His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Still Unable To Leave Her Alone Eventually

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Lu Yanchen’s brows furrowed immediately as his muscular arms scooped out and carried her gently into his embrace. Her body was totally fluffy as she leaned onto his body like a snake without bones. What came into his ears were long drawn breaths.

Lu Yanchen looked at her quietly for two seconds before his brows started unraveling while he asked coldly, “Asleep?”

In the silent lift, the only sound which could be heard was Shi Guang’s regulated breathing. It was light and drawn out, yet ever so clear.

Lu Yanchen’s face turned frosty as he let go of his arm and pushed Shi Guang away immediately so that she would end up leaning on the wall of the lift.

Initially, he had thought that this ungentlemanly act of his would definitely wake this woman, who was in a deep slumber up. But, little did he expect that her brows had only unfurled slightly as a single hand of hers was stuck onto the wall of the lift while she continued to sleep.

Lu Yanchen, “…”

Just how tired was she?

They had arrived on the eleventh floor now. Shi Guang, who was deep in slumber, did not know that, and Lu Yanchen did not tell her either.

The lift door closed and continued to rise. They had arrived on the 12th floor as well.

Lu Yanchen, who was not the one in a deep slumber, stood in the lift motionlessly. He did not have any intention of stepping out at all.

The lift door closed once again. Someone on one of the lower floors had pressed for the lift. With that, the lift began its descent slowly until it came to a stop on the 1st floor.

Outside the lift was a man on the phone with someone else.

There were people in the lift. Initially, the man had wanted to wait for them to exit first. But, neither of them would step out. Eventually, the man ended his call and stepped into the lift.

He pressed for the 8th floor that he was staying at. When the lift was rising, he could not help but feel that the two people in the lift were extremely weird. First, he peeked over at the woman on his right. This woman was just sleeping while leaning on the lift?

Unable to contain his amusement at this, he peeked a few more times; then, yet another few more times…

Suddenly, he felt a cold, sharp glare darting at him from his left side as an extremely repressive aura crushed down onto him.

This deep, cold pressure enveloped the entire lift.

The man tilted his head slightly and looked at the man on his left. This man was dressed exceptionally well, and had some extraordinarily handsome features. His gaze was just like a sharp arrow that seemed about to pierce through him.


Suddenly, the man felt like the air in the entire lift was super thin and he could barely breathe. By the time the lift reached the eighth floor, the man fluttered off as though he was running for his life.

The doors of the lift closed once more. Lu Yanchen looked over at Shi Guang and hesitated for two seconds before extending his hands to press for the 11th floor.

As the lift was rising, Lu Yanchen took over Shi Guang’s bag before carrying her up horizontally.

The woman in his embrace was really light. Lu Yanchen frowned before lowering his head to look at her, “Everything you’ve eaten in the past two years was for nothing!”

Shi Guang buried her head in and unconsciously used her face to rub at his arm. Those initially knitted brows of hers started relaxing out.

This was an action that was so gentle, but even so, was enough to have Lu Yanchen freeze up as he reminisced about the time two years ago…

At that time, she loved rubbing against his body as such. Her favorite action was to hug him from behind and wrap her hands around his waist where she would then stick her face onto his back and rub against it…

As the lift doors opened, Lu Yanchen regained his senses.

With a cold face, he carried Shi Guang out of the lift. His eyes were alternating between light and dark as he bit down on his lips coldly.

Using the keys to open the doors, he carried her in before dumping her onto the bed. His actions weren’t gentle in the least bit; it was an attitude as though the life and death of Shi Guang was none of his concern.

Still, Shi Guang did not wake up and just flipped her body around.

Her t-shirt rolled up a little, revealing a little of her waist.

Lu Yanchen turned around and wanted to leave. But suddenly, his gaze landed on some bruises on her waist…

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