His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: It’s Not A Dream, Right?

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Lu Yanchen’s face turned dark as he squinted his eyes while emanating a cold aura.

Bending over, he pulled up Shi Guang’s t-shirt with his long, slender fingers to reveal an entire waist of bruises.

Shifting his gaze over to Shi Guang’s neck, he found some slight wrinkles there as though she had been in the water for a long time. Comparing it to that clean, delicate face of hers, there was evidently some difference.

He then looked over at her arms, elbows, and legs…they were all filled with the same slight wrinkles.

Just how long did she spend in the water?

Lu Yanchen’s face turned extremely terrible, sinking into a cold expression. He pulled over the blankets and covered her roughly. He then looked at her with a last deep gaze before that tall body of his walked off.

Shi Guang slept all the way till daybreak.

She had not set an alarm, and her body clock failed to work as well. It was only till her mobile started ringing that she was awakened.

In a daze, she peeled open her eyes and checked out the clock around her bed. The clock hand was pointing at 10…

That slumped state she was in disappeared immediately as she jerked up.

Her body was aching all over, especially at the waist area…

Even though swimming was an activity that depended on the four limbs, one’s control of their waist was the most important in actual fact. She was clearly injured over that excessive training from the previous day.

Shi Guang flipped out a mobile that rang out relentlessly from her bag.

The call was from Boss Lei. The moment the call connected, his hurried voice sounded out, “Shi Guang, no matter where you are right now, I want you to come to my office at the fastest possible speed you can. Your new coach has arrived!”

Shi Guang was taken aback in disbelief, “What did you say? New coach…?”

“Hurry and come!!”

“Oh, right! Alright, alright!”

Shi Guang hung up the phone and packed up at her fastest speed. She then rode on her motorbike over to the club.

Yesterday was simply way too exhausting. After coming off from her motorbike, it was as though her entire body and brains no longer belonged to her. She could only barely recall bumping into Lu Yanchen. Thereafter, how she got home and onto her bed, she didn’t have the slightest bit of recollection…

While training was important, raising the intensity of the training this much out of nowhere seemed to have done more harm than good.

But thankfully, there was a change of coach today.

Only…Why were they changing coach out of the blue?

Was the reason why Wu Xing made things difficult for her yesterday because he knew that he was about to be changed? Could that be the case? But, there was no news or rumors about them changing the coach at all! And, the way Wu Xing behaved, it didn’t seem as though he was to be replaced anytime soon as well.

‘New coach…Who could it be? Is he professional?’

But, no matter who the one replacing was, she presumed that he couldn’t be any worse than Wu Xing.

Carrying this unsettled feeling, Shi Guang arrived at the club and knocked on the doors of Boss Lei’s office.

After obtaining permission, Shi Guang pushed the doors and entered. A single glance was enough for her to catch sight of the middle-aged man who was in conversation with Boss Lei.

Shi Guang’s eyes went wide open and filled with astonishment. She could not even stop herself from gasping out, “Zhang Shulin!”

Boss Lei was all smiles as he stood up and beckoned for Shi Guang to come over passionately, “Shi Guang is here! Hurry and come over!”

The middle-aged man looked at Shi Guang as well.

Shi Guang was getting nervous now. This was Zhang Shulin! A former coach of the national team!

The new coach…Was it him? Her brows twitched as her entire body went emotional. Restless and unsettled, she greeted nervously, “H-Hello! Teacher Zhang!”

“Hello, Shi Guang.” Zhang Shulin nodded his head as he vision was sizing up Shi Guang’s face. There was a mysteriously complex expression he was putting on his face, “From today on, I will be your coach.”

“Me?” Shi Guang felt as though she had just been knocked hard on the head by a cookie that had dropped down from the Heavens.

Back when Zhang Shulin stepped down from the scene, he had once said that even if he were to take in any students in the future, there would be nothing more than a single last disciple under him.

She was both overwhelmed with joy and stupefaction, unable to believe in this, “Why…me?”

This was way too much of a surprise! Was she dreaming?

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