His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Words of Strong Underlying Hints

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Lu Yanchen’s eyes that were as still as the surface of a lake quickly flashed with a look of coldness following which, his frosty disposition was displayed out entirely.

Without saying a single word, he stuck his hands into his pocket and walked coldly.

When He Xinnuo looked at this man who was walking toward her step by step, she started feeling nervous as her eyes were shrouded with a mesmerizing charm. Her brain recalled back to the previous day where he walked to present her the prize in the exact same manner.

Be it in terms of looks or value, this man was on the highest tier. It was hard not to be moved over him.

“Before attending the lesson, you have to change out of your clothes first. We’ll then do some warmups before…” She muttered out while looking at Lu Yanchen shyly. At the same time, she was fantasizing over the way she would play around with Lu Yanchen in the water flirtatiously.

But unexpectedly, Lu Yanchen just breezed by her.

He Xinnuo had not even finished her words when she felt choked.

Her face was really spectacular to look at right now with shades of white and red. The man had not given her even a single glance and just walked by her as though she was air!

“Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu…!” He Xinnuo snapped to her senses and chased after him.

The tall man before her did not turn around. That sturdy back of his reflected the light of the sun as his entire body gave off a disposition of an emperor that was high above the rest. Unknowingly, he gave off an extremely crushing pressure.

This man was way too handsome, way too charismatic. She did not want to give up just like this. This might probably be her only chance.

“Mr. Lu, I am the runner-up for the College Games the previous time. You even handed me the prize personally, remember? Please trust me. I am very professional in my techniques, and will definitely not let you down!”

He Xinnuo had finally caught up to Lu Yanchen’s side as that tiny heart of hers thumped furiously. She was hoping that this quiet and reserved, yet profound man would be conquered by her.

Presenting her most dazzling smile with an intoxicating grace, she was just like an alluring glass of wine right now as she made eyes bewitchingly at Lu Yanchen.

However, the latter was only bothered with walking at his own pace, and would not even bother to glance at He Xinnuo even once.

He Xinnuo’s expression right now was terrible.

Shi Guang had given him two lessons. Had she said anything bad about her in front of this man?

That must be the case! Otherwise, why else would he show her such a bad attitude if he didn’t know her?

“Mr. Lu! I don’t know what Shi Guang must have told you, but I wish to let you know that had it not been for my injury on the day of the College Games, she would have never gotten the championship…! You can ask my coach! Be it in terms of speed or posture, I am the best in our club!”

Lu Yanchen continued walking ahead.

But, when He Xinnuo was done with her words, he did turn around and glared at her indifferently. All of his emotions were hidden beneath those black pupils of his where one could not grasp them at all.

He Xinnuo was convinced that these words of hers were causing some effects, “Please believe in my techniques. I will definitely teach you with all my heart, and make sure that you learn how to swim as quickly as possible…”

The reason why that private coaching contract Shi Guang had signed had such a high penalty fee was because this man’s water vertigo had to be kept a secret. Therefore, He Xinnuo did not know at all and presumed that it was just merely teaching someone to swim as per normal.

“You are the only student I’ve got, and I will focus all my attention on you. As for Shi Guang, she has many students. And they’re all…rich men! The prices offered to her by those men are really high as well…”

As He Xinnuo continued speaking, her words came to a still.

There was a strong underlying hint in her words which would cause people to think that Shi Guang had some indecent dealings with those men.

Lu Yanchen stopped in his tracks and swerved around entirely. His face was cold and murderous as that overarching body of his looked down and snarled at her, “SCRAM!!”

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