Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 704 - Before the Great Change

Chapter 704 Before the Great Change

Li Mu’s body trembled, and all the demons disappeared.

“He’s just a devil!”

Li Mu chuckled in his heart.

If it wasn’t for his will and primordial spirit, he would be a demon now!

His understanding of demons had probably surpassed that of demons.

The weakness of his primordial spirit was the weakness of the devil.

Killing a few demons was like crushing an ant to him now.

He didn’t come here to kill these little demons.

He would destroy all the great demons and give himself some time to deal with the Demon Clans.

If the Demon Clan wanted to trap him in the You Fu Forest, they would probably do something big.

If it were him, he would have spent a lot of effort to trap his opponent. If he didn’t do anything, it wouldn’t be him.

In the Demon Region.

Li Mu went on a killing spree.

After the aura leaked out, more demons gathered.

All the demons that approached Li Mu were shattered and killed by him.

“Other masters might not be able to kill you, but unfortunately, you encountered me. It’s just a mutated primordial spirit!”

At the same time, Li Mu absorbed the energy of the collapsed demon.

When necessary, Li Mu would devour some demons to understand the situation in the Demon Territory.

The current him was not afraid of the devil’s demonic qi at all.

The devouring demon could instantly resolve the demonic qi.

In an instant, Li Mu’s body was empty.

When the other demons saw this, a wave of cold water poured down on their heads, and their fanatical hearts were instantly extinguished.

Li Mu’s aura was revealed, and the demons who had just woken up became fanatical again. Other than a few who felt that something was wrong and retreated crazily without looking at Li Mu, the other demons did not escape Li Mu’s massacre.

As time passed.

A few years later, legends of Li Mu began to appear in many places in the Demon Region. The demons who didn’t believe it rushed towards Li Mu.

“It’s not easy for food to appear in our Demon Territory. Wouldn’t it be a pity to let it go?”

A few years later, many demons who did not believe in evil disappeared.

Even if they survived, they would believe it.

Gradually, the little devil also knew that the result of approaching Li Mu was a dead end.

Without the little devil, the great devil wouldn’t believe it.

Decades later, no demon took the initiative to approach Li Mu.

They either ran into each other or Li Mu was chasing after the demons.

Somewhere in the Demon Region.

This day, Chang Ming swallowed a small demon and opened his eyes.

“Senior is here?”

Chang Ming was a little uncertain.

There was no time to wear down the demonic qi on his body as he flew towards Li Mu.

Five years later, Chang Ming caught up with Li Mu above a city.


At this moment, the city had already turned into ruins.

All the demons in the city disappeared without a trace.


“You’re still alive?”

When he saw Chang Ming, Li Mu had an indescribable feeling.

It was an accident!

There was also some guilt.

He didn’t expect Chang Ming to come out.

Moreover, his cultivation had also increased.


Chang Ming was excited.

“You still have some demonic qi on you. Let’s find a place to talk.”

“I know a place!”

Chang Ming led the way and soon, the two of them arrived at a valley.

“Do you want to speak first?”

Li Mu asked.

“I’ll speak first! I want to know how Yueyue is doing?”

“She’s fine.”

Li Mu said.

Then, he told her about Chen Yue’s situation.

Li Mu answered Chang Ming’s questions one by one.

Before Li Mu asked, Chang Ming also told him about what had happened. Chang Ming’s experience was not complicated, but there were many problems with his cultivation.

As he spoke, Li Mu helped Chang Ming eliminate the demonic qi in his body.

“Senior, you entered the Demon Territory this time…”

“We’ve been tricked!”

Li Mu said briefly.


“I’ll talk about this later. First, tell me how to eliminate all the demons in the shortest time.”

“Eliminate all the demons… I’m afraid!” Chang Ming shook his head.

This was not the shortest time. It was a question of whether he could.

The demon territory was vast, and there were too many places where demons were hiding.

“What about destroying the Great Demon?”

“Senior, great demons can be destroyed, but great demons will continue to appear. If the great demons are gone, after those little demons devour each other, there will always be great demons. It’s only a matter of time!”


Li Mu let out a long sigh.

He had been tricked.

If they ignored the forest, the result would be obvious. The entire Human Clan and Demon Clan would be gone. Only the most powerful masters in the world could defend the forest.

One of the two Demon Clan masters self-destructed because of him, and the other was seriously injured by him. Naturally, the responsibility of protecting the world was also on him.

They were tied up.

They might even be tied up for the rest of their lives until they died of old age.

“Senior, if we don’t do this, you and I will work together to get rid of the lonely demon in the demon territory. I’ll watch over the remaining little demons for you. With me suppressing and expelling them, we can hold on for tens of thousands of years. In these tens of thousands of years, you can just send an ordinary immortal expert to watch over the forest.”

Chang Ming suggested carefully.

Li Mu stared at Chang Ming for a long time and nodded. “It’s been hard on you. Tens of thousands of years is enough. After I break the Demon Clan’s plan, I’ll destroy the Demon Clan.”

He wasn’t worried that he would be trapped in the You Fu Forest, but that the Demon Clans would make a big move when he was trapped in the You Fu Forest.

From the current situation, it was certain that the Phoenix Clan would make a big move.

The conflict with the Phoenix Clan was irreconcilable.

In ten thousand years, the Phoenix clan would occupy countless places and obtain countless resources. How many experts would appear? “This is what I should do. I’m also a human!”

“I hope the Demon Clan can give me time to destroy the Great Demon.’

Li Mu looked into the distance.

The world was gray. After death, the demonic qi was dense. It seemed that there were still many great demons.

“Let’s do it!”


Li Mu rushed towards the place where the demons were gathered.

All the demons in the gathering body, regardless of size, were killed.

Among the demons scattered outside the gathering place, Li Mu specifically targeted the great demons. Chang Ming would also attack some great demons.

Five hundred years later, Chang Ming broke through.

Li Mu stood guard.

After clearing the demonic qi in Feng Changming’s body, the two of them separated and continued to kill the demons.

Occasionally, Li Mu would devour some demons to understand the whereabouts of other demons.

Two thousand years later, Li Mu’s primordial spirit was full, and he was not far from breaking through.

While Li Mu was killing demons everywhere, the Phoenix Clan did not stop expanding.

Just as Li Mu had guessed, the Phoenix clan was now snatching resources everywhere and piling up the cultivation of the experts in the clan. Ba Xia was dead, and Qiong Qi was seriously injured.

The other two were only at the intermediate stage of the Immortal Realm. When Li Mu entered the forest, the two had already left to hide.

Four intermediate Immortal Realm masters had already appeared in the Phoenix clan.

No clan could suppress the Phoenix Clan.

All the forces watched the Phoenix Clan grow, and they watched the Phoenix Clan snatch their resources and become stronger day by day. There was nothing they could do.

In the blink of an eye, ten thousand years had passed since Li Mu took over the forest. On this day, a powerful aura erupted from the Phoenix clan, suppressing all the Immortals in the world.

“The Phoenix clan has reached the seventh level of immortality!”


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