I Am Overlord

Chapter 1741: Powerful Ge Yi

Chapter 1741: Powerful Ge Yi

The outside domain battlefield was incomparably massive, but that was the only venue worthy of God Realm experts. Three years ago, the strongest of the human Gods battled the aliens. The battle ended at a draw, greatly increasing the morale of humanity.

Unfortunately, the alien army had also finished mustering their troops. They had an army of three million. The reinforcements included the strongest Gods the aliens had to offer. The first batch of the alien army was incomparable to these newly arrived experts. Not only that, but eight Nine Revolutions Realm aliens had also come. Their arrival had strengthened the aliens' resolve to crush the dominion.

The two armies were in a standoff. They had decided to have their Nine Revolutions Realm experts fight each other to decide which party would get to pass through the battlefield and go to the other's homeland. Sadly, Ge Yi was the only human expert in the Nine Revolutions Realm. Thus, the human army felt a sense of crisis.

Humanity's nine ultimate powerhouses were all Nine Revolutions Realm experts. The Guardians Guild itself had three of them: Ge Yi, Qing Hongyan, and Gongsun Yingxiong. As for the rest of the nine, they were leaders of various other organizations. None of them had come to back up Ge Yi, giving the human army a sense of despair.

The human army sent someone back to request reinforcement, but the war with the devils had also reached an intense level. Qin Hongyan and Gongsun Yingxiong were both forced to deal with the devils. Huang Tian, one of the nine powerhouses, was busy dealing with the Zombie God. As for the other powerhouses, they refrained from any action and only focused on protecting themselves. It did not seem like they were going to help at the outside domain battlefield.

Would Ge Yi alone be able to stop eight Nine Revolutions Realm aliens?

As he hovered alone amid outer space, a terrifyingly resolute will erupted from his empty eyes. It was as though his empty eyes contained boundless might. The eight Nine Revolutions Realm aliens opposite him, including Hun Lachuan and Huan Kuang, were all powerful experts that were also the alien army's leaders.

Among them, there was an unrivaled God with a silver horn on his head. He was the strongest among the eight, an expert from the celestial horned dragonsnake race. In his human form, he was clad in silver armor. A silver belt was strapped around his waist, and his feet sported a pair of Silverwind Boots. With a silver hammer in his hand and his eyes which looked at the world with disdain, he emanated the imposing aura of a lone sovereign.

He was known as the Silverhorn God King, a Seven Revolutions expert not far away from completing the nine revolutions. As for those around him, they were experts between One Revolution and Five Revolutions. Their auras were locked onto Ge Yi alone.

The Silverhorn God King looked at Ge Yi arrogantly and said, "Human, you have decent strength. It's a pity that you alone will not be able to protect all of humanity. Why don't you submit to us and become my deputy?"

Ge Yi did not bother replying. His black hair whipping about, he took a step forward and threw out a punch, answering the Silverhorn God King with his fist. The punch was akin to an exploding star, carrying terrifying destructiveness.

"Stupid and stubborn," said the Silverhorn God King as he sent his palm out, attempting to obliterate the palm attack.

But right after the Silverhorn God King grabbed the first punch, Ge Yi unleashed 99 punches in a row. These punches were aimed not only at the Silverhorn God King but also at the other Nine Revolutions Realm aliens.

From the moment the first punch was thrown, the space around Ge Yi had transformed into his domain, trapping the eight aliens. He intended to face the eight experts by himself. His unrivaled imposingness caused all the observing Gods to be astonished.

"Is Deputy Ge Yi fighting alone? Can he win?"

"Lord Ge Yi is unrivaled. He will be victorious. If even he is defeated, the dominion will be in danger."

"Why are the other guardian gods not here? Damn it!"

"If I was also in the Nine Revolutions Realm, I would take Lord Ge Yi as my role model and face an army of countless enemies all by myself!"


Sounds of discussion broke out among the human army. They wanted nothing more than to join the battle. Alas, they were too weak. Over the years, humanity had sent many reinforcements to the battlefield. However, none of them was a Nine Revolutions Realm expert. Thus, all the reinforcements were pointless.

"Audacious. You dare challenge all of us? You're courting death," said the Silverhorn God King furiously. He commanded the other aliens, "Just watch. I'll offer his blood to our war banner."

Silver electrical currents appeared all over his body while a sea of lightning formed around him. The lightning bolts transformed into countless celestial horned dragonsnakes and swarmed Ge Yi. Each snake was 10,000 meters long. The destructiveness of the silver lightning could easily destroy anyone the lightning touched.

In response, Ge Yi ignored the silver lightning bolts and manifested the phantom of the dominion behind him as he continued throwing punch after punch forward. The many lightning snakes were smashed apart as his boundless fist intent rumbled toward the Silverhorn God King.

Ge Yi's attacks looked simple. He merely threw one straight punch after another. However, his punches were akin to the collision of stars, containing the unstoppable might to swallow the entire universe.

The Silverhorn God King was similarly a terrifying expert. As a Seven Revolutions expert, each move of his carried unrivaled might. Countless silver lightning bolts converged to create a terrifying field of lightning.

Rumble! Rumble!

The punches and the lightning collided, creating unending explosions. Finally, Ge Yi was able to punch through the field of lightning, sending a punch through the Silverhorn God King's chest, causing a large amount of blood to scatter into space.

But before Ge Yi could pull back after that punch, the Silverhorn God King erupted with a blinding brilliance. A bolt of lightning shot toward Ge Yi. The destructive lightning could destroy everything in existence. Its power had reached the pinnacle, scary enough that even a peak Nine Revolutions expert would fear it.

Ge Yi was unable to withdraw in time, and the lightning bolt blasted his shoulder. Half his body burst apart, giving him an incomparably sorry appearance. However, Ge Yi lived up to his status as one of the nine human powerhouses. Two beams shot out of his eyes and struck the Silverhorn God King, forcibly stopping his opponent from pressing on with the attack.

Both sides had suffered from the short collision, but such injuries were nothing for them. They could recover in the blink of an eye. However, the other Nine Revolutions Realm aliens were unwilling to keep watching. Hun Lachuan's formless soul attack abruptly descended upon Ge Yi. At the same time, a different alien spat a raging inferno out of his mouth.

The other aliens also attacked with their trump cards, unleashing a fatal round of attacks upon Ge Yi. Just as the boundlessly powerful attacks were about to strike Ge Yi's body, Xiang Shaoyun and Dugu Qiubai arrived at the battlefield and saw what was happening.

"Master!" howled Xiang Shaoyun anxiously.

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