I Am Such An Expert; Why Do I Have To Take In Disciples

Chapter 434 - There's a Way Out for You    

Chapter 434: There’s a Way Out for You

Lu Xiaoran did not expect Buttface to have already done so well!!

Buttface’s future was indeed limitless!

He wondered how the other disciples were doing now! He wondered if they were as awesome as Buttface.

He hoped that Long Kuang and the others would also do well and attack the enemy’s inner core.

Only then could they provide him with greater convenience in the future.

Lu Xiaoran continued to read on.

“The West Mother Peach Banquet would begin in nine years. Currently, they had already begun to choose the immortal peaches.”

The immortal peaches were about to ripen?

Damn, he had heard that this thing was very delicious and tender. Back then, after Sun Wukong froze the seven fairies, he did not do anything to them and instead ate the peaches.

From this, it could be seen that this peach was definitely extraordinary and was even more alluring than the seven fairies!

Unfortunately, he was not a god of the Heavenly Court. Moreover, his identity was special and he could not casually eat the immortal peaches.

It was simply too unfortunate.

After his cultivation broke through to the Saint Realm, he would definitely steal… oh no, directly snatch some immortal peaches to eat!

What was there to be afraid of?

Lu Xiaoran swallowed and continued to read.

The following information was basically all private matter.

For example, a fellow named Wu Quxing would always sneak into the Imperial Observatory in the middle of the night. Moreover, there would be some strange voices in the Imperial Observatory…

Another example would be the four heavenly kings secretly letting some heavenly soldiers leave the Heavenly Court. Every time, they would receive a fixed fee. However, they would also increase the price whenever the Heavenly Court held a major event and was more strict…

Another example would be some high-ranking officials in the Heavenly Court who secretly kept fairies…

Because the Heavenly Court prohibited men and women from dating, these matters were extremely strictly managed.

Therefore, if this information was used well, it would bring Lu Xiaoran a lot of benefits.

However, he could not even enter the Heavenly Court now. By the time he could enter, he would probably already have become a Saint.

Forget it, he should keep this information for now.

It might be useful in the future.

Just as Lu Xiaoran was about to put down the information in his hand, he inadvertently saw a message. In an instant, his eyes stared fixedly there and did not move.

Because Pagoda-bearing Heavenly King Li had secretly let Jiang Ziya go to the lower realm, he was imprisoned in the Heaven Prison.

Lu Xiaoran’s heart paused. So Jiang Ziya was actually sent down by Heavenly King Li?

His eyes instantly turned cold, and his expression began to become extremely solemn!

Back then, when Jiang Ziya learned that he was Pangu’s reincarnation, he had always been very concerned.

This was because he did not know if there was anyone else behind Jiang Ziya!

This was the only thing he was worried about so far.

He hoped that Jiang Ziya had descended to the lower realm without permission and was working alone.

However, he knew that this was almost impossible!

In particular, now that he had discovered that Jiang Ziya had colluded with Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li, it was inevitable that Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li also knew his identity!

After taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes revealed two cold lights.

No, no matter what, he had to find Heaven King Li and kill the other party!

He put down the information in his hand and thought to himself, “Since the Heavenly Court has yet to make a move, then Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li probably hasn’t revealed anything. Or rather, he doesn’t know my identity at all.

“However, no matter what, I definitely can’t be careless.

“I have to speed up the cultivation of the disciples. ”

The aura he revealed to the public was only at the Heaven Immortal Realm, but in fact, he had already reached the Taiyi Golden Immortal Realm.

Next, if he could reach the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, he could cultivate the Connate Qi and advance towards the power of laws. At that time, he would have hope of breaking through to the Saint Realm!

He needed to work hard!

Lu Xiaoran immediately prepared to cultivate again, greatly increasing his cultivation speed and frequency. He increased his disciples and his cultivation speed by 40 times!

This was the time enhancement brought by him using the Great Dao Reincarnation again after his cultivation increased!

This time, Lu Xiaoran was prepared to directly push his cultivation to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm in one go!

Other than that, Lu Xiaoran got Wang Cai to create some more avatars. This was because as the disciples’ cultivation increased, he prepared to send some more avatars to the Divine World or the lower realm to find the hot shots!

Only by killing more hot shots could Wang Cai become stronger and provide him with more Primordial Purple Qi!

The significance of Wang Cai’s avatar was that as long as its avatar was in a world, the power of luck in the bodies of the hot shots killed by the Nameless Sect disciples would not be able to escape and would be swallowed by Wang Cai’s avatar.

Once the power of luck was separated from its host, it would either escape to Hongjun or find a new hot shot.

It would be fine if it was the latter. However, if it was the former, it would be troublesome. Hongjun would definitely discover his traces very quickly.

Under Lu Xiaoran’s perfect plan, everyone’s cultivation continued in an orderly manner.

However, at this moment, a figure also quietly arrived on Golden Ao Island.

Facing the golden barrier, he was not anxious. He took out a Dharma treasure from his sleeve and placed it on the golden barrier. In an instant, he opened a tunnel that could only accommodate one person.

In the Purple Cloud Palace, Tongtian, who was meditating and cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes.

He snorted.

“I knew that this Primordial Old Dog wouldn’t let the matter rest so easily.

“In just half a year, he actually sent a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal to investigate the situation on Golden Ao Island.

He originally wanted to attack. After all, his mark had been imprinted on the array formation. He only needed a thought to kill this Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

However, in the blink of an eye, he shook his head.

“Forget it. There are also several Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals on Golden Ao Island. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to fight him. Moreover, with that brat’s intelligence, I don’t have to worry too much.

“I wonder if that Primordial Old Dog will fly after failing to find any clues and losing a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal! ”

With a cold smile, Tongtian began to meditate again.

As for the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, after entering Golden Ao Island, he could not help but be smug.

“School Master Tongtian, to think that you spent so much effort to set up this barrier. In the end, it looks like I can still easily break in.”

He picked up the small flag in his hand, his eyes revealing admiration and love.

This small flag was a clone separated from the Connate cardinal treasure of Primordial Heaven Supreme.

Although it was only a clone formed by the apricot yellow flag, it could unleash at least 10% of the original weapon’s strength!

It was because of this that this Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal had the chance to enter Golden Ao Island and break through the barrier of the Heaven Sect Master.

However, when he really broke through the barrier and entered the island, he was instantly dumbfounded.

What was going on?

What was this?

In front of him was a white mist that he could not see his fingers.

“Could there be a second array formation in this Golden Ao Island?”

He frowned slightly and was silent for a moment before starting to wave the apricot yellow flag clone in his hand.

As the apricot yellow flag clone moved, the entire world instantly moved. Lightning circulated, and the wind and clouds gathered and scattered.

Even if this apricot yellow flag only had a tenth of the original weapon’s strength, it was still a Connate cardinal treasure!

It was still the Dharma treasure of a Saint!

With the backing of a Saint, its strength was naturally self-evident!

However… to his surprise, the waving of the apricot yellow flag did not reduce the white mist in front of him at all. It did not even move at all.

“What’s going on?”

This Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was immediately dumbfounded.

This second array formation was actually stronger than the first?

His apricot yellow flag had already broken the first array formation, but it actually did not move the second array formation at all!

In fact, when he waved the apricot yellow flag, wind and lightning indeed raged on the entire Golden Ao Island. Everyone almost instantly discovered the other party’s figure.

However, the diversionary formation Lu Xiaoran set up did not move at all!

This diversionary formation did not have any practical defensive ability. Any attack would directly pass through the range of the array formation.

Unless one attacked its array core, one would not be able to injure it.

Its array core also had 24 Connate Dharma treasures.

Even if those Connate Dharma treasures were not the intrinsic Dharma treasures of a Saint and were inferior to the quality of the apricot yellow flag!

However, it was still more or less comparable to a tenth of the Apricot Yellow Flag’s power!

This caused the other party to be completely unable to break through Lu Xiaoran’s diversionary formation.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran had already come out. When the Jie School disciples saw him come out, they immediately bowed to him.

“Greetings, Sect Master.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and raised his hand slightly and excused them from their niceties.

Then, Luo Yang immediately went forward and whispered into Lu Xiaoran’s ear, “Sect Master, this Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal should have been sent by Primordial Heaven Supreme. I saw an apricot yellow flag in his hand. That’s the intrinsic Dharma treasure of Primordial Heaven Supreme.”

“I know.”

Lu Xiaoran replied indifferently.

With such a huge matter happening on Golden Ao Island, it was impossible for Primordial Heaven Supreme to stay idle.

Among all the Saints, he had the deepest grudge with Tongtian.

The two of them were polar opposites. One followed the will of the heavens.

One was to defy the heavens and change one’s fate.

The two of them were like mortal enemies.

On the other hand, his Chan School had been bullying Jie School for so many years. Now that Jie School had suddenly sealed Golden Ao Island, it was inevitable that there was something fishy going on.

In order to suppress Jie School and prevent Jie School from reviving and continuing to pose a threat to Chan School, it was also impossible for Primordial Heaven Supreme to ignore it.

“Sect Master, what do you plan to do?”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s eyes revealed a sharp light.

“Of course… we’ll send him to the afterlife!”

Since Primordial Heaven Supreme had sent people over secretly and not openly, the other party was definitely afraid of something.

Since he was afraid, there was nothing for Lu Xiaoran to be afraid of.

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