Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 528 - Chapter 528: Mid-Autumn split apart (1)

Chapter 528: Mid-Autumn split apart (1)

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The three directors praised Xia Bohe’s performance to the heavens.

The host, Zeng Qiyi, activated ‘death’s mouth’ again. Mr. Zhongqiu, you were so confident just now, weren’t you? you didn’t expect the director to like Mr. Xia’s performance more? Now, what do you think of this huge reversal?”

Zhong Qiu looked at the troublemaking host in disbelief!

[ host, you’re a real warrior! ]

[ hahaha, the expert appraiser is here again! ] [ the main attraction of this show is actually the host. I support him! ]

[ fight! Fight! ] [ I’m so excited! ]

[ zhongqiu: I’m cracking! ]

[ zhongqiu: I was furious, but I couldn’t show it. ]

[ Mid-Autumn: it’s getting cold, time for the host to step down! ]

or, let me change my question. Zeng Qiyi smiled slyly and asked an even more tricky question. I heard that Mr. Zhong asked Ms. Xia not to cry backstage, right? ‘

It’s your head!

Zhong Qiu’s vision turned black.

But he still had to maintain his gentlemanly demeanor!

If she said no, she would be lying. The camera had already captured it!

If he said yes, it would be a slap to his own face!

Zhong Qiu was in a dilemma.

“Well, it seems that teacher Zhong is still acting. Then, teacher Xia, can you talk about it? have you smoked before? I’m sure the director and the audience are very curious, right?” The host, Zeng Qiyi, vented his anger on zhongqiu, then passed the microphone to Xia Bohe. your performance was as if you’ve experienced it yourself.

Not to mention Zhong Qiu, even the audience didn’t expect this.

He didn’t want zhongqiu to speak at all. He only wanted to mock her and give the time to summer!

Zhong Qiu felt like he was suffocating.

At this moment, he finally realized that he had no idea what Liu Yitong had experienced before!

Only now did he know how infuriating the host, summer, and the three directors were when put together!

As expected, the moment Xia Bo took the microphone, her words pierced his heart. I’ve never smoked before, but I’ve seen many men smoke. I learned it just now, Oh … There wasn’t much time to prepare, so if the performance wasn’t good enough, I’m sorry.”

Did she not perform well?

Then why didn’t he get praised by the director? Was it very bad?

Zhong Qiu wanted to hit someone!

“You’re good! Xiaxia is super nice!”

There was a sudden scream from the audience.

Mid-Autumn was furious. Xia Bo he looked down the stage and saw two girls sitting together. They were holding a light sign, their faces red.

Perhaps she felt embarrassed after shouting out loud.

Sharmie also smiled shyly and waved at them. I’ll do my best. Thank you.


Lu Linlin and Zhao xiaohan hugged each other. They were so excited that they could die.

“She’s talking to us!”

“Mm! She even waved at us!”

“Quickly tell Bao zhengyu who’s working overtime!”

The two of them were in high spirits.

Someone next to them poked them curiously. are you guys fans of summer catmint? She’s really pretty.”

Zhao xiaohan nodded with all her might, looking very proud.

The zhongqiu fans in front didn’t dare to let out a fart or raise their heads. They were all dying of embarrassment at this moment!

However, as fans of Shiba, they were really proud!

She had won beautifully!

As fans, they felt extremely good and honored!

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she’s really powerful. You’ll know when you see her.

The two of them began to promote the items to the people around them.

And this trend of advertising gradually spread under the stage.

Three rounds of competition, her radiance was almost unable to be concealed!

Many people liked her, or were on the way to like her!

[beep!] Defeat summer mint mission failed!]

Zhou xiran was speechless..

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