yellow light and escaped.

As for the true apricot yellow flag incarnation, it was directly swallowed by Wang Cai and refined into materials on the spot. It could be used to make other Connate cardinal treasures.

Seeing the apricot yellow flag escape, Lu Xiaoran clapped his hands.

“Hehehe, Primordial Old Dog, you can’t blame me for this. You were the one who insisted on being despicable and coming to find trouble with me. I hope you’ll be obedient in the future. Otherwise…”

On the other side, in the Purple Cloud Palace, Tongtian kicked open the door of Primordial Heaven Supreme!

“Primordial Dog, get out here!”

Primordial Heaven Supreme had not left since he last came.

He was cultivating when the door was suddenly kicked open by Tongtian. He was immediately furious and roared.

“Tongtian, what are you doing?”

However, what responded to him was only a violent attack.


In that moment, the power of laws condensed and tore through the sky. With a dignity that did not allow any doubt or resistance, it smashed fiercely onto Primordial Heaven Supreme’s body.


With a violent explosion, Primordial Heaven Supreme’s body was directly sent flying on the spot, fiercely piercing through a wall.

If not for the fact that this was the Purple Cloud Palace and was a Connate spirit treasure to begin with, he would probably have been directly destroyed!

A moment later, Primordial Heaven Supreme roared again.

“Tongtian! You crazy dog! I think you’re courting death!”

“You’re the one who’s courting death!”

Tongtian’s expression was cold. Before Primordial Heaven Supreme could unleash his strength, Tongtian had already arrived in front of Primordial Heaven Supreme again.

Another punch blasted out and landed on the wrist of Primordial Heaven Supreme.


This violent explosion directly made Primordial Heaven Supreme scream. Half of his arm had been blasted apart!

Then, Tongtian kicked the other party’s chest, making his chest instantly collapse as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Before he could get up, Tongtian stepped fiercely on his face again. At this moment, his aura erupted.

First level of the Saint Realm!

Second level of the Saint Realm!

Third level, fourth level, fifth level… all the way to the sixth level.

At this moment, his cultivation had already surpassed Primordial Heaven Supreme’s by an entire realm level!

Even if it was only a difference of a single realm level between Saints, it was still significant!

Primordial Heaven Supreme’s expression changed drastically.

“How did you become a sixth level Saint? When did this happen?”

Tongtian sneered.

“Why would I need to explain to you when I became a sixth level Saint?

“For so many years, you have schemed and tried to close the distance between us.

“For this, you have always suppressed my Jie School and developed Chan School vigorously. With the help of so much power of faith, you have finally climbed to the fifth level of the Saint Realm. “Unfortunately, the Heaven Dao has its own rules!

“I have already stepped into the sixth level of the Saint Realm!

“You’re still destined to be stepped on by me!

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