Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

Chapter 527 - Chapter 527: She’s basically a Wolf in rabbit skin (1)

Chapter 527: She’s basically a Wolf in rabbit skin (1)

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Zhong Qiu was still smiling like a gentleman.

His entire body was radiating with confidence and a powerful radiance.

She even asked suzerain to come to the emcee’s side.

But then they heard the emcee say, ” director Yan, what’s your topic? why don’t you tell us first? ‘

“Zhongqiu’s performance just now was not bad.”

Director Yan’s words made the smile on Zhong Qiu’s handsome face become even brighter.

He bowed to the director to thank him.

But just as he stood up, the handsome smile on his face that could not be concealed was cruelly smothered by director Yan’s next sentence on stage!

but little Xia … He’s even better, and he amazed me just now.”

This sudden turn of events stunned Zhong Qiu.

It was as if a meteorite had fallen and hit him directly in the face. His smile froze, and his expression control had completely failed! [ pfft! ] [ I knew the director was going to say ‘but’! ]

[ whoever gets evaluated first will lose! ]

[ CEO zhongqiu, how’s your face? ]

[ chief zhongqiu: you, as the director, have successfully attracted my attention!

[ chief zhongqiu: the weather is getting cold, let director Yan go bankrupt. ]

[ hhhhhhh, the netizen in front, are you a crosstalk comedian?! ]

The bullet comments were dying of laughter.

Some of the audience members couldn’t help but laugh.

That was because Zhong Qiu’s expression was too disheartening and too funny!

He turned to look at Xia Bohe in disbelief, as if he couldn’t understand why the girl who had just said that she had lost to him was now the winner when she had just looked like she was saying, ” I might not have acted well, I’m so nervous, I know nothing about smoking, so I’m probably going to lose “?

Xia Bo Li only replied with a surprised emoji as if she had won the lottery.

thank you for your compliment, director Yan.

She was really like a little white Rabbit who only relied on luck!

However, Zhong Qiu soon heard the commentary of the other two directors.

Xiao Xia. Wang ruoning’s expression was complicated. She looked at her as if she was looking at a treasure, studying its age and value. you really surprised me. I still can’t see the limits of your acting. It seems like you can take on any role. ”

It had nothing to do with age, character, or background!

Director Zhou fan was not stingy with his praise, ” I was the one who came up with this topic. I don’t know what went wrong with the festival team. I originally planned to give it to Zhou Weize and Qiu Ren, but now it’s in your hands.

but I can only say that I’m grateful to the festival team for their mistake. Xia, your cigarette-lighting performance just now was very sophisticated. Not only did you let me see the clear steps and reasons behind every action, but you also let me see the character, a living person.

“It even made me curious and I wanted to continue watching. I wanted to find out what kind of woman appeared in the camera just now. Why did she have to wake up at night to light a cigarette? Why did she have to show such a sorrowful but unhurt smile?” even her mature style was revealed for which man.

you’re telling a story. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see the end when the picture stopped.

Zhou fan said a lot.

Because this was his question, he had more say than any director.

Zhong Qiu’s expression became uglier and uglier as he listened to such a long comment. A layer of cold air even climbed up his tailbone!

He couldn’t help but turn to look at the harmless-looking sherbar on the other side of the host.

What little white Rabbit that relied on luck!

She was basically a Wolf in rabbit skin, right?

Zhong Qiu’s expression was complicated.

He didn’t underestimate her, but she still crushed his bones with one bite!

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