I Am Overlord

Chapter 1743: Overbearing Exterminations

Chapter 1743: Overbearing Exterminations

Xiang Shaoyun had easily killed two eighth-stage alien Gods, shocking everyone present.

"How is this kid so strong? Is he at the same level as the powerful human from before?"

"They must have been too careless. If they had attacked with all their strength immediately, they wouldn't have been defeated so easily."

"That's right. How can the weak humans be our match in the same cultivation realm? This kid is probably at ninth-stage God Realm. We need a God of the same realm to kill him."

"Just watch. This kid won't be around for long. There will be a lord to step forward and take him down."


"This kid has the strength of a ninth-stage God. I'll take him down," a loud voice rang out.

A sturdy person stepped out. He was none other than Xiong Tianba, who had suffered a defeat in Xiang Shaoyun's hands thirteen years ago. His aura had grown much stronger, and he was resolute in making up for his previous defeat.

"A loser like you dares to run your mouth off? Why don't you get some helpers to fight alongside you?" said Xiang Shaoyun scornfully.

"You got lucky last time. Today, I'll kill you," said Xiong Tianba. With a roar, he turned back into his true form. His aura surged as his massive body charged forth. He swatted his massive bear paw at Xiang Shaoyun.

The swat caused space itself to collapse and threatened to tear even stars apart. It was overwhelmingly powerful. The humans appeared worried when they saw Xiong Tianba's attack. They knew Xiong Tianba well. He was an alien who had killed many human experts. They were no longer confident Xiang Shaoyun could win.

"As Lord Ge Yi's disciple, he must be able to win," said a human.

"Of course. He can't embarrass Deputy Ge Yi here," someone else agreed.

"That's right. If he really can't beat this opponent, he should retreat and have someone else fight," said someone else.

Rather than being actually supportive, it was clear that they were trying to create trouble and put more pressure on Xiang Shaoyun. And after Xiang Shaoyun was defeated, they would have an excuse to continue to verbally assault him.

Devil Concubine lost her patience and berated them, "The only thing cowards like you can do is talk. If you have the balls, why don't you go face the aliens?"

Devil Concubine had not reaped many benefits from the primal chaos wall because she had the Yin Yang Physique. Primal chaos energy was not suitable for her. However, the celestial darkdevil tree, which was living in her body, had benefited massively. The tree had finally gathered enough primal chaos energy to enter the Nine Revolutions Realm. After repeated breakthroughs, the tree had even forged an eternal plant body.

The celestial darkdevil tree repaid Devil Concubine after breaking through. In the boundless space, light and darkness origin energies were in great abundance. Under the celestial darkdevil tree's help, Devil Concubine managed to gather these energies and reach sixth-stage Rebirth Realm. Her comprehension of the dao of time had deepened, and her performance in the battle against the aliens was stunning, comparable with even those elite young Gods.

Her words were good enough to shut their mouths. After all, Ling Ziruo and Song Tiandao were standing with her. They would not allow anyone to vilify Xiang Shaoyun.

Meanwhile, Xiang Shaoyun replied to the troublemakers with his actions.

His mental state calmed and became as stable as a mountain, and his fist intent grew as boundless as the ocean. Like his master, he threw a simple straight punch. A star manifested, crushing through Xiong Tianba's paw like it was nothing.

Then, Xiang Shaoyun took another step forward. Like a dragon roaming the nine heavens, he moved rapidly and stomped at Xiong Tianba's face with primal chaos lightning powering his leg.

His stomp contained the profundity of wind, which granted extreme speed, and the profundity of lightning, which granted immense destruction. The two profundities were being put to use at maximum efficiency, and they struck Xiong Tianba before he could react. His face caved in as a large amount of blood sprayed out. Primal chaos lightning wreaked havoc in his body, attempting to end his life.

"Kid, don't get too cocky!" Zhu Ganglie was Xiong Tianba's close friend. He could not watch as Xiong Tianba was being killed, so he sallied forth, carrying a powerful baleful aura with him.

Astral Skyburn Flame!

A plume of raging flame spouted from Zhu Ganglie's mouth, instantly surrounding Xiang Shaoyun with a mesmerizing golden flame powerful enough to instantly melt god-grade weapons.

The plume was a top-tier god-grade flame, the lifebound flame Zhu Ganglie had nourished since he was young and transformed into a completely unique flame. Nobody of the same cultivation level would dare to approach such a flame because that would only result in being turned into ashes. However, Xiang Shaoyun ignored the flame and put more strength into his leg, crushing Xiong Tianba's body and causing his soul to hurriedly flee in fear.

"Brother Zhu, save me!" Xiong Tianba lost all his courage.

It hadn't been easy for him to reach such a high level of cultivation, but he couldn't even take one attack from Xiang Shaoyun. That dealt a great blow to his confidence. Alas, his beloved Brother Zhu couldn't save him. An indestructible profundity of death surged out of Xiang Shaoyun's leg, destroying all his life force and his body.

When the golden flame landed on Xiang Shaoyun's body, an indescribable power emerged from his body and significantly lowered the intensity of the flame, preventing Xiang Shaoyun from suffering too much damage. Xiang Shaoyun opened his mouth at the same time and sucked in the golden flame.

Zhu Ganglie laughed nastily and said, "Little bastard, you dare swallow my raging thousand fortune flame? You're courting death."

"Raging thousand fortune flame? Decent name," said Xiang Shaoyun nonchalantly as a trace of the golden flame spouted out of his nose.

When Zhu Ganglie saw that Xiang Shaoyun was perfectly fine, his eyebrows twitched and a sense of unease rose within him. Then, Xiang Shaoyun mimicked Zhu Ganglie and spouted a terrifying plume of flame out of his mouth. That was no longer the raging thousand fortune flame. Rather, it was the primal chaos flame—the king of all flames—that was much scarier than Zhu Ganglie's flame.

With a wail, Zhu Ganglie hurriedly retreated, not daring to face Xiang Shaoyun. He had personally witnessed how easily Xiong Tianba was killed. Facing the primal chaos flame, he had zero confidence in facing Xiang Shaoyun. How could Xiang Shaoyun allow the alien to escape? Like a primal chaos dragon, the flame rumbled forth with a world-shaking might.

"Save Zhu Ganglie," commanded an alien.

Several powerful aliens charged Xiang Shaoyun.

However, the primal chaos flame dragon instantly reached Zhu Ganglie and swallowed him whole.

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