I Am Overlord

Chapter 1742: Fury of a Disciple

Chapter 1742: Fury of a Disciple

After leaving the primal chaos world, Xiang Shaoyun and Dugu Qiubai immediately searched for human auras. The battle between Ge Yi and the aliens was too intense, so it was impossible for them to miss it.

Thus, they rushed over and arrived in time to witness the sight of Ge Yi facing eight Nine Revolutions Realm aliens. He was on the verge of being killed, a sight that caused Xiang Shaoyun to go mad.

He had never spent much time with Ge Yi, but what Ge Yi had taught him was priceless. He respected Ge Yi like a father. He was also filled with admiration for what his master had done for humanity. He had even vowed to act like his master and devote himself to guarding humanity.

He had just finished a phase of rapidly growing, and the first thing he saw was his master standing in the midst of a massive bombardment while seriously injured. It was clear that his master was in a bad situation.

He unhesitatingly rushed over because he couldn't watch as his master was killed. However, just as he was rushing over, the space around the battlefield warped and a terrifying spatial tornado appeared, sweeping all the attacks and the Nine Revolutions Realm aliens away. The tornado's creator was none other than Ge Yi. The sight shocked everyone present.

They had all thought that Ge Yi would be able to kill all those aliens, but suddenly, Ge Yi's voice rang out, "From now on, the dominion will be relying on all of you."

Those were akin to his last words. The voice reverberated endlessly through their ears, including Xiang Shaoyun's, nearly causing him to faint. With his badly injured body, Ge Yi charged into the spatial tornado and forcefully sealed the exit before causing the tornado to vanish into nothingness. Everything had happened too quickly. By the time everyone recovered from their shock, peace had returned to the battlefield.

"H-how is this possible? Why are all the lords gone?"

"Did that human use some trick to kill our lords?"

"That's impossible! Those lords can't be killed so easily! That human must have used some trick to teleport all the lords away."

"The humans are utterly repulsive. We must kill all of them!"


The aliens were infuriated. The eight experts were their kings. A single human had actually transported them all away from the battlefield. How could the aliens accept that? They vowed to erase the other humans.

The human army was under much less pressure than before, but their overall strength was still weaker than the aliens'. They weren't confident they could win if a decisive battle broke out.

"Every single one of you aliens shall die as an offering to my master!" a furious voice rang out.

The voice rumbled throughout the battlefield, causing all living beings on the battlefield to shudder. The voice's supreme imposingness was comparable to the presence of a Nine Revolutions Realm expert.

Everyone looked at the source of the voice. There, an incomparably handsome youth was walking on thin air, one step at a time. Behind him was an unassuming youth mounted on a celestial primal chaos dragon. The two were none other than Xiang Shaoyun and Dugu Qiubai.

"It's the overlord! He's finally out!" Devil Concubine exclaimed in surprise.

She was about to rush toward him, but Xiang Yangzhan stopped her. "Don't go. Yun'er is in a state of rage."

"But I'm worried that he will get himself into danger!" said Devil Concubine.

"Those aliens are the ones in danger," Purple Lightning Marquis's voice rang out behind her with a sigh.

He could sense that at this point, Xiang Shaoyun had surpassed him. With such a level of cultivation, the overlord was most definitely an existence at the peak of the God Realm.

At this time, the people from the True Martial Academy hurriedly gathered around Dugu Qiubai. They had all guessed that Dugu Qiubai would be the one to benefit the most from the primal chaos world. The mighty celestial primal chaos dragon was proof of that.

"That's the disciple of the human from earlier. I'll kill him first. Our army will no longer be stopped," said an eighth-stage alien God before charging toward Xiang Shaoyun.

That was an eight-winged celestial wolf, a member of a powerful imperial race among the aliens. His combat strength was comparable to a ninth-stage God. The wolf moved at an astonishing speed, instantly reaching Xiang Shaoyun before clawing at his heart.

The various humans felt their hearts thump at that sight. They were confident that Xiang Shaoyun would probably be killed by that one attack. After all, they were all aware that Xiang Shaoyun was only a fourth-stage God ten years ago. Even if he had benefited from the primal chaos world, he probably wouldn't be the eight-winged wolf's match.

"This is basically suicide," said the Celestial War King with a sneer.

"He is bringing Deputy Ge Yi's reputation to the ground," Di Lin agreed.

The other humans agreed with them. They believed that Xiang Shaoyun was too rash. It hadn't been easy for Ge Yi to increase the human army's morale, but Xiang Shaoyun was probably going to throw it all away.

Instantly, an astonishing scene unfolded before their eyes.

Xiang Shaoyun casually caught the wolf's massive claw. Before the wolf could react, he caught a glimpse of Xiang Shaoyun's sinister eyes. An intense unease welled within him as he quickly tried to withdraw. Alas, it was too late.


Xiang Shaoyun pulled the wolf toward him as the profundity of destruction erupted from his palm. The power of destruction latched onto the wolf, completely reducing the wolf into nothingness.


Nobody knew who it was, but someone among the crowd gulped. The sound was deafening on the silent battlefield. An eighth-stage alien God was erased just like that. Did that really happen? The crowd couldn't help but rub their eyes, wondering if they were seeing things.

"Is that all you aliens can do? No wonder my master alone can stop your entire army of millions," said Xiang Shaoyun as he swept his gaze across the alien army.

At that moment, he only wanted to fight to his heart's content and shoulder his master's responsibility, eliminating all the aliens.

"How impudent. The celestial wolf is merely a fresh eighth-stage God. I shall avenge him," shouted an alien before charging forward with a golden spike. The tip of the spike was laced with a powerful poison. The alien unleashed countless stabs toward Xiang Shaoyun, each stab powerful enough to kill an eighth-stage God.

That was a peak eighth-stage alien God.

Xiang Shaoyun did not shrink from the confrontation. He formed the seal of dragon and tiger with his hands and then pushed his palms forward. His palms seemed to carry the weight of the universe as they easily crushed the many golden spikes. The seal continued forward with as much momentum as before, instantly striking the alien and obliterating the alien's body and soul.

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