Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 529 - Chapter 529: She didn’t light fireworks, but heart fire (1)

Chapter 529: She didn’t light fireworks, but heart fire (1)

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Lin Qi hugged Xia Bo Li excitedly as she walked off the stage. that was amazing. I was worried to death when I saw the questions.

Smoking … This kind of bad behavior simply couldn’t be linked to her pure image.

However, the scene just now was simply too beautiful.

you were a fallen angel just now. You have the dark element, a little A! Lin Qi’s face was flushed with excitement.

Ke youbin, who had just arrived at the venue, happened to see this scene.

sister-in-law, is this what you learned in your university classes? ‘

He felt that the eyes of that fallen Street guy didn’t seem like those of a little girl.

But after some thought, she shook her head.

In the past, she had seen too many Dream Chasers in hengdian who worked hard but failed, fell into despair, were beyond redemption, and could no longer get up. They used alcohol and smoking to numb themselves.

Many people had stayed there for nearly ten years and had not given up. They were ecstatic when they got a line.

However, there were even more people, countless people, who left hengdian in disappointment every year, leaving behind their most disappointed and depraved moments in hengdian.

When the light in one’s heart was extinguished, that kind of look would appear.

“I didn’t learn it in the University.”

“I saw it.”

She had seen it and even experienced it before. When she entered the system and learned it at a time flow of 10000:1, she managed to master it before the start of the competition.

“See?” Ke youbin’s peach blossom eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

No matter what method was used, to be able to perform it after seeing it once was a one in a million talent in acting!

Meanwhile, in the lounge.

The chubby manager was also mumbling, fortunately, she didn’t choose us this round. Otherwise, brother Zhou, you .

It was dangerous.

Zhou Weize raised his eyes and looked at him silently, ” what misunderstanding do you have about my ability? ‘

“Sigh, her level of acting is already very high. Even if you don’t lose, you’ll only win by a narrow margin in a fight between two strong opponents.” The manager sighed.

it’s only the third round. The movie King is going up against a newbie, and he can only win by a narrow margin. That’s too much of a scam!

“Oh right, brother Zhou, did you hear what the director said? This topic was originally given to you. If you were asked to act, how would you act?”

How to act?

Zhou Weize’s impatient gaze returned to the screen.

It was already showing the next match.

However, the woman who had lit a fire in the dark night seemed to still be in front of his eyes.

In the darkness, his heart had turned to ash.

He could only use his eyes to find the light.

However, the match couldn’t light the heart fire.

The smoke that he had desperately searched for could only light up a little bit of time.

In a few breaths, the smoke was gone, and darkness returned.

His acting was nothing more than this.

Lighting a fire was both a firework and a fire in the heart.

Two levels.

This performance was not only on the surface, but also on the spiritual level.

Zhou Weize turned his head and looked at his agent, who was waiting for an answer. you’re so long-winded.

A thought flashed through his mind. She was really different from before.

That year …

However, as soon as the thought emerged, Zhou Weize quickly closed his eyes and suppressed it.

Forget it, it had nothing to do with him.

As for Zhou xiran, who was related to him in the Zhou family, she was staring at the punishment BUFF in a daze.

[ you will fall with every step you take in front of the person you care about the most. ]

[ the maximum number of players who can wrestle during each encounter is 3.

[ it will last for 7 days. ]

Was Zhou xiran really going crazy?

“I didn’t think of playing any tricks this time? This ridiculous teammate …!

Who the hell is Zhao Zhenzhen!”

Zhou xiran wanted to vomit blood.

On the other side, Zhou Weize was just about to go on stage when he saw a girl with a red face asking for an autograph.

He frowned, but in the blink of an eye, the girl let out an “ah” and fell flat on her face in front of him!

Zhou Weize turned around and strode away with his long legs, frowning at the camera, ” can a TV station also get in with illegitimate fans? ‘

Zhao Zhenzhen was speechless.

Zhong Qiu was in the middle of an interview with the festival team. He wanted to give a speech to save his image, but as soon as he stood up, he seemed to trip over something.

In front of the camera, he fell into a kneeling position!

[ there’s no need for such a big bow! ]

[ boss … [ after brewing for half a day, you’re already kneeling? ]

[ you’re really a bad boss! ]

Zhong Qiu was speechless..

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