His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Completely Exerted To The Point of Exhaustion

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Lu Yanchen stopped in his tracks and swerved around entirely. His face was cold and murderous as that overarching body of his looked down and snarled at her, “SCRAM!!”

His voice seemed as though it was lined with a layer of ice, causing the entire air to freeze up with a chilling gust. Slow and deep, it would bring about goosebumps to anyone nearby.

He Xinnuo was so scared that she stumbled back a few steps.

With his eyes wide open, the way the man was looking at her was filled with contempt and disdain, as though she was nothing more than a clown. She felt as though she was drowned within some ice-cold liquid right now as shivers ran through her body spontaneously.

All the surrounding staff were rooted as well, not daring to even breathe in deeply. This expressionless indifference that Young Master Lu was portraying right now was more frightening than his cool demeanor.

Ma Lesheng immediately sensed that something was not right here as he rushed over instantly to drag He Xinnuo away, who was scared stiff. He added on softly, “You can mess with anyone… anyone but him! Are you tired of living…?”

He then secretly waved off the staff nearby.

All of them gasped for breath, and in less than a minute, they disappeared without a trace, leaving only Lu Yanchen behind.

Lu Yanchen bit down on his lips as his expression turned frosty once more.

If she didn’t want to come, so be it! To think that she would send such a disgusting thing in her place!

His disposition was icy, as that well-built body of his was enveloped in a chilling aura. He then walked out of the place with huge steps.

At the carpark, a single ‘beep’ was heard from his car as Lu Yanchen opened it up before slamming it down loudly, causing his murderous aura to emanate out in the world.




The chain of actions was swift.

In the next second after the car was driven off, he loosened his feet on the accelerator.

His face was tightly strung up right now as he glared at the distance ahead with an icy stare. Those long fingers of his gripped onto the steering wheel tightly…

Quiet… It was really quiet right now as the aura around him reeked of a deathly silence.

After a long time, an ironic smile flashed out across those handsome lips of his. Closing his eyes, he leaned back on the seat as he placed his fingers between his brows and rubbed gently.

Shi Guang had finished all of her training and was dragging that fatigued body of hers home.

Parking her motorbike in the small neighborhood, she could barely summon the strength to drag herself off. Today, Wu Xing was hell-bent on making things difficult for her. To think that he would actually stay all the way to ensure that she finished her training before he left.

Three times the training was truly something that Shi Guang could not handle, as she exhausted every single last bit of strength she had. Right now, she felt like she was floating and her entire body was weightless. Her bones were yawning out and she could barely even straighten her back.

Raising her body up, she slowly dragged her feet out for that first step.

The door of the car parked in front of her was suddenly pushed open by someone as a tall figure stepped out of it.

With one hand in his pocket, he glared at her coldly. Under this grim night sky where there were no stars, the distance between them seemed so far, despite them being so close.

‘Lu Yanchen…! Has he returned this late as well?’

He Xinnuo was the one who had given him the lesson today. Was he pleased with it? Did he have any plans of changing coaches?

Shi Guang looked at him once before continuing with her listless steps.

Passing by him, Lu Yanchen’s eyes could not help but squint a little as he then started walking toward the apartment as well.

In the lift, Shi Guang double checked this time around to ensure that she had pressed for the 11th floor before slumping onto the walls of the lift.

Lu Yanchen raised his eyes and looked at her calmly. Those eyes were deep without a single bit of ripple in them. The sides of his lips were curled in an odd manner, seemingly mocking.

Shi Guang didn’t know what to say.

Right now, she was truly really tired and had no energy left to guess his intentions. Every single bit of strength and will she had left was only enough to hold out until she got home.

The lift was so silent that one could even hear water dripping.

Lu Yanchen bit on his lips coldly. Opening them up, it seemed as though he wanted to say something…

But all of a sudden, Shi Guang had closed her eyes as that slumped body of hers started sliding down the walls listlessly…

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